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Selected Media Coverage: December 16, 2003

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

Scientific American (Readership: 2,100,000)
Polymer Snail Crawls Like the Real Thing

Scientists at Lehigh University have developed a vibrating gel that creeps, crawls and slithers just as worms, snails and snakes do. Manoj K. Chaudhury, professor of chemical engineering at Lehigh and his colleagues describe their artificial creepy-crawly--a hydrogel rod made out of the polymer acrylamide and water--in a report published online this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Innovations-Report (Germany)
Lehigh Group Reports Best Threshold Values for Near-Infrared Range InGaAsN Lasers

The ink was hardly dry on his new contract as assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Lehigh, when Nelson Tansu announced a breakthrough in his research into high-performance lasers. In two recent issues of Applied Physics Letters (APL) - on July 7 and Sept. 29, Tansu and other collaborating researchers reported the best threshold values to date for near-infrared-range (with an emission wavelength of 1300-nm), indium-gallium-arsenide-nitride (InGaAsN) lasers emitting from a quantum well.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 167,191)
"Forging America: The Story of Bethlehem Steel," a book produced by the Morning Call and inserted in this past Sunday's edition as a 100 page supplement, included numerous references to Lehigh University. The book notes how Lehigh's development was intertwined with that of Bethlehem Steel's. A number of Lehigh professors were quoted in the book, including W. Ross Yates, professor emeritus of political science and former dean of the college of arts and sciences and author of the book that is considered the official of history of Lehigh University; John Kenly Smith, associate professor of history; and David Amidon, associate professor of urban studies. In regards to Bethlehem Steel's booming business at the time of World War I, Smith said, "It was the luck of history. Bethlehem Steel is in the armaments business, and World War I turns out to be this unbelievable bonanza." Concerning hiring practices at the Steel, Amidon said he doesn't believe there was "some conspiracy on the part of Bethlehem Steel not to hire blacks. I think because there were so few black people around, it did not dawn on them." And the fourth chapter of the book, "Marvels of Steel," discussed recently deceased Lynn Beedle's career from a Navy ship to university distinguished professor of civil engineering and an international giant in the field of tall buildings. To order a CD-ROM that captures the history of Bethlehem Steel through photos, archival films, new videos, and interviews:
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 167,191)
A Police Escort Means No Waiting in Line

A photograph of the "Shop with a Lehigh Cop" program was featured in the Morning Call on Sunday. "An excited Yeriam Martinez of Bethlehem unloads her stash after a shopping spree during the Shop with a Lehigh Cop program at the Northampton Crossings Wal-Mart in Lower Nazareth Township," the caption said. "She was accompanied Saturday by her brother Christopher and Lehigh University police officer John Tosado."
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Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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