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Selected Media Coverage: December 29, 2003

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

Technology Review
Gels Gain Life-Like Motion

Researchers from Lehigh University and the University of Cambridge in England have
shown that it is possible to make a strip of hydrogel mimic the movements of a snail,
inchworm, and snake. The ability could lead to new motion techniques for tiny
machines, including robots that inspect difficult-to-get-to nooks, and for manufacturing
processes that involve moving substances across surfaces.
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The Morning Call (Circulation 130,360)
Fighting The Gift-List Battle Over Video Game Sanity

Cindy O'Brien, student at Lehigh, wrote an article on what video and computer games on
the kids' Christmas lists will be allowed under the tree on Christmas morning.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation 167,191)
T-Networks Welcomes a Stint of Hiring

T-Networks is doing something few startup companies in the area are doing: hiring
manufacturing employees. Lehigh University's Center for Optical Technologies is seeing
an increase in activity as well. T-Networks was a founding member. Now, the center has
signed seven other companies, including TriQuint Semiconductor, which bought Agere's
fiber-optics components business; Infinera of Allentown; and Corning.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation 167,191)
Pennsylvania: Post a New Slogan Here

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is looking for a new state slogan and has called upon
the populace to “Penn a phrase for Pennsylvania”. Lehigh University researcher Martin
Harmer proposed — ''Pennsylvania: Just Say Nano.'' Harmer, director of Lehigh's Center
for Advanced Materials and Nano Technology, sees a growing future for the region and
the state as nanoscale technology makes computers smaller and leads to advances in
biotechnology and cancer-fighting drugs.
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The Morning Call (Circulation 130,360)
Deafness Hasn’t Hurt Lehigh Swimmer

As Linda Hendrixson, Lehigh University sophomore, admits, ''eighth grade can be a
tough year for any typical 13-year-old trying to growing up.'' But when she was in eighth
grade, Hendrixson's life became much tougher than she ever expected.
Hendrixson, then a student in West Chester, had to cope with the sudden loss of her
hearing. Despite her hearing deficiency, she is one of the premier swimmers in the
Patriot League.
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The Express Times (Circulation 49,302)
Lehigh Pride Shows in New EMS Vehicle

Until recently, Lehigh University EMS members relied on an unreliable vehicle to get
them and their equipment to emergencies on the school's hilly campus.
Their 12-year-old Dodge Caravan was rickety, slow to start and sported a peeling brown
paint job, said Eric Sze, a junior at Lehigh and the EMS captain. And although the van
was appropriately marked, "you couldn't recognize it as an emergency vehicle," Sze said.
So the university EMS, a student-run organization that provides services during the
university's fall and spring semesters, appealed to school administrators for an early
Christmas present -- a new vehicle.
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The Express Times (Sunday Circulation 50,522)
Volunteers Find Joy in Serving

Prisca Vidanage and her family were busy Christmas morning volunteering at New
Bethany Ministries' annual Christmas brunch. Vidanage's husband, Sudantha, and her
two daughters served food at the buffet line. Her daughters, Nishika, 20, and Serena, 19,
are Lehigh University students.
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**Alumni in the News

The Mercury (Circulation 24,539)
Chester County Prepares to Welcome New Judges

Edward “Rusty” Griffith, who studied law while at Lehigh University, was named
one of Chester County’s newest judges.
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The Carlisle Sentinel (Circulation 7,594)
Leader of the Pride

Joe Anastasio always seems to end up alone. Among the things Anastasio learned from
his father, Paul, an All-American tight end for Lehigh University in the late 1970s and
early 80s, was preparation. You can change what you can control, and you decide how
much work you put in off the field. It started in second grade when his youth football
coaches stuck him at outside linebacker because, he says, he was a "reliable tackler." One
ball carrier, Lord knows how many blockers ... and one linebacker out there in the flat,
dragging him down.
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Posted on Monday, December 29, 2003

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