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Selected Media Coverage: December 15, 2003

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

CNN Headline News

Henri Barkey, chair of the international relations department at Lehigh, was interviewed last night at 7: 45 p.m. on CNN Headline News concerning the capture of Saddam Hussein. CNN Headline News is an international showcase of world of information -- top stories, business news, weather, sports and entertainment -- packed into 15 minutes by a round table of anchors.
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation 768,237)
Fashion a Care Package

Lehigh University was mentioned in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on how the health of this region has been weakened by the woes of older boroughs and towns surrounding Philadelphia and Camden. The article stated that Northeastern Pennsylvania could use Lehigh as the anchor and attract business by taking advantage of the area’s strength in telecommunications and fiber optics.
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Tribune-Review (Circulation 107,139)
Conner Makes Initial Pitch for Endorsement by PEG

Lehigh University political science professor Frank Colon said the Arlen Specter campaign is wrong to attack Pat Toomey’s abortion stance. Colon said GOP voters regard Toomey as an anti-abortion lawmaker even if his position has changed since his arrival on the national political scene. “I think (Toomey) is viewed as a pro-life candidate," Colon said. “It’s pretty clear what he is now, and I think he wants to make sure he’s different than Specter."
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Standard-Speaker (Circulation 21,772)
Partners for Progress Approved for $60G Grant for Pregnancy Program

Lehigh University donated funds to a program called “Right from the Start." The money will be used to provide assistance to pregnant woman and mothers of children up to three years old.
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Barnstable Patriot
It Starts With a Dream

It’s all mental. That was the core message from Greg Strobel, Lehigh University’s wrestling coach, who coached the U. S. Olympic Wrestling Team at the 1990 Games in Australia and helms nationally ranked Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, when he visited the Barnstable High School wrestling practice Wednesday afternoon.
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Desoto Appeal
Ben T. Yen, professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article on how Atlantic City should handle the traffic flow around the parking garage site where the recent collapse occurred. It is standard construction procedure to stop traffic while hoisting the beams and then reopen the road to traffic, said Yen. "The department of transportation does not want to disrupt the traffic flow," he said. "Those beams are so heavy . . . they stand just like elephants stand on the ground."
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The Morning Call (Circulation 167,191)
Lehigh Valley Social Scene Filled with Holiday Music

Music lovers were out in droves this fall to attend Gala-2003 at Baker Hall, Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Bethlehem. The event coincided with the birthday Dorothy (Dottie) Baker, who was feted with a gift and special congratulations. Dottie was surprised by a large continent of friends and family invited by her husband, Dexter Baker. The gala brought out 300 patrons and was accented with dramatic Cala Lily floral arrangements. The event benefits Zoellner Arts Center's year-round artistic and educational programs.
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The Express Times (Circulation 50,522)
Area Author’s First Book Culmination of a Dream

Chava Weissler, professor of religion studies at Lehigh, commented on the recent publication of local Bethlehem Township resident Myra Saturen's book, "Julietta," a children's story set in the city of Troyes, France in 1283. “It was quite common to order the Jews out of a village," Weissler said. "Many times the Jews were ordered to convert to Christianity or be killed."
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The Express Times (Circulation 50,522)
“I Hope Osama bin Laden is Next”

Bader Albusairi, a Kuwaiti studying at Lehigh University, said he would like to see Saddam punished for his actions toward the Kuwaiti people. Albusairi said he hopes Saddam will tell officials where to find Albusairi's two uncles, who are among the 600 Kuwaiti prisoners of war who disappeared during the first Gulf War.
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The Express Times (Circulation 50,522)
Saddam’s Recent Role Fuels Impact Debate

Chaim Kaufmann, professor of religion studies at Lehigh, took place in a discussion on the significance of Saddam Hussein's capture in the continuing effort to rebuild Iraq. "This may look, from a PR point of view, as an accomplishment, but it is really going to expose how little Saddam Hussein really had to do with the insurgency," said Kaufmann.
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Northwestern Press (Circulation 2,000)
Lehigh Valley Food Bank Shelves are Looking Better

Lehigh University was one of the area’s members and businesses in the community that assist the Allentown Area Ecumenical Food Bank. Brenda Rivera, supervisor at the AAEFB praised the many organizations that rushed to try to keep them functioning during the last critical weeks.
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**Alumni in the News

The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Regional Chamber Rep Walks a Short Beat

Lana Curdgele, the Allentown business coordinator, a 2001 graduate of Lehigh University, is meeting with merchants on Hamilton Street, the initial focus of the Chamber's initiative. The Chamber launched its urban initiative in August when it received pledges for $20,000 from the city of Allentown and $10,000 from Lehigh County. It assigned a dedicated staff person to be the liaison between downtown merchants, city officials and the Chamber.
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Posted on Monday, December 15, 2003

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