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Farrington exhorts budding entrepreneurs

Farrington stressed the difference between being innovative and having an entrepreneurial spirit. "We can all be innovative and think of ideas every day. It takes a special drive—a willingness to jump off the high dive for an opportunity—that sparks the entrepreneurial spirit," he said.

Farrington spoke about the goals needed to develop an entrepreneurial spirit inside an organization and the best ways to accomplish those goals.

During the question and answer portion, Farrington shared some of his career experiences. "You have to follow who you are. You'll discover what you do well as you travel along your career path. Your choices will play an important role in your life so make them wisely. Your background provides you with a parachute for your career," he said.

The purpose of the Governor’s School at Lehigh is to expose outstanding high school students to global entrepreneurship, creativity, and effective business practices.

Lehigh’s program is one of eight Governor's Schools operating under the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence. The experiential program at Lehigh is the only one that includes students from abroad to help provide a global view and a well-rounded experience.

The five-week Governor’s School continues through August 2 with such entrepreneurial speakers as; R. Chadwick Paul of Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Mike Gausling of OraSure Technologies, Mike Bolton of PA Early Stage Partners, and Keith Meier of Cigars International.

--Kim I. Plyler

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2003

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