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Williams Prize winners announced

Established in 1908 by Edward H. Williams, professor of geology and mechanical engineering, the Williams Prizes, which range from $200 to $1000, recognize outstanding work in writing and performance. To be eligible for the prizes, all work submitted must have been completed in a Lehigh course or internship during the 2002-03 academic year with direct or indirect supervision by Lehigh instructors.

To win a prize, a submission must be more than well-written, says Ed Lotto, associate professor of English and Williams Prize chair.

"We received a lot of very competent essays," Lotto says. "The essays were very good. But to be a winner, the writer must introduce interesting, original, and insightful ideas. The essay must show some kind of brilliance."

Prizes were awarded in several categories, including English composition, creative writing, journalism and communication, business and economics, philosophy, and anthropology. Awards were also given for music composition, theatre, and art and architecture.

First-place winners included: Jayne Carapezzi, for English composition by students in the first-year writing program; Wendy Deacon, for English composition by first-year students not in the first-year writing program; Amir Hampel, for English composition by sophomores; Kristen Blake, for English composition by juniors; Tiffany Fowler, for English composition by seniors; Kati Smeaton, in both the creative writing and fiction categories; Brian Rogovitz, for creative non-fiction; Christopher Cunningham, for business and economics; and Fareed Awan, for philosophy and religion studies.

In the journalism and communication department, 11 students were recognized for writing: Johan Thomas, Emma Pankenier, Christine Hintze, Kirk Sobell, Andrew Olesnycky, Amanda MacMillan, Nur-e Rahman, Carolyn Banta, Joseph Abel, Caitlin Gorand, and Dana Aguanno.

Lehigh Review writers recognized were Laura Wanaskie, Shruti Gandhi, Matthew Daskilewicz, Amy Burchard, and Heather Dunphy (who contributed the Lehigh Review’s first foreign language paper.)

Amaranth contributors recognized were Kristen Gerhard, Gelsey Bell, Shannon Greiser and Jenny Fried.
The art and architecture writing prize went to Elizabeth Smith, and music composition awards went to Christopher Delp and Katherine Fay.

In the theatre department, 12 students were recognized: Dana Chehansky, Jason Shupe, Edward Walsh, Thierry Lamour, Robert C. Riley, Daniel Rank, Sarah Cubbage, Jonathan Pellow, Nathaniel Washam, Joshua Bombino, Lauren Rockman and Jill Harrison.

The winners were announced at a ceremony held on April 28 in Lewis Lab. For a complete list of award winners, please contact the Department of English at 610-758-3000.

--Sarah Piperato

Posted on Tuesday, May 13, 2003

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