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Selected Media Coverage: November 17, 2003

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

The Associated Press (Serving 242 total bureaus worldwide)
Fort Worth Star Telegram (Circulation: 268,546)
Conspiracy Theories Abound 40 Years After Kennedy's Death

Brian Pinaire, assistant professor of political science at Lehigh, was quoted in an article on the thousands of theories about President John F. Kennedy's assassination. "Based on where (conspirators) get their information, they almost take the conspiracy as fact, rather than the other way around," said Pinaire. "They just kind of pick that up as truth and if you don't buy into the conspiracy you've been duped by the man."
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The New York Times (Circulation: 1,130,740)
With Ward Cleaver Gone, Institutions Are Reaching Out to June

Lehigh was mentioned in an article on the tremendous amount of discretionary wealth in the hands of widows or widowers. "At Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., widows of graduates have been gathering socially through the alumni association for about 15 years," the article said. "But Lehigh just made the relationship formal this year by creating a special distinction to acknowledge in university literature the surviving wives who continue to support the institution."
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The Express Times (Circulation: 48,223)
Grant Exposes Kids to Sciences

Lehigh University students are helping out in local classrooms, thanks to a National Science Foundation grant. The grant's goal is to help school children gain a better appreciation for science, technology, mathematics and engineering. "The goal is to expose the students to these fields as well as helping enhance skills for teachers in these fields," said Henry Odi, executive director of academic outreach and special projects for Lehigh. The $1.2 million, three-year National Science Foundation grant aims to help children prepare for careers in science and math by helping them relate to key concepts.
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The Express Times (Circulation: 48,223)
Philanthropy Specialist to Help Greenhouse

John Taylor, a globally recognized expert in corporate philanthropy, has been named industrial liaison to the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania for Lehigh University. In his new role, Taylor will work with Lehigh faculty, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners or Northeastern Pennsylvania, and corporate partners throughout the Lehigh Valley to help identify and bolster financial support for inventions and discoveries in the life sciences at Lehigh University that could be commercialized.
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The Express Times (Circulation: 48,223)
Rowland Looks Like the Real Deal at Lehigh

Austen Rowland has not played one basketball game for Lehigh University and yet his influence has been immense. "He made a big impact in practice (last season) because he's so competitive," Lehigh coach Billy Taylor said. "He pushed Zo (guard Zlatko Savovic) and Matt (Logie). After you saw that, you knew why he was voted captain this year." Rowland, who wears No. 1 and is the lone player featured on Lehigh's 2003-2004 media guide, finally makes his Mountain Hawk debut against Long Island this Friday night at Stabler Arena.
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**Alumni in the News

The Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio) (Circulation: 141,181)
Letters Remembering J.F.K.

Lehigh alum Howland Davis recalled his memories of where he was when President John F. Kennedy was shot. "I was at college at the time. As we came out of a government class, the word was spreading across the campus (Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA)," he wrote. "My memories include watching the television seemingly non-stop for the next week and thinking that just a few years before, I had sat in an assembly hall at a boarding school within 20 feet of JFK to listen to him speak. Our government teacher (who was high in the Massachusetts Democratic Party) drilled into us that when JFK entered the room, we (all 200) would snap to attention. And we did!"
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**News of Interest

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Federal Government should establish a fellowship program to triple the number of American students who study abroad, recommends a panel convened by Nafsa: Association of International Educators, in a report being released this week.
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Posted on Monday, November 17, 2003

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