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Secret Service and The Culture of Washington

Did they think they were above the law? I’m talking about the (as of now) 12 U.S. Secret Service agents and 12 military personnel implicated in a scandal involving a night out with Colombian prostitutes. I fear that the culture of Washington has sullied even the reputation of those sworn to defend our nation and President with their very lives.

The Secret Service and the military are supposed to be above politics, yes, but not above the law. Still, they are reported to have brought at least 20 Colombian women to a Cartagena hotel as they prepared for President Obama’s visit to that nation.

Perhaps the Secret Service was confused, thought that it was an economic summit and tried to buck up the local practitioners of the “oldest profession.”

Thankfully, an investigation is underway. The Secret Service has dispatched investigators to interview the women. Doesn’t this seem like we’re sending the fox to the cat house—sorry —hen house to investigate a disturbance? This is like asking Congress to adopt term limits or letting the President decide if ObamaCare is constitutional. Unfortunately, this is an all too common response in Washington.

Not to worry, says the Secret Service. The investigation has shown the youngest woman was 20 years old and why would we ever doubt their word on it? Some agents involved said that the women were not prostitutes, just women they met in bars and decided to have casual sex with in their secure hotel. If that information is intended to be exculpatory, these guys are very confused about what constitutes proper conduct.  That’s the fox saying all is well. What next, Walmart will investigate potential corruption in Mexico?

A U.S. official with the Secret Service delegation said none of this would have come to light if one of the agents hadn’t stiffed (no pun intended) one of the women, who then complained loudly in the hotel, attracting police. Likely this particular agent was not hired for his brains; evidently he really believed that the women he met in bars wanted to have sex with him just for fun. That is certainly the type of keen intellect we want protecting the President of the United States.

This incident (does it seem likely there are more like this one?) shows an amazing level of stupidity on the part of the agents involved. Let’s review: Casual sex with locals while on a presidential trip—not smart. Casual sex with local prostitutes in your secure hotel while on a presidential trip—REALLY not smart. Casual sex with local prostitutes in a secure area while on a presidential trip and then not paying them—TOO DUMB TO WORK, except maybe for Best Buy or as governor of New York.

The iceberg this unpleasant tip reveals is troubling. This type of conduct evidences a deep and wicked flaw in attitude, and one that seems all too common in Washington. The attitude is that government employees with authority and power are somehow smarter, that they are and deserve to be more privileged, that they are entitled, that the rules that apply to average citizens don’t apply to them. In short, that they are above the law. For some reason many of those in top government positions have forgotten that they are employees, not owners. They need to be reminded that they work for the American people.

Story by George Nation

Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2012

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