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Rossin Fellows: Carrying on a formidable legacy

New Rossin Professors Sushil Kumar, Jeetain Mittal, and Michael Spear

Engineering college leadership and honor society welcomes new members, congratulates those completing service

In mid-April, some of the engineering college's most promising students and young professors were joined by the family of Peter C. Rossin '48 (1923-2003) to celebrate the 2011 induction of the college's elite Rossin Professors and Fellows.

The namesake of the event and the engineering college, Peter C. Rossin '48, was among Lehigh's most accomplished alumni. He graduated with a B.S. in metallurgy (now part of the department of materials science and engineering), although his studies were interrupted through his service as a U.S. Air Force Pilot during World War II. Rossin went on to found Dynamet Inc., a leading manufacturer of titanium and nickel-based alloy products for a variety of applications including industrial products, aerospace development, and biomedical devices.

A successful entrepreneur by any measure, Rossin also used to say that every person owes a debt to society and the institutions instrumental to their success. In 1998, he and his wife, Ada, established a $25-million endowment for Lehigh's engineering college, the largest ever presented to Lehigh. Part of this was used to establish the Rossin Fellows program, a thriving campus leadership organization which today contains an active membership of 83 undergraduates, 42 doctoral candidates, and six junior faculty.

As the ceremony once again proved, students and professors nominated for this prestigious group each year share a common bond with its namesake -- academic excellence, leadership savvy, and an emphasis on community service.

This year's Rossin Professors are Sushil Kumar, electrical and computer engineering, Jeetain Mittal, chemical engineering, and Micheal Spear, computer science and engineering. Dean David Wu recognized each during the ceremony, highlighting the impact and promise of their research endeavors to date.

Twelve doctoral engineering candidates were initiated into the Rossin Doctoral Fellows program, yet only seven were able to attend. According to associate dean of graduate studies and research John Coulter, the other five had the best possible excuse -- they are each off-campus and actively engaged in research. Coulter honored each of the doctoral students by acknowledging their achievements and comparing each of them to Rossin. [Note: new, returning, and completing-service members are listed at the bottom of this article.]

Each engineering department acknowledged their respective undergraduates selected to join the Rossin Junior Fellows. 34 undergraduates were selected for the program, joining forces with 19 returning members. 32 Junior Fellows were congratulated for completing their service this Spring. [Note: new, returning, and completing-service members are listed at the bottom of this article.]

According to their organizational mission, the Rossin Junior Fellows (RJF) focus on recruitment, education and service. The group has created and maintains specialized tours to help attract future Lehigh engineers, peer tutoring and mentoring programs to support current Lehigh engineers, and a variety of service events to support the local community. One such event is CANstruction, where RJF works with Broughal Middle School students to design artistic structures out of food cans that are eventually donated to New Bethany Ministries food bank in Bethlehem.

Perhaps the Fellows' best example of carrying on in the tradition of their namesake were those honored for being especially involved in service activities. As such, Dean Wu recognized Eric Holland and Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh of the Class of 2011 for their commitment and work ethic.

The listing of Rossin Doctoral and Junior Fellows appears below.

Rossin Doctoral Fellows

  • Chemical Engineering: Gautam Kumar

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Yi Dong, Ehsan Ghazanfari, and Julie Napotnik

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Jin Chen, Na Dai, and Edward Kim

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Nattakan Puttarak

  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Elcin Cetinkaya. Anahita Hassanzadeh, and Murat Mut

  • Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics: Hwa Bok Wee

  • Chemical Engineering: Kevin Doura

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Nathan Chancellor, Sunyong Kim, Ying-Cheng Lin, Haiying Ma, Ruirui Ren, and Weile Yan

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Alexandra Coman, Chad Hogg, Stephen Lee-Urban, Xiaoguang Qi, Tian Shen, and Yaoyao Zhu

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Yongkang Gao, Markus Gnerlich, Phisan Kaewprapha, and Xuebin Wu

  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Ruken Duzgun, Julio Goez Gutierrez, Dan Li, Tolga Seyhan, and Alper Uygur

  • Materials Science and Engineering: Joseph Sabol

  • Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics: Justin Barton, Anthony Dzaba, Michael Kessen, Cem Ozen, Egemen Tinar, and Turgut Yilmaz

  • Polymer Science and Engineering: Peerapan Dittanet

Rossin Junior Fellows

  • Bioengineering: Dan DePietro, Pauline Krzyszczyk, and Rachel Nordberg

  • Chemical Engineering: Rebecca Masel and Alexandria Wiedorn

  • Civil Engineering: John Archibald, Lucia Giron, and Eliane Kirschbaum

  • Computer Science and Business: Matthew Tessitore

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Pierre Biencourt and Gregory Jakes

  • Electrical Engineering: Caitlin Fowler and Matthew Smith

  • Engineering Physics: Justin Goodrich

  • Environmental Engineering: Neal Melchionni and Alexander Zook

  • Industrial Engineering: Mason Jacobs and Matthew Raborn

  • Integrated Business and Engineering: Ory Ball, Harry Caruso, Seth Fortney, Adam Kleintop, Gregory Mustillo, Benjamin Sargent, and Xiaoxi (Edy) Zhang

  • Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts & Science: Marina Fahim and Marissa Parrillo

  • Materials Science and Engineering: Matthew Adams, Joshua Cook, and David Schiemer

  • Mechanical Engineering: Hannah Bennett, Pamela Fusek, Scott Larson, and Joshua Mizack

  • Bioengineering: Melissa Goleb and Bryan Postelnek

  • Chemical Engineering: William Saunders and Michelle Spicer

  • Computer Science and Business: Mary Tate

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Ronald Anzalone, Nicholas Harner, and Dylan Rush

  • Electrical Engineering: Fedja Buzancic and Benjamin Mak

  • Industrial Engineering: Lorand Dragu

  • Integrated Business and Engineering: Nathan Bowser

  • Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts & Science: Tyler Brown, Deniz Cetin, Hannah Goldberg, and Alissa Sperling

  • Materials Science and Engineering: Amelia Labak

  • Mechanical Engineering: Melissa Dye and Jonathan Kuntschik

(Completing Service)
  • Bioengineering: Zhili Liang and Kevin Rom

  • Chemical Engineering: Allison Graf, Kristin Macleod, and Jeremy Schieferstein

  • Civil Engineering: Elizabeth Couillard, Kimberly Molnar, and Nicholas Schumacher

  • Computer Engineering: Eric Holland

  • Computer Science and Business: Daniel Manbeck

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Stephen Scoza

  • Electrical Engineering: Nicole King, MaryAnn Saunders and Jonathan Stumpf

  • Environmental Engineering: Kristen Falotico

  • Industrial Engineering: Ramiro Alfaro, Taylor Foxworth, Thomas Randazza, and Robert Rappa

  • Integrated Business and Engineering: Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh, Evans Kosgei, Andrew McGlincy, Jennifer Pinga

  • Materials Science and Engineering: Daniel Grande, Nicholas Greybush, William Lenthe, John Logan and Ukrit Thamma

  • Mechanical Engineering: Eric Leckrone and Elizabeth Spengel

Photo by Maureen Rinkunas

Katie Karabasz is a Lehigh journalism student interning with the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Story by Katie Karabasz

Posted on Monday, May 09, 2011

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