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Lehigh University


New porous material could aid in carbon capture

Kai Landskron and his group reported their results in the journal Nature Communications.

Researchers in Lehigh’s department of chemistry have developed a new porous material that could potentially reduce the cost of capturing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas emitted by power plants.

Kai Landskron, Paritosh Mohanty and Lillian D. Kull reported their findings July 19 in the journal Nature Communications in an article titled “Porous covalent electron-rich organonitridic frameworks as highly selective sorbents for methane and carbon dioxide.”

Landskron is an assistant professor of chemistry. Mohanty, a senior research scientist, is also an assistant professor in the department of pulp and paper technology at the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, India. Kull is a graduate student.

News of the research achievement was also reported by USA Today in an article titled “Carbon scrubbing condensers made on the cheap” and by ABC News in Australia in an article titled “Scientists create carbon sponge.”


Story by Kurt Pfitzer

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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