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Keep Lafayette under our thumb!

Lehigh-Lafayette is less than a month away and we’ll be looking for our third straight win in college football’s most played rivalry.

While Andy Coen’s squad hopes to continue its recent dominance in this storied series, we’ve come up with another way for you to literally keep Lafayette under our thumb: The Lehigh-Lafayette Alumni Giving Challenge, where the winner aims to get the most LFGs (Lehigh Fund gifts) rather than TDs (touchdowns).

The Lehigh-Lafayette Challenge—or the “L-L Challenge,” for short—pits rival alumni against each other to see who can rally the most donors for their alma mater. The premise is simple: Bragging rights go to the institution with the greatest number of alumni who make an annual gift leading up to the Lehigh-Lafayette game.

Alumni in the classes of 2001-2010 and current Lehigh seniors can help beat Lafayette by making a gift either online or by check from Nov. 15-19. Gifts of any amount, to any designation, from alumni count toward the competition. On Nov. 20, the actual day of the Lehigh-Lafayette game, all alumni, family and friends can help assure a win for Lehigh by texting in a gift.

Information on how to text your gift to Lehigh will be available on game day whether you’re at the game or watching at a Lehigh telecast party. And starting the week of Nov. 8, you can online to llchallenge.com for detailed information on how you can make sure that Lehigh wins.

The competition, spearheaded by young alumni leadership at both schools, highlights the importance of participation in annual giving, a focus of the Lehigh Fund this year. Participation strengthens the Lehigh experience and helps increase national rankings, reputation, and the value of a Lehigh degree.

Speaking of the game, it's a pretty tough ticket this year—with the game being played at Lafayette. So, if you weren’t able to score a ticket, we have a couple of great alternatives for you. Make plans now to get together with your fellow alumni for the Worldwide Telecast Party, with venues across the country—plus London! 

Or there’s something new this year! Lehigh is hosting a giant telecast party on Goodman Campus, which means that you can tailgate in your normal Saturday parking spot then walk over to Stabler rather than Goodman Stadium to enjoy the game with thousands of people on a movie theater-sized screen. So, if you enjoy tailgating at Lehigh, want to stay out of the cold or just don’t want to go to Easton because Fisher Field turns your stomach, then this new event is perfect for you. Concessions and kid’s games will be available too. Bottom line—you don’t have to miss a minute of the Big Game, no matter where you are.

I’ll enjoy seeing you and hearing about our wins both on the field and in the Challenge.  Go LEHIGH!

Robert W. Wolfenden
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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