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Recognizing students who have truly made their mark

This academic year, thousands of bright, articulate young women and men have roamed across Lehigh’s campus.

But even among those thousands of future leaders, there are those who have truly made a lasting impact on the university. On a sun-soaked late-April afternoon, those exemplary undergraduate and graduate students were recognized at the 25th Annual Student Life Leadership Awards ceremony at the base of the Memorial Drive flagpole.

“We recognize these students first and foremost as a measure of thanks and to preserve their works for posterity, but also so that their hard work can serve as an inspiration to future students,” said Jessica Manno, assistant dean of students who serves on the Student Life Leadership Awards planning committee, during her ceremony-opening remarks.

Students were recognized for their extraordinary contributions in the areas of student life, Greek life, multicultural affairs, community service and volunteerism, student advising, leadership, character, and academics and athletics.

“By contributing countless hours of their time to improving the Lehigh Community, they have managed to impact all of our lives and it is exciting to anticipate all they have yet to accomplish,” said Susan Lantz, associate dean, academic life and student transitions. “Thank you for your inspiration, your ideas, your contributions to the community, and your ability to motivate others.”

A reception on Karakash Plaza followed the event.

“It was great to watch students whose actions have enhanced the social and academic climate of the campus community get recognized for their efforts,” said Matt Kitchie, Lehigh’s director of student activities, who serves on the Student Life Leadership Awards planning committee. “It was a chance for us all to say thank you for their contributions before many of these young women and men graduate and head off to start successful careers.”

Student Life Leadership Awards Celebration recipients included the following:

Contribution to Student Life Awards
Basel Alnajjab
Lynda Asadourian
Eddie Brack
Matthew Ennis
Eric Goldstein
Victoria Herrmann
Andi Howard
Adam Kohn
Yevgeny Kostin
Stephen Kuschman
Jennifer Lance
Elizabeth Lucas
Mary Popp
Tyler Schott
Alissa Sperling

Student Life Leadership Awards
Gregory Anderson
Nicholas Anderson
Steven Bialick
Lisa Boyd
Nora Diehl
Todd Dobry
Katelyn Farrell
Taha Haque
Jessica Jean
Jason Kramer
Rosanne Leith
Chen Li
Katherine Meredith
Marc Palmer
Binay Patel
Karl Saxe
Khalil Uqdah
Nickolas Welton
Ujima Award
Karl Brisseaux

Service Above Self Award
Laura Banos
Michael Chu
C.O.A.C.H. Program

 Allegiance Award
Holly Canada
Walter Joseph
Ilya Khazen
Joseph Manganelli
Megan McLoughlin
Megan Pendleton

Residence Hall Association Character Award
Seth Blumenthal
Matthew Ennis
Taha Haque
Adam Kohn

Student Club/Organization of the Year Award
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Student Club/Organization Advisor of the Year Award
David Kasten

Student Senate Leadership Award
Whitney Levine
Maureen McReynolds
Trina Pal
Outstanding Educational Programming Award
Prelusion: Volunteer Experience

Excellence in Entertainment Programming Award
Make-and-Take Fridays

Exemplary Cultural Programming Award
Russian Club

Alumni Association Undergraduate Merit Award
Nicholas Anderson
Zahir Carrington
Divya Nayar

Alumni Association Graduate Merit Award
Uhuru Aseto
Bora Baloglu

Graduate Student Life Award
Ning Ding
William Brehm

Bosey Reiter Leadership Cup
Zahir Carrington

University Service Award
Michael Hodsdon
Divya Nayar

Highlighted awards from additional university recognition ceremonies include the following:

Emerging Greek Leader Award

Jonathan Pribis
Brittany Wiesen

Outstanding Greek Man and Woman of the Year Award
Nick Welton
Lauren Harte

President of the Year Award
Jeremy Selwyn
Liza Zawarski

Undergraduate Academic Award
Donasia N. Tillery
Whitney Levine

Undergraduate Community Outreach Award
Erin Thorn
Megan Pendleton
Dianna Hank

Graduate Student Award
Abby Aldrich
Maxie McCoy

Faculty Award
Jill Sperandio

Staff Award
Veronica Hunter
Barb Turanchik

Undergraduate Leadership Award
Christine Dolan
Elisa Pennetti
Nicole Perry

Student Male Ally Undergraduate and Graduate Award
Gordon Diggs
Pete Nagy

Faculty/Staff Male Ally Award
Seth Goren

Lehigh University Gay and Lesbian Alumni (LUGALA) Award for Continued Service
Luis Bazurto

Exemplary Leadership Award
Ryan Leichtweisz

Model Ally Award
Sara Santos
Celinda Stanton

Outstanding Service to the Community Award
Megan Pendleton

Faculty/Staff Award for Distinguished Commitment
Christa Wessels

Efflorescence Award
Megan Pendleton

Ralph Albert Thomas '76 Leadership Award
Lindsay Dawson

Student Organization of the Year
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

MVP Award
Monique Golden
Kadeem Samuels

Protostar Award
Betel Densamo

Paoni Award
Trevene Bell

Chrysalis Award
Mario Paredes

Paradigm Award
Emily Young

Keystone Award
Quiana Daniel

Kinship Award
Angelica Matos

Outstanding Programming Award
Asian Culture Society and the Chinese Culture Club

Philanthropic Project of the Year
Schools 4 Schools

Outstanding Professionalism Award
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Brian J. Lime Award
Kristen Arestad

Distinguished Service Star
Taha Haque
Ted Morrin
Josh Leight

Ibis of Service Award
Jess Diehl

Starfish Award
Matt Ennis
Julie Heckman
Lauren Kindrick
Rachel Leskosky
Liz Lucas
Jonathan Miramonti
Stephanie Riker
Sara Wing
Mike Yanosik
Lauren Zell

Branch Out Award
Julie Handy
Chris Bell
David Joseph
Ray Schwab

Bridge Builder Award
Abbe Hall
Bethlehem Public Library-South Side Branch

Giving Tree Award
Psi Upsilon

Story by Bill Doherty

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010

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