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Student scholars recognized at honors convocation

Lehigh President Alice Gast addresses the 31st Honors Convocation...

More than 600 students were cited for academic achievement at the university’s 31st Honors Convocation and urged to continue to seek success by challenging norms, taking risks and striving to make the world a better place.

“At our freshman convocation, I told you that this was your time to explore, find your passion, and push yourself to pursue it,” said Lehigh President Alice P. Gast. “You have done exactly that, and it is my pleasure to join my colleagues in recognizing you as the exceptional scholars that you are.”

The annual event honors the academic achievement of juniors and seniors who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or higher, out of a possible 4.0. Also honored are undergraduates who have earned major prizes and awards based on academic achievement and students who have been elected to major academic honor societies.

The hour-long event, held in the Zoellner Arts Center’s Baker Hall, featured commentary from university leaders, including the deans of Lehigh’s three undergraduate colleges.

“There is no secret to success”

University Provost Pat Farrell told the students that the measure of their success could be found in their character traits.

“Integrity. Creativity. Vision. Passion. Initiative. These are the very qualities evident in the students we honor today. And that’s no coincidence,” he said. “Each of you has found the secret to success—and it’s really no secret at all.”

Anne Meltzer, the Herbert and Ann Siegel Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, emphasized the importance of asking the “deeper, tougher questions.

 “The long-lasting value of an education…is that it goes beyond the surface facets and looks to find solutions to challenges to effect change for the better,” Meltzer said. “(Your) education in the arts and sciences provides you with the power to go on learning and to create positive change throughout your lives. I hope you will continue to nurture your intellect and to use the power of education in the service of society.”

“Enjoy the moment that you have earned”

David Wu, dean of the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, drew on the university’s long history of turning out successful graduates to illustrate the promise each of the honorees held. He also lauded students who choose to give back through their work in programs such as the university’s C.H.O.I.C.E.S. program, which introduces middle school girls to engineering, and Engineers Without Borders.

“These are only some of the examples of how our students are making a social impact, here and around the world,” Wu said.

Katrina Zalatan, associate dean of the College of Business and Economics, also lauded the altruistic pursuits of the students, who tutor in the community, conduct research and demonstrate leadership through campus involvement.

To the graduating seniors, Gast added: “Whatever path you choose, I trust that you will walk it with the same sure steps that you have exhibited at Lehigh. I am confident that each of you will continue your success into your next journey and throughout your lives.

“You have each earned this moment, so please enjoy it.”

Winners of prizes and awards at the 2010 Honors Convocation

Alpha Pi Mu Prize
(Industrial Engineering)

Michael L. Colucci

American Chemical Society Award
(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Andrew N. Bartinski
Brian E. Diskin

American Institute of Chemists Award
(Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or

Thanh G. Ta
Douglas A. Tremblay

American Society of Civil Engineers Prize
(Civil Engineering)

Timothy D. Brauning

Robert W. Blake Memorial Award
Joseph Zachary Eggert

Bethlehem Fabricators Award
Brian D. Moyer

Nelson Leighton Bond Memorial Prize
Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh

The William H. Chandler Chemistry Prize
(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Gregory V. Barnett
Nathan A. Bowser
Alicia E. Cutillo
Brian C. Czornyj
Michael J. DiRosato
Ryan A. Kaye

John B. Carson Prize
(Civil Engineering)

Cassandra M. Schanck

Class of 1904 Scholarship Award
Krista M. Belick
Meghan K. Bowen
Vaughan S. Brown
Awani Donthireddy
Claude A. Esposito
Elizabeth C. Guzzo
Beth A. Kertz
Evans K. Kosgei
Jennifer M. Lance
Hilary J. Lewis
Joshua R. Leight
Mario N. Paredes
Carly Potock
Erica D. Prosser
Elizabeth M. Spengel
Alexis E. Weiner

Alpha A. Diefenderfer Award

Lillian D. Kull

Aurie N. Dunlap Prize
(International Relations)

Stephen A. Buryk

Eta Kappa Nu Prize
Sean M. Hill
Christopher E. O’Lone

Joseph C. Gabuzda Jr. Memorial Award
(Electrical or Computer Engineering)

Stephen R. Abate
Nicole E. King
Jonathan C. Stumpf
Paul L. Vegetabile

Malcolm J. Gordon Jr. Physics Prize

Eric R. Coughlin

Bill Hardy Memorial Prize
Michael K. Hodsdon

George D. Harmon Memorial Award

Allison L. Prosswimmer
Susan R. Wigodner

David Hellekjaer Memorial Award
John W. Powell
Steven L. Brown
Timothy R. Buirkle

Joseph C. Hendrzak Memorial Award
(Military Science)

Erik D. Twombly

Donnel Foster Hewitt Award
(Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Deanna G. Giustino
Stephanie J. Hunt

Robert C. Hicks Prize
(Chemical Engineering)

Allison M. Graf

Harold J. Horn Prize
(Electrical Engineering and Computer

Sai Lu Mon Aung
Brian S. Berner

Institute of Internal Auditors Senior Award

Richard S. Motschwiller

Institute of Management Accountants Senior Award

Megan V. Cody

Richard H. Johnson Economics Prize

Jennifer L. Nagel

Kahn Memorial Award
(Materials Science and Engineering)

Daniel H. Bechetti Jr.

Mathematics Faculty Award
(Mathematics or Statistics)

Lisa E. Vasko

Joseph A. Maurer Classics Prize
Nickolas T. Agathis

Merck Index Award
(Biochemistry and Chemistry)

Steven R. Ackerman

J. Robert Munford Award
(Earth and Environmental Sciences)

David E. Seduski

John Cyril Osborn Award
(Materials Science and Engineering)

Thomas J. Nizolek

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public
Accountants Prize
Lindsay S. Dolan

Allen S. Quier Prize
(Materials Science and Engineering)

George J. Ferko V

Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Cup
Alpha Chi Omega

Pi Tau Sigma Prize
(Mechanical Engineering)

Michael W. Brenner
Harry S. Paul

Leonard P. Pool Memorial Prize
Richard J. Bradley
Andrew G. DiPietro
Benjamin M. Harmer
David E. Gritz

John S. Steckbeck Memorial Award
(Military Science)

Erik D. Twombly

Bradley Stoughton Student Award
(Materials Science and Engineering)

Michael S. Grimes
Douglas G. Ridyard

Tau Beta Pi Prize
Alexander J. Bourque
Nathan A. Bowser
Melissa N. Dye
Sean M. Hill
Andrew P. McGlincy
Christopher E. O’Lone

Thornburg Mathematics Prize

Maxwell B. Anselm
Lisa E. Vasko

Trustees Scholarship Cup
Alpha Chi Omega

Harry M. Ullmann Chemistry Prize
(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Alyssa C. Fritz
Alison M. Jaworski

John R. Wagner Award
(Mechanical Engineering)

Michael W. Brenner
Harry S. Paul

Wall Street Journal Award
Maxwell A. Copelan

H. R. Wei Prize
(Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics)

Peter G. Bridi

William Whigham Jr. Memorial Prize

Alexander J. Bourque
Nathan A. Bowser
Melissa N. Dye
Sean M. Hill
Andrew P. McGlincy
Christopher E. O’Lone

Elisha P. Wilbur Mathematics Prize

Basel R. Alnajjab
Andrew P. McGlincy
Christopher E. O’Lone

Elisha P. Wilbur Scholarship Prize

Eric R. Coughlin
Erica Damante
Liana Diamond
Kristin S. Giglia
Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh
Lisa H. Kaswin
Carolyn C. Laubender
James T. Lombardi
Karlee D. Novice
James C. Rule
Gregory M. Such
Lisa E. Vasko

Theodore B. Wood Prize
(Mechanical Engineering)

Eric I. Aguilar Milian

Photography by John Kish IV

Story by Linda Harbrecht

Posted on Wednesday, May 05, 2010

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