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The power of the Lehigh network

March Madness has been a wonderful blur.  Just as the NCAA wrestling championships were taking the stage in Nebraska, the men’s and women’s basketball Patriot League championships propelled Lehigh into NCAA Tournaments in Oklahoma and Iowa. I, in turn, was launched on a whirlwind tour of the Midwest—three states and three teams in a handful of days, against the amazing backdrop of the Lehigh Nation.

Wherever I went wearing my Brown & White, I found I had friends. Alumni, parents, and prospective students all wanted to know the latest from South Mountain. You’ve probably had the same experience—you’re on vacation, out at a concert, or maybe just at the supermarket, sporting your Lehigh sweatshirt, when you hear, “Hey, are you from Lehigh?”

That’s the power of the Lehigh network—connections that help forge friendships and open doors.

I want to invite you to help make our network even more powerful by participating in our Six Degrees of Lehigh campaign (and you don’t even need to leave your computer do it). Based on the theory that everyone is connected through no more than five others, Six Degrees offers a simple tool that lists alumni for whom we have no e-mail address on record. If you’ve kept in touch with any of these “lost” alumni, you’re invited to forward the fun video on to them and ask them to reconnect with Lehigh. You can also update your own contact information.

Try it today. You’ll be entered in a drawing for great prizes, your friends will have the chance to reconnect, and our Lehigh network will grow even stronger, making your Lehigh degree an even greater asset to have in today’s complicated world.

Just think! The connections you help make could open the door for your next big opportunity—and that’s a great win for everyone. Go Lehigh!

Robert W. Wolfenden
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations



Posted on Monday, March 29, 2010

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