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Robert W. Wolfenden

How about that wrestling squad?

As I write this, the team is 11-3-1, and ranked eighth in the country—eighth! We have a wrestler ranked nationally in the top 20 at nearly every weight class, including heavyweight Zach Rey, who’s number six in the country. And he’s a sophomore!

This team has a lot of talent.

I had the pleasure of attending a meet recently, up in the Chicago area, along with several members of the Lehigh Wrestling Club, and if there’s a more enthusiastic, more vociferous, more supportive group of wrestling fans—or Lehigh supporters—anywhere, I have yet to meet them. They were Lehigh fans, and they weren’t shy about it.

I love that. I love to see a group of people who are so passionate about Lehigh. I would love to see all of our alumni get that worked up about Lehigh.

We’re looking forward to Reunion, May 21-22—in part, because it brings out that enthusiasm in our alumni. There’s something about being back on campus and treading the old hallowed halls. It gets the blood pumping. It’s great to get an occasional reminder—even once every five years—of how great it feels to belong to the Lehigh family.

If you need a Brown-and-White booster, why not come on back for this year’s Reunion — even if it’s not “your” Reunion year? The details are online at reunion.lehigh.edu. I hope to see you back on campus very soon.

Robert W. Wolfenden
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
January 2010

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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