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Selected Media Coverage: April 2, 2009

Science, 3/27/2009
Shovel-Ready Science?

In an op-ed, Lehigh President Alice P. Gast calls for federal support for long-term research and education that "provide innovative, creative discoveries that spur transformative change." She also appeared in a Los Angeles Times article, saying the federal government must sustain its energy research spending.

Alice P.Gast

The Wall Street Journal, 3/13/2009
From Banks to Academia

Incoming College of Business and Economics Executive-in-Residence John Chrin '85 explains a career path that connects Wall Street with higher education. Chrin's move also appeared in The New York Times and other outlets.

John Chrin '85

The New York Times, 3/8/2009
If Water is Scarce, the Work Isn't

Dork Sahagian, director of Lehigh's Environmental Initiative, explains why there is an urgent demand for hydrologists.

Dork Sahagian

The Economist, 3/27/2009
Vertical Integration: Moving On Up

The Center for Value Chain Research's managing director, Joel Sutherland, talks about Toyota's efficient supply chain and its strong supplier relationships.

Joel Sutherland

Other highlights of Lehigh in the News from this month include:

  • Rajan Menon, the Monroe J. Rathbone Professor of International Relations, in Newsweek
  • Groundbreaking Lehigh research on light is featured in Scientific American
  • Perry Zirkel, university professor of education and law, in The National Review
  • Jack Lule, the Joseph B. McFadden Distinguished Professor of Journalism, in The Guardian

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Posted on Thursday, April 02, 2009

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