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Nominations now being sought for Council for Equity and Community

Nominations for the Council for Equity and Community (CEC) are now being sought on the CEC website. The CEC will implement and sustain university-wide goals and initiatives for equity and community and will report directly to the president and senior leadership.

The 14-member council will comprise campus community members who have demonstrated commitment to diversity through research, teaching, work or service. Gast strongly encourages people to nominate colleagues, classmates, coworkers, teachers and leaders. “We have work to do and we know that there are excellent members of our community who can do it.” says Gast. “Please nominate committed and energetic people from our campus to join the council.” Gast asks for volunteers to submit their own names for these positions as well.

Faculty, staff and undergraduate and graduate students can submit their nominations through February 12, 2008. Submit nominations on the CEC website. Nine members (three faculty, three staff and three students) will be elected to the committee in the weeks following the nomination process. Faculty and staff members will serve for three years, with students serving one or two years.

The CEC will oversee action groups with input from the larger university. The action groups will address specific goals or combinations of goals with key implementation plans and time frames.

The initiatives include:
• Enrichment of the curriculum through varied experiences and perspectives

• Increased recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty and staff

• Examination of institutional policies and procedures to create a culture that promotes equal access and opportunity

• Fostering of a safe, equitable and respectful campus climate that is free from all forms of discrimination or harassment

• Strengthening and expansion of working relationships with members of the larger community.

Gast will also solicit nominations from the Faculty Steering Committee, the Employee Relations Advisory Committee, the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Senate. This slate of nominees will be finalized in mid-February, with elections held in late February.

--Meghan Smith

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2008

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