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Inaugural guerrilla film festival set for April 17

With the popularity of podcasting and video Web sites like YouTube, digital media production has been in high demand. Now, Lehigh students who have watched video emerge as a medium ingrained in nearly every facet of our culture—from cell phones to laptops to billboards—are joining together to integrate video into their own work.

The Lehigh University Unregistered is a student-run video club that produces and broadcasts episodes and sketches on its Web site. On April 17, they will showcase the film work of students from across the university at its inaugural Lehigh University Guerrilla Film Festival. The event will be held in Whittaker Hall Room 303 from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

“The purpose of this festival is to aggregate the disparate student film work that is going on throughout campus, promote and foster the latent campus film community, and to provide an avenue for students to show their superior class work to a larger audience,” said Josh Senior ’08, president of Lehigh University Unregistered.

The festival will bring together students who have received formal training in documentary film classes as well as self-taught video enthusiasts. Like those on the club’s Web site, the festival will host documentaries, film noir, spoofs of the news, and videos created for class coursework.

“Through this festival, the greater campus community has the opportunity to engage themselves with the diverse independent film work on campus, and get a taste for the more academically oriented student projects,” said Senior, who will present a documentary on his reaction to the programmed Lehigh events leading up to the Dalai Lama’s visit in July.

A committee of faculty, students, staff, and a member of the SouthSide Film Institute screened each of the submissions. The festival will be followed by a screening on the second floor of the Goosey Gander Restaurant at 204 West 4th Street as part of the SouthSide Film Institute’s Third Thursday monthly public screening event.

“We hope that the festival will foster more interest in digital media here on campus,” said Johanna Brams, an Instructional Technology Specialist for LTS and advisor of the club. “The festival showcases not only the work of the students, but one of the early outcomes resulting from the investment Lehigh has made in recent years to support digital media throughout the curriculum.”

--Tricia Long

Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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