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ERC’s Sarunac makes presentations at European energy-related conferences

Nenad Sarunac, outside the the Eighth International Conference on Emissions Monitoring in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nenad Sarunac, associate director of the Energy Research Center, gave presentations recently at two international conferences devoted to emissions monitoring and to the cleaner, more efficient use of coal.

At the Eighth International Conference on Emissions Monitoring (CEM 2007), which was held in Zurich, Switzerland, Sarunac opened the proceedings with a technical presentation titled “Field Experience with Mercury Monitors.”

The paper discussed the accuracy of mercury measurement and the performance characteristics of continuous and semi-continuous mercury monitors and sorbent traps.

It also compared the performance of reference methods for mercury measurement that have been developed in the United States and European Union (EU).

The paper was co-authored by Domenico Cipriano of Italian Cesi Ricerca, along with Jeff Ryan, John Schakenbach and Ruben Deza of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cesi Ricerca is an Italian company that supports research related to electricity and energy.

CEM 2007, a two-day conference, drew more than 200 researchers from the EU, the U.S., Russia and Japan. It was organized by the Center for Knowledge Transfer of EMPA, a research institute which is part of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Other sponsors of the conference included the European Commission of the Joint Research Centre, the International Energy Agency’s Clean Coal Centre (IEA CCC) and FOEN (the Swiss Federal Centre for the Environment).

Sarunac also co-wrote two papers that were presented at the Third International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for Our Future (CCT 2007), which was held at the Sotacarbo Coal Research Centre in Carbonia on the Italian island of Sardinia.

“One Year of Operating Experience with a Prototype Fluidized Bed Coal Dryer at Coal Creek Generating Station” was coauthored with Mark Ness and Charles Bullinger of Great River Energy, a Minnesota power company.

The paper discussed the accuracy of mercury measurement by different instruments, and compared U.S. and EU mercury-measurement methods.

“Field Experience with Mercury Monitors: CEMs and Sorbent Traps” was coauthored with Cipriano of CESI RICERCA and Ryan, Schakenbach, and Deza of the EPA.

It described the performance of a full-size prototype fluidized bed dryer operating at Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station (CCS) power plant. The dryer was designed by experts from Great River Energy, Lehigh’s ERC and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), has processed more than 500,000 tons of raw lignite coal.

The sponsors of CCT 2007 included Societa Technologie Avanzate Carbone (Sotacarbo), IEA CCC, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Cesi Ricerca and the European Commission.

--Kurt Pfitzer

Posted on Thursday, February 07, 2008

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