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Lehigh welcomes newest members of the Class of 2013

On December 12, Lehigh University offered admission to students under the Early Decision I Plan. Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid J. Leon Washington indicated that this group of candidates represented “one of Lehigh’s largest and most selective early decision pools, and applicants presented exceptional academic and personal accomplishments.”

“Even during a time of economic uncertainty, the ED (early decision) pool is as robust as any that has preceded it,” Washington says. “The [student's] academic quality was outstanding, the diversity of the class is broader, and we have an increased number of international students, multicultural students, and students from outreach areas.”

Next fall, we will welcome students to Lehigh who will fly across the country and across the ocean, students who come from America’s largest cities, and those who live within walking distance of campus. Their academic passions range from the study of political science to performing arts; from finance to environmental engineering and, for many, a combination of several disciplines.

Dean Washington indicated that the admissions staff enjoyed reading the applications of these students “because so many were compelling. They will bring vitality to this campus just as they have to their classrooms, athletics playing fields, artistic performance spaces, community organizations, and so many other arenas. With many showing a passion for community service, volunteerism as well as environmentalism, this exceptional group of students is destined to make a difference on Lehigh's campus and throughout the world."

Some of the notable accomplishments of this talented group include:

• A violinist who performs on with the County Orchestra and researcher who studies the effect of invasive Japanese grass on the white tail deer population.

• A triathlete who clinched the title of Northeast Regional Points Champion for her age group and recently placed fifth in her age group in the Xterra World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii.

• An entrepreneur who launched his own company that produces instructional ski videos.

• An international student who represented Uruguay in seven South American Golf Championships

• A one-time world record holder for Dance Dance Revolution.

• An intern at Nancy Glass Productions who served since the age of 16.

• A student-athlete from Littleton, CO, who plays both offense and defense in football, plays lacrosse and was admitted to Lehigh's IBE honors program.

• A gold medalist in shot put at the Empire State Games.

• A student who holds dual citizenship in Costa Rica and Spain but lives in Venezuela.

• A musician and sports enthusiast who plays the saxophone and is involved with ice hockey, track, cross country, and cheerleading (he hopes to cheer for Lehigh this fall).

“With this extraordinary group of first-year students already in place, we are off to an excellent start with the class of 2013. We look forward to inviting many more outstanding students to start their academic careers here at Lehigh,” said Dean Washington.

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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