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Go Lehigh!

This time of year brings out the 20-year-old in me. I feel like opening my office window and yelling “GO LEHIGH!” but that wouldn't really display a dignity befitting an assistant vice president, would it?

It's Spirit Week! The Lehigh/Lafayette Game is Saturday—and people are psyched! It's real, you know, the Lehigh/Lafayette rivalry. Students today get just as caught up in beating Lafayette as they did when you were on campus. They have preserved the traditions and have made them their own. It's a great feeling! You can be proud of the legacy of Lehigh Spirit you've passed down.

This time last year, I was nursing a hamstring after the Alumni Office staff entered the Bed Race competition—revived last year by the Class of 2010. The ASAs brought back the bonfire tradition, too, and more than 2,000 people came out to yell and holler.

This year, our students are creating even more new traditions. The two schools' student governments are having a friendly competition to see which school can raise the most money for scholarships. (They've been doing some trash-talking in each other's student newspapers. Read them here and here.)

The Greek community sponsored a house-decorating competition this week, too—and Thursday's new Lehigh-Laf-a-Palooza is all about getting ready to knock the spots off the Leopards!

In fact, the students are so excited about the game that it's become a pretty tough ticket, especially in Laughayette's little bandbox of a stadium. If you were hoping to get tickets and you were shut out, I'm sorry about that. But I've got a great alternative! Get together with your fellow alums for the Worldwide Telecast Party, with venues across the country—plus London! There's one right here in the Lehigh Valley, too, so you don't have to miss a minute of the Big Game, no matter where you are.

So this weekend, get in touch with your inner 20-year-old! Reconnect with your Lehigh days, and cheer loud for the Brown and White! Throw open that office window and yell, as loud as you can: “GOOOOOO LEHIGH!”

Bob Wolfenden
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations

Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008

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