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Selected Media Coverage: January 24, 2008

Associated Press, 12/23/2007
Fuel Standards Will Force Lighter Autos

In an article distributed nationally by the AP, Mary Beth Deily, professor of economics, talks about new automobile mileage requirements and the implications they have on the steel industry.

Mary Beth Deily

The History Channel, 1/22/2008
Life After People

Alan Pense, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering, discusses long-term structural stability in a History Channel television special.

Tom Pense

The Guardian (UK), 1/19/2008
Candidates fight clean, the net dishes

Jack Lule, the Joseph B. McFadden Distinguished Professor of Journalism, talks about political journalism and the U.S. primary season.

Jack Lule

National Public Radio, 1/10/2008
All Things Considered

Henri Barkey, the Cohen professor of international relations, is interviewed by NPR about Turkey's growing importance in Middle Eastern politics.

Henri Barkey

Other highlights of Lehigh in the News from this month include:

  • J. Leon Washington, dean of admissions and financial aid, in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Mooi Choo Chuah, associate professor of computer science and engineering, in the Houston Chronicle and more.
  • Lehigh's performance in Clear Index's ETF contest is mentioned in Conde Nast's Portfolio and discussed on Lehigh's Web site.
  • Perry Zirkel, university professor of education and law, in Education Week.

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Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2008

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