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Where there's a Lehigh alum, there's a story

I've heard a lot of great alumni stories lately. It's one of the best parts of my job.

I just got back from several weeks of travel, where I attended networking receptions in Los Angeles and San Francisco and sat down with alumni in Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas and D.C. In a few weeks, I'm heading south on our annual Florida Swing, along with Paul Brown, the new dean of the College of Business and Economics. All along the way, I'm meeting alumni and hearing their stories... great stories!

I love these opportunities to connect with our far-flung alumni. They're a crucial part of what we do as an Alumni Association: When our alumni can't get back to Lehigh, we hit the road and bring Lehigh to them. These are the events that bring us together across the miles, as members of the Lehigh family.

A couple of my favorite recent alumni stories...

There is Bill Sutman '83, who serves as the CFO for a division of NBC Universal and is responsible for everything at Universal Studios in California. Bill has lived abroad and spent part of his career with PWC. He is also an extremely active Lehigh volunteer, serving on the alumni board of directors, hosting events out in southern California, and staying active in fundraising for the great Class of 1983.

Then there is Lindsay Vannoy '84, who graduated from Lehigh with a degree in mechanical engineering. For 12 years, Lindsay worked at Princeton University as chief operations engineer while moonlighting in a rock band. Then the pull of his music became too strong, and he left Princeton to move to Los Angeles and pursue his "other" career. Since that time he has played concert tours with the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper and several other big names.

Storytelling keeps us connected—to each other and to Lehigh. And there are 60,000 alumni out there, all of them with equally fascinating stories to tell. Most interesting about each of them is what they all have in common ... every one of those stories began right here at Lehigh!

So if you're in the Florida area next month (Feb. 25-29), please join us for a Florida Swing event. And if you see me, come up and share your story! It's what we Lehigh family members do.

If you can't make it to one of our events on the road then send me your story via e-mail. I would love to hear where your life after Lehigh has led you.

--Chris Marshall '88, '11P

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2008

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