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Selected Media Coverage: December 20, 2007

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), 12/18/2007
Turkish Raids Against Kurdish Rebels Add New Tension

Henri Barkey, the Cohen professor of international relations, talks about the consequences of our limited cooperation with Turkey against the Kurdish rebels.

Henri Barkey

The Wall Street Journal, 12/6/2007
IBM Makes Chip-Speed Advance

Tom Koch, director of the Center for Optical Technologies, discusses fiber optics and the emerging field of silicon nanophotonics.

Tom Koch

The Wall Street Journal, 12/12/2007
Secondary Sources: Housing, Food, Inflation, Health

Research co-authored by Shin-Yi Chou, associate professor of economics, reports that education fosters health.

Shin-Yi Chou

Booklist, 12/01/2007
Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World

Steven Goldman, professor of philosophy, earns positive feedback for a series of lectures about the impact of science on the modern world.

Steven Goldman

Other highlights of Lehigh in the News from this month include:

  • Lehigh’s partnership in a DARPA initiative is detailed in IndustryWeek.
  • Nenad Sarunac, associate director of the Energy Research Center, talks about energy with the Boston Globe.
  • The Seattle Times picks up a story about Lehigh’s views on Wikipedia.
  • Graham Mitchell, director of the program in entrepreneurship, writes a piece for Research Technology Management.

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Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2007

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