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Full campus climate project survey report now available in Lehigh libraries

In an effort to allow the entire campus community access to all of the findings in the campus climate project survey assessment report compiled by Rankin and Associates, six copies of the full 250-page report are now available in each of Lehigh’s two main libraries, Linderman Library and E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library.

“Although this is a busy time of year, I hope folks will take some time to look over the survey report, even if just to read the executive summary,” says Carl O. Moses, deputy provost for academic programs and Lehigh's principal investigator for the climate survey.

“I believe this is a watershed moment for Lehigh when we can stop speculating on the nature of our campus climate and face the reality of the experiences and perceptions of bias at Lehigh. Armed with that knowledge and insight, we will work together to find ways to address our issues so we can create a more equitable, welcoming, and mutually supportive community at Lehigh.”

From now until the end of September 2007, the climate survey reports will remain available in both libraries. They can be viewed for two hours at a time and can be renewed, if desired. However, in order to ensure the availability of the copies, they can not be removed from the libraries. If demand proves to be high, additional copies will be added to both libraries.

“We selected the libraries because they are an ideal home where people can freely review, and study the content,” says Mark Ironside, Lehigh’s Executive Director of Business Services and a University Diversity Leadership Committee (UDLC) member. “We wanted to create a situation where the community could easily access the report in a vibrant public setting. The recent opening of Linderman certainly helps this cause. And we wanted to make sure the report was housed in a convenient location where people can personally review the report as their schedules allow.”

--Bill Doherty

Posted on Monday, April 02, 2007

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