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Embracing change

Last week, in anticipation of next year’s visit from the Dalai Lama, the monks of the Namgyal Monastery created an incredible piece of artwork here on campus. Under the rotunda of Linderman Library, over four days, the monks used millions of grains of sand to create a gorgeously intricate mandala.

Full of vivid colors and imagery, the mandala took hours for the four monks to create. Then on Friday morning, they swept it into the Lehigh River.

It’s symbolic, of course. Everything is transitory; change is to be embraced, not resisted.

That has become our mantra here at the Alumni Association: Thoughtful, deliberate change is necessary if we’re going to continue to find ways to keep you connected, engaged and involved. Our alumni have evolved and continue to evolve with regard to how they want to stay connected with Lehigh. We have made it our mission to evolve along with you, and to give you the kinds of tools, events and communications you want from your alma mater.

This month, more than 700 young alumni returned to campus for the Young Alumni Reunion—more than ever before—which tells me we’re probably headed in the right direction. Young alumni, those less than 10 years beyond graduation, are the fastest growing segment of our population; it’s essential that we find ways to keep them engaged.

Does this mean giving up the rich history and tradition of our annual spring Reunion? Of course not. It means celebrating the traditions of the past—as we will with our forthcoming Traditions publication, created by LUAA and the Association of Student Alumni—and at the same time, building upon those traditions to create exciting new Lehigh traditions.

Tell us what you think! What are your favorite Lehigh traditions, old and new? What traditions keep you connected? And what new events would engage you even more? Lehigh is rich in history, and rich in history-making potential. We’ll be doing our best to help you stay a part of it.

Chris Marshall
Alumni Director

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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