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2007 Reunion and Commencement

Starting in 2007, the graduating senior class of 2007 will be able to celebrate with Lehigh Alumni at the Lehigh traditional reunion as both events will happen the same weekend. The traditional reunion will occur on May 18-19, 2007 and Commencement is on May 20-21, 2007. Four years earlier, the Class of 1957 welcomed the Class of 2007 to campus, and now through joint events, they can both celebrate together. The LUAA researched other colleges and universities throughout the country and found that many of them include the 50 year alumni class in their commencement celebrations.

The format for the Traditional Reunion will be same as previous years with the difference being that the 10 year alumni class will be part of the Traditional Reunion. Previously, the 10 year alumni class attended the Young Alumni Reunion held in October, but the change is occurring this year since the Traditional Reunion is more family friendly and has more opportunities for class specific programming. For those of you from the Class of 1997 that had fun at the Young Alumni Reunion 5 years ago, you are all still welcome to attend this year too!

Janet Tucker ‘85G, Associate Alumni Director and Director of Reunions, and Chris Marshall 88 believe that having both events together will “complete the circle of the Class of 2007’s life at Lehigh.”

“When they arrived on campus as freshman, the Class of 2007 was adopted by the Class of 1957, so the fact that the Class of 1957 will be present to see them graduate is a perfect fit,” said Tucker.

The events that both alumni and graduating seniors will be able to participate in are ReunionFest, the Alumni parade, Baccalaureate Service and the Commencement Ceremony. All alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend these activities. Besides being a good way of networking with fellow alumni, it is also a good way to show your Lehigh pride and be more Connected, Engaged and Involved in the LUAA.

Registration information is available at http://reunion.lehigh.edu.

This article appeared in the April 2007 Young Alumni Newsletter

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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