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Stewart-Gambino named Lafayette’s Dean of the College

Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino

Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino, founding director of Lehigh’s Global Citizenship Program, has been appointed Dean of the College at Lafayette. She will begin working full-time in her new position on August 20.

At Lafayette, Stewart-Gambino will have overall administrative responsibility for students’ academic experience, working closely with both the faculty and senior administrators.

“I really am thrilled to accept the position of Dean of the College at Lafayette,” says Stewart-Gambino. “It is a terrific liberal arts college, and everyone who knows me knows that my heart is, and always has been, in the liberal arts. The position combines so many of the things I love professionally—working with students, working with faculty to create new structures like a teaching and learning center that contribute to a sense of intellectual vibrancy on campus, creating processes that include faculty and staff in galvanizing a renewed sense of excitement about the core curriculum, and helping pull together all the existing threads of a new global focus in students’ education. The chance to be part of Lafayette's future is an incredible opportunity for me, and I am grateful for the welcome I already have received from the community there.”

Lehigh’s Global Citizenship Program, founded in 2004, is a four-year, multidisciplinary, co-curricular program that offers educational experiences through which students from all disciplines learn to negotiate international boundaries and develop their own sense of personal and corporate responsibility to the global community.

A professor of political science and former associate dean of Lehigh’s College of Arts and Sciences, Stewart-Gambino was also the founder and co-director of Lehigh’s Community Fellows Graduate Program, established in 2001, a multidisciplinary master’s degree program that places graduate students in yearlong projects in community agencies.

Stewart-Gambino joined the Lehigh faculty as assistant professor of political science in 1989 and was promoted to associate professor in 1994 and to full professor in 2002. Her teaching areas include comparative politics, Latin American political systems, politics of developing areas, gender and Third World development, U.S. foreign policy in Latin America, and religion and politics in Latin America.

“I leave a great many friends and memories at Lehigh,” says Stewart-Gambino. “I came to Lehigh over 18 years, ago, from Eckerd College in Florida, and I feel like I have ‘grown up’ here. There are so many people for whom I have enormous respect and admiration at Lehigh—as scholars, certainly, but as colleagues, community members, and individuals, more importantly. I think of Lehigh as the people who make it a living place and being part of that institutional life has been an honor for me. I have worked on a lot of things—governance, faculty development, diversity, globalization, community partnerships—and the thrill was always the chance to work with people for whom I have such regard to create ‘our Lehigh.’”

Bill Doherty

Posted on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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