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New Electronic Services for Alumni

You’ve all heard about the "Lifetime Email Forwarding" service offered by the alumni association. LUAA has now improved that service to provide full-featured e-mail service for alumni! Get your very own “@lehigh.edu” address and use it as your primary mail account or forward it somewhere else. Unlike the current “@alumni.lehigh.edu” service, email coming to your “@lehigh.edu” address is spam and virus filtered. It’s safer, more reliable, easier to use and there’s a web interface so you can get around your company's web filters! Keep or discontinue your forwarding address – both services will be continued side-by-side.

LUAA has also opened up (in preliminary form) the new Alumni Portal. For those of you who graduated recently, you're already very familiar with the campus portal - we now have a section that's geared towards the things that alumni want and need! Get news and information from a variety of sources across campus in one location. Athletics updates, Zoellner performance information, campus news and class notes have been aggregated for your convenience. The university is also providing access to several electronic library resources , namely the ProQuest Research and Business databases.

Coming this summer is a new online community for alumni. You’ll be able to easily find old friends, network, look for jobs, utilize career planning tools and stay in touch with the groups that defined your Lehigh experience. The community will welcome all current and future alumni once it is open for business – stay tuned for a major announcement on specific features once it is launched!

Get started today with lifetime email and the portal by requesting your LIN (Lehigh ID number) and PIN so you can create an account. Visit http://www.lehighalumni.com/go/linpin to request it. Wait 3-5 days for this information to arrive via US Mail (FERPA regulations…we wish we could do it via email…) and follow the instructions to create your account.

This article appeared in the April 2007 Young Alumni Newsletter

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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