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Expo shows what university and community groups have to offer

Some came hoping to join the club soccer team or to connect with fellow students who share their interest. Others scooped up giveaways that included slices of pizza, fresh produce, pens, bookmarks and condoms.

Whatever their motivation, those who flocked to the lawn in front of the University Center for the colorful annual event had every opportunity to be dazzled by the array of options presented to them at Lehigh’s 10th annual Community/Club Expo.

“I like it,” said first-year student Kim Morris. “It’s useful for joining clubs, seeing the shops and other things to do around here.”

The event capped off the first day of classes for all Lehigh students, and serves as a traditional welcome to first-year students who are unfamiliar with the possibilities for involvement beyond their classwork.

Lehigh’s Office of Community and Regional Affairs and the Dean of Students Office partner to sponsor the annual event, which traditionally draws hundreds of students, staff and faculty members.

Just minutes after the Expo began, a long procession of students filed down the University Lawn to take advantage of the free items distributed by local vendors such as Campus Pizza before moving on to peruse the tables sponsored by university and community groups.

Senior Calvin Smiley manned the Black Student Union booth, hoping that the club fair exposure would attract interest from first-year students.

“A lot of our members will be graduating. We need new people to keep it going,” said Smiley, who expressed confidence that new students would sign on.

Students sauntered through the lawn, checking out everything from the Millennium Development Goals Initiative Club’s neatly laid out diagram to the Hip Hop Club’s music-blasting boom box.

“It’s great,” says Lauren Harper ’09. “Everyone’s represented here,” she said. “I like it because it shows what is really going on on campus.”

Even first-time organizations found the Expo helpful.

“We’re grateful for the exposure,” said Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church’s pastor Ron Erb, who is looking to encourage students to attend a Sunday school course designed specifically for college-aged adults.

--Alexandra Valasek

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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