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Center for Optical Technologies will hold sixth open house Oct. 8-9

Free tutorials and full-day workshops in nanophotonics and in biophotonic imaging and diagnostics will highlight the Sixth Annual Open House of Lehigh’s Center for Optical Technologies (COT) on Oct. 8 and 9.

The event, which will be held in the Rauch Business Center, will also feature a poster session and presentations by two dozen nationally renowned experts.

There will be two plenary speakers. David F. Welch, Ph.D., founder and chief strategy officer of Infinera Corp., will discuss “Creating a Market Disruption with Advanced Technology.” Dorothy Kaplan, deputy secretary in the Office of Business Assistance in the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, will also speak.

Those wishing to attend the conference should contact Anne Nierer at (610) 758-2600 or via email. A full agenda can be found Center for Optical Technologies Web site.

The COT, which was established in 2001, is a partnership of Lehigh, Penn State University, Northampton and Lehigh Carbon Community Colleges, and the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. One of the leading research institutions in its field, the center has received more than $75 million in funding, including major support from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, the U.S. Department of Defense, Lehigh, industry and private sources, and federal research grants to participating faculty.

At the open house, COT director Tom Koch will chair the workshop on nanophotonics, while Daniel Ou-Yang, professor of physics and co-director of Lehigh’s Bioengineering Program, will chair the workshop titled “Advances in Laser-based Biophotonic Imaging and Diagnostics.” The nanophotonics workshop will be divided into sessions on Quantum Dot III-V Technologies, Carbon Nanotube Technology and Photonics, Nanoscale Localization and Patterned Substrates for Ultraviolet Materials, and Silicon Nanophotonics. The two workshops will run concurrently on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

The tutorials represent an expansion of previous COT open houses. They will be held two at a time on Monday, Oct. 8, and will last 90 minutes each. Prof. David Allara of Penn State will lead a session on “Bio-Chem Sensors-Functionalizing Surfaces,” while Jean Toulouse, professor of physics at Lehigh, discusses “Optical Nonlinearities in Fiber for All-Optical Applications.”

Prof. Doug Werner of Penn State, will discuss “Meta-Materials,” while Nelson Tansu, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads a tutorial on “Photovoltaic and Solid State Lighting Technology.” Prof. Tom Jackson of Penn State will lead a session on “Flexible Electronics and Displays,” while Koch discusses “Silicon Nanophotonics.”

In addition to Welch and Kaplan, the other invited speakers are:

• Donald Tennant, director of operations of Cornell CNF, who will discuss “Trends and Limits in Nanofabrication Technology”
• Prof. Luke Lester of the University of New Mexico, who will discuss “Quantum-Dot Photonic Integrated Circuits”
• Prof. Ji Ung Lee of CNSE at the University of Albany, who will discuss “Nanotube Nanophotonics”
• Prof. Jay Kikkawa of the University of Pennsylvania, who will discuss “K-momentum Dark Exiton Energy in Carbon Nanotubes”
• Prof. S.D. Hersee of the University of New Mexico, who will discuss “GaN Nanowires and Devices”
• Yurii Vlasov of the physical sciences department of IBM Research, who will discuss “Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics for On-Chip Optical Interconnects”
• Ye Fang of Corning Inc., who will discuss “Biophotonics at Corning Inc.: Sensing Cell Signaling in Time and Space”
• Nicholas George of Olympus America, Inc.
• Guan Gao of BD Technology
• Ahmed Heikal of Penn State

Other Lehigh faculty who will give presentations at the open house are Bruce Koel (vice provost for research and department of chemistry), Filbert Bartoli (electrical and computer engineering), Boon Ooi (electrical and computer engineering), Ivan Biaggio (physics), Yujie Ding (electrical and computer engineering), Slava Rotkin (physics) and Volkmar Dierolf (physics).

--Kurt Pfitzer

Posted on Monday, October 08, 2007

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