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LUAA receives 2002 CASE Circle of Excellence Award for model alumni program

The Commission on Alumni Relations has selected Lehigh University to receive the Seal of Excellence for demonstrating high caliber alumni program planning in regional programs, clubs, chapter and branches.

Jill Anderson-Donmoyer ’91, director of alumni clubs; Monica Timar, assistant director of alumni clubs; and Theresa Butler, graphic designer, were honored with the 2002 CASE Circle of Excellence Award for their manual that highlights the LUAA goals and strategies for maintaining successful alumni relationships.

"We look for ways to engage alumni and exceed expectations on a daily basis and work closely to ensure that we fully represent Lehigh University's initiatives and priorities and communicate that to alumni all over the globe," explains Anderson-Donmoyer.

The group used a nautical theme, "Charting the Course: Strategic Club Planning," to illustrate their conceptualization of successful alumni relationships.

Adds Anderson-Donmoyer: "The visuals should inspire the concepts of exploration and discovery (compass, eyeglasses) using intelligence, insight and strategy (chess board) to gain great rewards (medals). Thus the parallel to the Club Network is exploration and discovery of all that is great and exciting at Lehigh, using LU alumni intelligence and LUAA insight with strategy (the Guide), to gain increased affinity towards and affection for all that is Lehigh."

Anderon-Donmoyer, Timan and Butler will be presented with the award at a luncheon held on July 8, during the 2002 CASE International Assembly in Chicago. Their manual will also be featured in the fall ’02 issue of CURRENTS.

"Monica, Theresa and I are very proud to be recognized nationally by CASE and a judging panel of our peers," says Anderson-Donmoyer. "This type of recognition further instills in us the importance of what we do for the university, fuels the constant desire to give Lehigh University and her alumni 100 percent and the dedication to continue to be a benchmark Club Program."

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2002

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