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Rethinking Education: A New Michael Wesch Video

Since 2007, Michael Wesch, a Kansas State University anthropologist, has released a series of viral videos interrogating the ways in which new web technologies shape human communication and interactions with information.Now he’s back with a new video called “Rethinking Education,” a montage that pulls together sound bites of thought leaders (Tim O’Reilly, Yochai Benkler, Brewster Kahle, Ray Kurzweil, etc.) describing how technology is altering the broader educational landscape.

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AMX Names 2011 Innovation Award Winners at EduComm

AMX, a provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, announced the winners of the 2011 AMX Innovation Awards at EduComm. The awards, established with the University Business Leadership Institute, recognize individuals and institutions of the AMX Education Alliance transforming higher education around the world through innovative accomplishment and practices. This year’s three winning institutions were selected from among over 500 nominations around the globe.

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How the Internet Is Revolutionizing Education

Unless there's an outright ban, it's almost impossible to find a classroom anywhere in the United States without at least one computer. And in many college lecture halls, nearly every student will come ready with a laptop or tablet. At the very least, they often have a smartphone that's Internet-ready. These tools, only recently available to a mass audience (relatively speaking), are fundamentally altering education. They allow students to access vast stores of information with the press of a button.

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How to Reverse U.S. Economic Malaise

U.S. unemployment remains high at 9.1 percent (FT) and expectations are grim for creating sustainable job opportunities. But while it is "probably going to stay high for a fairly long time," public sector investment in education, technology, and infrastructure are a way to tackle unemployment by addressing longstanding structural problems on "the tradable side of the economy," says Nobel Prize-winning economist A. Michael Spence.

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Oracle seeks billions in lawsuit against Google

Oracle Corp is seeking damages "in the billions of dollars" from Google Inc in a patent lawsuit over the smartphone market, according to a court filing.

Oracle sued Google last year, claiming the Web search company's Android mobile operating technology infringes Oracle's Java patents. Oracle bought the Java programming language through its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January 2010.

Some see the lawsuit as a sign of a growing business rivalry between the two companies.

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IBM Celebrates a Century in Business

Google, Apple and Facebook get all the attention. But the forgettable everyday tasks of technology - saving a file on your laptop, swiping your ATM card to get 40 bucks, scanning a gallon of milk at the checkout line - that's all IBM.

International Business Machines turned 100 on Thursday without much fanfare. But its much younger competitors owe a lot to Big Blue.

After all, where would Groupon be without the supermarket bar code? Or Google without the mainframe computer?

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Benchmark Your Technology Progress On Campus

Find out how well your educational institution is using technology to meet your educational objectives. The survey measures progress in the implementation of anytime/anywhere access, differentiated learning, 21st Century tools, assessment tools and enterprise support.

Take the 10-minute Survey to see your campus progress toward achieving this Vision at  http://www.siia.net/visionk20/survey/survey.asp?ID=EduComm

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How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

By 2019, it’s estimated that 50% of classes taught will be delivered online, with 75% of public higher education institutions reporting having online learning in their plans. These stats and more are included in an infographic put together by OnlineEducation.net, which provides a comprehensive resource to help current and prospect students learn about all the education opportunities available to them.

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Report: Tuition Is Soaring At Two-Year Colleges

Rising tuition costs at two-year colleges are outpacing increases in household incomes across the country, making it difficult for students to get bachelor's degrees, according to a report released today.

The contrast is especially stark in Virginia, according to the report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. From 1999 to 2009, median household income, adjusted for inflation, rose 6 percent statewide while tuition at public two-year colleges increased 94.4 percent.

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Culinary College Weighing Merger Or Appeal To Avoid Closing

Baltimore International College is exploring possible mergers with other institutions and weighing a possible appeal in its attempts to forestall closing because of lost accreditation, the college's Board of Trustees announced Thursday afternoon.

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GOP gives feds’ college rating plan an F (Politico)
Education Secretary Arne Duncan has said he sees rating colleges as "a financial and moral obligation," meant to help families make wise choices and to ensure taxpayers' $150 billion annual investment in student aid isn't squandered. But GOP critics frame the rating plan -- expected Friday -- as yet another example of arrogance and imperialism from the White House.
2 Takes on Student-Loan Defaults: Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
There's good news, and somewhat discouraging news, in the Education Department's latest data on student-loan repayment. More borrowers with federal direct loans are opting into income-based plans, lowering their monthly payments and their risk of default. However, forbearances and defaults continue to climb.
A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates (New York Times, DealB%k - Blog)
The bottom of the law school market just keeps on dropping. Enrollment numbers of first-year law students have sunk to levels not seen since 1973, when there were 53 fewer law schools in the United States, according to the figures just released by the American Bar Association. The 37,924 full- and part-time students who started classes in 2014 represent a 30 percent decline from just four years ago, when enrollment peaked at 52,488.
Sustaining SARA (Inside Higher Ed)
With Tuesday's announcement that New Hampshire had joined, the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, or SARA, has 18 member states. Another seven states -- Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Utah and Vermont -- have passed legislation that would enable them to apply or are in the process of doing so. In other words, the organization is close to hitting the milestone of recruiting half the states in the country.
Obama Administration to Unveil College Ratings Plan (Inside Higher Ed)
The U.S. Department of Education will release a much-anticipated outline of its college ratings system on Friday, according to several sources familiar with the department's plans.
A Long Haul on Long Island (Inside Higher Ed)
Dowling, with a beautiful campus on Long Island that once belonged to the Vanderbilts, is a poster child for the nation's struggling private colleges. Its enrollment has plummeted, and because nearly every penny Dowling has comes from current students, its finances are as precarious as those of perhaps any college in the country.
Judge rejects concussions deal (Associated Press)
A federal judge in Chicago rejected a proposed $75 million class-action head injury settlement with the NCAA on Wednesday, portraying the deal as too unwieldy and potentially underfunded and urging both sides to go back to the drawing board.
Congress Adjourns; Lame Duck Session Addresses Several Areas of Importance (NAICU Washington Update)
The 114th Congress adjourned sine die on Tuesday, December 16. Additionally, President Obama signed the "CRomnibus" spending package that covered several areas of interest to NAICU members, including funding for the key Federal student aid programs.
White House Holds 2nd Summit on College Opportunity (NAICU Washington Update)
The White House held their 2nd Summit on College Opportunity on December 4. The summit focused on 4 areas: College Completion Collaboration, K-16 Collaboration, K-12/Postsecondary Counseling and Advising, and STEM Degree Production.
Congress Approves One Year Extension of Expired Tax Benefits; IRA Charitable Rollover and Tuition Deduction Renewed for 2014 Only
The House and Senate approved an extension of expired tax benefits before adjourning for the year. Included in the benefits are the IRA Charitable Rollover and the above-the-line Tuition Deduction benefits, however these will expire on December 31, 2014.