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News Archive 2014


10/23/2014:  The Keys to Success

10/23/2014:  Two former Lehigh trustees conferred Emeritus Status

10/23/2014:  Lehigh to welcome top-ranked Success Academy students

10/22/2014:  A changing landscape for the study of religion

10/21/2014:  An expanded presence for philosophy

10/20/2014:  LUAG curator honored

10/17/2014:  Founder’s Day celebrates Packer’s vision, 'giving back'

10/17/2014:  Getting to Know John D. Simon: A Q&A with Lehigh’s 14th President

10/17/2014:  John D. Simon Named Lehigh’s 14th President

10/13/2014:  Emergency Preparedness Test to Take Place Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 4 PM

10/9/2014:  From soils to storms to reforestation in Costa Rica

10/9/2014:  Pushing the envelope with genome editing

10/9/2014:  A 'Smart' Way to Track Time

10/8/2014:  'Lehigh in Focus'

10/3/2014:  50 days until ‘Rivalry 150’

10/2/2014:  Lehigh awarded $1M RTI grant

10/2/2014:  Lehigh accounting and finance programs ranked among top in nation


9/26/2014:  Alumnus tapped to be ambassador to India

9/26/2014:  Symposium assesses state’s fiscal challenges

9/25/2014:  Examining the Hobby Lobby decision

9/25/2014:  Taking jazz to a "purer place"

9/24/2014:  The impact of social media

9/23/2014:  Promoting healthy behaviors

9/22/2014:  The Baker Institute Awarded $5 Million Gift

9/17/2014:  'Rap Sessions' Encourages Involvement

9/16/2014:  Good bridges, good neighbors

9/15/2014:  Lehigh offers students new tool for tracking success

9/15/2014:  Program arms students with tools to defend themselves

9/12/2014:  MLK Committee to continue focus on social justice

9/12/2014:  Listening beyond one's horizons

9/11/2014:  Remembering 9/11

9/11/2014:  Helping Mexico go green

9/9/2014:  Lehigh ranked among nation's top research universities

9/8/2014:  Lehigh and Bethlehem team up to create Community Ambassadors

9/5/2014:  Review of former Advocacy and Equity unit leads to changes

9/2/2014:  A new and improved UMOJA House is dedicated


8/29/2014:  New faculty, staff welcomed to Lehigh community

8/28/2014:  The ISIS jihad: "A very, very serious crisis"

8/28/2014:  'A culture of excellence’

8/27/2014:  Lehigh, city collaborate on safety in South Bethlehem

8/27/2014:  Lehigh to celebrate vibrant Umoja House in welcoming ceremony

8/26/2014:  ‘Find your passion’

8/25/2014:  ‘You made the right choice’

8/22/2014:  Engineering professor named NSF program director

8/21/2014:  First-year students get warm welcome

8/19/2014:  For a career dedicated to research and teaching innovation, the highest honor

8/19/2014:  Rivalry weekend event registration to open Sept. 2

8/18/2014:  The economist and the crowdfunded army

8/15/2014:  Lehigh offering new mobile safety app

8/15/2014:  From 3D printing to a Mars repair job

8/15/2014:  In memoriam: Prof. Le-Wu Lu, civil engineer

8/14/2014:  Iraq’s economic winners and losers

8/14/2014:  Looking back on Rivalry 100

8/13/2014:  A high honor for a grad student

8/11/2014:  Lehigh launches new open-source library environment

8/11/2014:  Foiling bugs that foil drugs

8/7/2014:  An elusive Nobel laureate

8/5/2014:  Gast honored for STEM efforts

8/5/2014:  Technology for smarter living spaces

8/1/2014:  Lehigh changes leaders


7/31/2014:  A new approach to student health

7/24/2014:  'You become a better version of yourself'

7/23/2014:  The captivating power of elephant toothpaste

7/23/2014:  A tiny weapon joins fight against cancer

7/18/2014:  A week in the material world

7/17/2014:  Adding ‘community’ to gardening

7/15/2014:  Unearthing ‘hidden’ civil engineering collections

7/11/2014:  How do you want to learn?

7/9/2014:  Kevin Clayton '84 '13P appointed Interim President

7/9/2014:  Interim President and presidential search

7/3/2014:  Tackling indoor air pollution

7/3/2014:  Lehigh shines at global innovation event

7/2/2014:  Moglen awarded fellowship for Bethlehem book project

7/2/2014:  Engineers show off inventions, ingenuity

7/1/2014:  Workshop furthers U.S.-Indonesia academic ties


6/27/2014:  Bidding adieu to President Alice Gast

6/26/2014:  Making an impact in Tanzania

6/26/2014:  A toy story

6/25/2014:  Counting down to Rivalry 150

6/23/2014:  "They want to stay here and give back"

6/20/2014:  Lehigh to debut Summer Scholars Institute

6/19/2014:  Helping youngsters with 3-D printing

6/17/2014:  'Disaster in Iraq was not inevitable’

6/13/2014:  Soccer and entrepreneurship in Kenya

6/12/2014:  One group’s trash is another’s compost

6/11/2014:  The final word on New Spain's José de Gálvez

6/10/2014:  New book helps principals address diversity in schools

6/9/2014:  It’s official: Lehigh’s Great South Side Sale raises largest amount ever

6/6/2014:  Music through the Generazioni

6/5/2014:  This year's Great South Side Sale set for Saturday, June 7

6/5/2014:  Fish swim while a garden grows

6/4/2014:  'A contribution to scholarship and humanity'

6/4/2014:  Tank-tech company scores a win

6/4/2014:  Grad students, professor win a top civil engineering prize

6/3/2014:  New athletic apparel offers comfort with class

6/2/2014:  What’s that buzz?


5/30/2014:  Taking aim at drug-resistant bacteria

5/29/2014:  Lehigh awarded Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant to improve science education for undergraduates

5/28/2014:  Explaining the Pennsylvania gay marriage ruling

5/27/2014:  Making sense of Modi’s mandate in India

5/21/2014:  Mountaintop 2014 moves ahead

5/20/2014:  Interpreting a changing South Africa

5/19/2014:  'Keep an open mind,' graduates urged

5/19/2014:  'Truth must be honestly pursued'

5/19/2014:  University salutes its newest Ph.D.s

5/16/2014:  JPMorgan Chase CIO Craig Delany ’93 addresses alumni group

5/16/2014:  LUPD marks National Police Week by honoring service

5/14/2014:  An update on the search for a new president

5/12/2014:  Lehigh prepares for its 146th commencement

5/12/2014:  An early career award for a precocious alum

5/8/2014:  Women’s Center receives award from Crime Victims’ Council

5/8/2014:  Greek affairs office wins grant for anti-hazing efforts

5/8/2014:  Preparing for Mountaintop 2014

5/7/2014:  Hillel Society welcomes new director

5/2/2014:  Faculty and staff honored at Lehigh Appreciation Dinner


4/30/2014:  Students honored for leadership at 29th annual ceremony

4/25/2014:  Grad students win catalysis prizes

4/25/2014:  A Dino 'Soar' Idea

4/25/2014:  Two cities, two continents, one common concern

4/24/2014:  Lopresti named interim dean at RCEAS

4/23/2014:  4 p.m. Crisis Test

4/23/2014:  Chief Shupp serves on council seeking to reduce sexual assault

4/22/2014:  Taking his grandfather’s lessons to heart

4/21/2014:  Emergency preparedness test to take place Wednesday

4/17/2014:  The surprising world of energy

4/16/2014:  Keeping the pulse of the planet

4/16/2014:  Lehigh alumnus, commencement speaker leads Washington Post to two Pulitzers

4/16/2014:  "Each of us can do something"

4/16/2014:  Lehigh celebrates its young entrepreneurs

4/15/2014:  ‘We Will Be Boston Strong’

4/14/2014:  Bridging the gap between D.C. and the academy

4/14/2014:  An early career boost for a teacher-scholar

4/11/2014:  Provost updates campus on diversity and inclusion initiatives

4/11/2014:  Connecting with a target audience

4/9/2014:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Daniel Yergin to speak at Lehigh

4/9/2014:  Complete Coverage: The 2014 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

4/8/2014:  Complexity: An intersection of force fields

4/8/2014:  Engineers prepare for annual undergraduate research symposium

4/7/2014:  Grillin' With Gast

4/7/2014:  Shave For The Brave

4/7/2014:  Convocation honors scholarly achievement

4/4/2014:  Lehigh achieves notable progress in hiring women in STEM fields

4/4/2014:  CBE is ranked with nation’s best business schools

4/4/2014:  The cooperative effects of tension and elasticity

4/3/2014:  New Malcolm X Book Explores Oxford Union Speech

4/3/2014:  CBE Hosts CEO-in-Residence for conversations on corporate diversity

4/2/2014:  "The barriers are no longer insurmountable"


3/31/2014:  Honorary degree recipients named

3/31/2014:  Looking back in time to see how it all began

3/27/2014:  Conversations about identity highlight discussion series

3/27/2014:  The role of wrath in modern social movements

3/26/2014:  Structural engineer measures impact of tsunami debris

3/25/2014:  New Governor's School Announced for Lehigh University

3/24/2014:  Nobel laureate to examine the universe’s 14-billion-year history

3/21/2014:  Kudos for a groundbreaking summer program

3/21/2014:  "The kids at Lehigh really inspire me"

3/21/2014:  A journey across time and cultures

3/21/2014:  Lehigh to host LGBTQIA Intercollegiate Conference

3/20/2014:  Rackley wins NFL's 2013 Ed Block Courage Award

3/18/2014:  Dean of College of Engineering Dr. S. David Wu Named Next Provost for George Mason University

3/17/2014:  Lehigh to host presidential search town halls

3/17/2014:  Irish emigration: Historical lessons well learned

3/14/2014:  A renowned journalist returns to his roots

3/12/2014:  "An utterly unique understanding of Kant"

3/11/2014:  Education as the Rx for a soaring prison population

3/11/2014:  Students, faculty and staff discuss diversity and campus climate during the February meeting of Lehigh’s Board of Trustees

3/11/2014:  New Alzheimer’s test raises questions

3/11/2014:  Engineering, education and business grad programs continue to rank among nation’s best

3/5/2014:  Light and electrons, a profitable dance

3/4/2014:  The Value of “Real Estate” at Lehigh University Is on the Rise...


2/28/2014:  Keeping pace with the data explosion

2/28/2014:  Seeking to expand Black History Month

2/28/2014:  Lehigh announces tuition increase for upcoming academic year

2/26/2014:  LeaderShape program comes to Lehigh

2/25/2014:  "All you have to do here is ask"

2/25/2014:  A holistic collaboration with communities

2/21/2014:  Lehigh Snow Days, By the Numbers

2/21/2014:  “Celebrating Diversity” networking event provided guidance and encouragement to future job-seekers

2/19/2014:  Alumna is chosen as a 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholar

2/19/2014:  Angela Davis and Nas to headline rescheduled MLK talk

2/19/2014:  Weather Update: Classes suspended between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

2/18/2014:  Jeetain Mittal named 2014 Sloan Research Fellow

2/18/2014:  From Inside The Igloo

2/18/2014:  "Are we alone in the universe?"

2/14/2014:  Greek community adopts Chapter Event Policy

2/14/2014:  Presidential search – message from Brad Eric Scheler, chair of the Board of Trustees

2/13/2014:  McCollum puts Lehigh on the map

2/11/2014:  Harnessing sensor power to monitor structures

2/11/2014:  Students Study Cataract Surgery in Ethiopia

2/10/2014:  Fine-tuning a rainbow of colors at the nanoscale

2/6/2014:  Decrying ‘Generational Theft’

2/6/2014:  A ‘Consummate Newsman’

2/4/2014:  Update: Lehigh closed due to weather

2/3/2014:  Lehigh Closed Today


1/31/2014:  Kenner Lecturer encourages dialogue on race

1/31/2014:  A biomedical researcher and a modern-day Renaissance woman

1/31/2014:  Engineered for stealth and silence

1/30/2014:  The Harmfulness of Half-Truths

1/30/2014:  Luce Foundation grant broadens research opportunities for women engineers

1/28/2014:  Crossing the threshold for laser cooling

1/28/2014:  Diversity of experience

1/28/2014:  Africana studies ascendant

1/28/2014:  Putting more humanity into the humanities

1/28/2014:  Evolution or revolution?—Keeping tabs on MOOCs

1/28/2014:  State of the Union Advice

1/27/2014:  Malaria’s Big Surge

1/27/2014:  Small but Mighty

1/27/2014:  Exploring and Growing, Intellectually and Personally

1/27/2014:  Four Questions For: Seymour Hersh, Investigative Journalist

1/27/2014:  A Journey into the ‘Proof of Islam’

1/27/2014:  Another Measure of Success

1/22/2014:  #LehighMLK: Gordon Moskowitz on recognizing inherent bias

1/21/2014:  Cancelled: Angela Davis and Lupe Fiasco Conversation in Baker Hall

1/21/2014:  Lehigh closing at noon; classes cancelled remainder of day

1/17/2014:  Lehigh plays host to multicultural leadership conference

1/17/2014:  "BaerMusik" receives its world premiere here

1/16/2014:  The impossible possibilities of justice

1/14/2014:  #LehighMLK: Lloyd Steffen on the war on drugs

1/14/2014:  New graduate program cited for talent development

1/10/2014:  Up on the mountain

1/10/2014:  STATS: Adeolu "Lou" Adesida '15

1/10/2014:  A Call to Action

1/10/2014:  Lehigh Looks Forward

1/10/2014:  The spirit of spirit week

1/10/2014:  The Struggle and The Glory

1/10/2014:  Time for a Change

1/9/2014:  Seniors embark on "the interdisciplinary study of mind"

1/6/2014:  In memoriam: John C. Chen, former dean of engineering

1/3/2014:  Lehigh President Alice Gast to Step Down in July 2014; Will Become President of Imperial College London

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