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News Archive 2012


3/6/2013:  Three recent alumni finish with the elite on national accounting test

3/6/2013:  National Medal of Science recipient discusses math and inclusion

3/5/2013:  Central Asia poised for a larger world role, U.S. diplomat says


2/28/2013:  A variety of ways to stay connected

2/28/2013:  Physics professor looks to the stars for inspiration

2/26/2013:  Engineering professor wins major international award in fluid dynamics

2/26/2013:  A visit with one of the founders of the Internet

2/25/2013:  Anglican Enlightenment and 17th-century religious politics

2/25/2013:  Alumna serves up a feast of football analytics

2/21/2013:  Lehigh sets tuition rate for upcoming academic year

2/20/2013:  Ian Birky receives lifetime achievement award

2/20/2013:  Forty-six chromosomes at a bargain

2/20/2013:  From Spain's Basque Country to Sufi Muslims in America

2/18/2013:  In the Race to Africa, China Leads

2/14/2013:  Madeleine Albright advocates moderation in foreign relations

2/11/2013:  George Nation on the Constitutionality of Gun Control

2/11/2013:  Noam Chomsky discusses prospects for Middle East peace

2/8/2013:  Video: MLK Memorial Bus Trip

2/8/2013:  Peterson discusses media and scholarship

2/7/2013:  Lehigh will open at xx a.m. today

2/6/2013:  Beloved Lehigh Valley icon dies

2/5/2013:  Author and activist Noam Chomsky presents "Prospects for Peace in the Middle East"

2/4/2013:  Engineering professor elected to Optical Society of America


1/31/2013:  The Lehigh University Annual Report

1/30/2013:  Lehigh enhances free mobile app to track buses, provide real-time campus updates

1/30/2013:  Peterson discusses media and scholarship

1/30/2013:  Small extensions of Lehigh

1/28/2013:  Connecting to China through the Global Lab

1/25/2013:  MLK speaker urges students to learn their heritage

1/25/2013:  The conflicting aspirations of Mali’s Tuareg tribesmen

1/25/2013:  Students meet entrepreneurs on both coasts

1/24/2013:  Athletes in business college forge path to success

1/24/2013:  NPR host Michele Norris to headline MLK Jr. Celebration

1/23/2013:  Lehigh LGBTQIA students to learn about creating change

1/23/2013:  Reflections on the life of the Rev. Martin Luther King

1/18/2013:  Lance Armstrong and the Ethical State of America

1/16/2013:  University chaplain pens new book on moral theory

1/16/2013:  Lehigh receives Luce grant for Indonesian exchange

1/10/2013:  Lehigh Study: Job Satisfaction Not A Major Factor in Retirement Expectations

1/9/2013:  ATLSS innovation boosts bridge-building efficiency

1/9/2013:  "Dirty work" turns garbage into gold

1/3/2013:  The eye of the tigers


12/21/2012:  In memoriam: Robert D. Stout '41G, '44 Ph.D.

12/21/2012:  Taxing Rich Doesn't Harm Job Growth

12/19/2012:  Lehigh professor honored for innovative research

12/18/2012:  Chinese academic delegations visit Lehigh

12/13/2012:  The Fiscal Cliff

12/13/2012:  Holiday spirit trumps seasonal stress

12/13/2012:  NPR host Michele Norris to headline MLK Jr. celebration

12/11/2012:  Nominations for university awards now open

12/11/2012:  The European Union Wins the Nobel Prize

12/10/2012:  Two-faced drugs fight hidden killers

12/10/2012:  In memoriam: Luke Weinstock '36

12/6/2012:  Campus community urged to join to reject violence

12/5/2012:  Christmas Vespers, a tradition that continues to surprise

12/5/2012:  Transplantation, ferment and literature

12/4/2012:  When global understanding begins in the home

12/3/2012:  A summer job in China and a job offer in Pennsylvania


11/30/2012:  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

11/29/2012:  Frangopol receives inaugural award for life-cycle engineering

11/29/2012:  Arup SenGupta receives top Silicon Valley technology honor

11/29/2012:  UN Class Wins Best Practice Award from UN Education Association

11/29/2012:  Robert Flowers is named fellow of AAAS

11/29/2012:  World’s largest mathematics society cites Donald Davis

11/29/2012:  Moral Judgments Quicker, More Extreme Than Practical Ones

11/28/2012:  Top Honors for Lehigh Faculty

11/28/2012:  Timely gift promotes health-related research

11/20/2012:  Celebrating a creative launch

11/20/2012:  For CBE students, an expanding global laboratory

11/19/2012:  Is Bin Laden Really Dead?

11/17/2012:  Yankee Stadium will host the historic 150th meeting between Lehigh and Lafayette

11/14/2012:  Lehigh wins award from economic development association

11/9/2012:  Do 'We Take Care of Our Own?'

11/7/2012:  Documentary highlights ancient manuscripts of Mali

11/6/2012:  Presidential Predictions

11/5/2012:  In memoriam: Dexter F. Baker '50, '57G

11/3/2012:  Storm Updates Archive (Nov. 3)

11/2/2012:  Storm Updates Archive (Oct. 31-Nov.2)

11/1/2012:  E-mail from Provost Pat Farrell to Students

11/1/2012:  A "perfect storm" rages through campus

11/1/2012:  Storm Updates Archive (Oct. 26-30)


10/26/2012:  A unique wing for a unique aircraft

10/26/2012:  "Be passionate, follow your star and make things happen"

10/24/2012:  "Having people help us is very important"

10/23/2012:  Observations From The Final Presidential Debate

10/23/2012:  Columbia law professor criticizes free speech restrictions

10/23/2012:  Dexter Baker '50, '57G receives lifetime achievement award

10/22/2012:  Founder's Day 2012: Lehigh celebrates its heritage

10/22/2012:  Engineering professor invited to lecture in Malaysia

10/17/2012:  Watching New York's "New Downtown" take shape

10/16/2012:  'Obama Does Not Trust Americans'

10/16/2012:  Training light to cool the material it strikes

10/12/2012:  Zombies Everywhere!

10/12/2012:  Point/Counterpoint: Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

10/12/2012:  4:18 p.m. Crisis Test

10/11/2012:  A hockey player’s off-the-field battle against Parkinson’s disease

10/10/2012:  For Lehigh’s entrepreneurs, high praise from a high official

10/9/2012:  Emergency preparedness test to take place Friday

10/9/2012:  ArtsLehigh receives award from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission

10/5/2012:  Social movements and their effect on political change

10/5/2012:  National leaders meet to discuss manufacturing innovation

10/4/2012:  Fulbright scholars find a home away from home

10/4/2012:  Lehigh grads rank among nation's top earners

10/4/2012:  President Gast elected to Chevron Board of Directors

10/3/2012:  Lehigh receives an official citation for boosting the local economy

10/2/2012:  What is a Global Brand?

10/1/2012:  A financial forum yields a beneficial exchange


9/28/2012:  A delightful discovery at a timely tailgate

9/26/2012:  Arup SenGupta gives plenary lecture at Cambridge University

9/24/2012:  'Tis the harvest season at Bethlehem's Hispanic Center

9/23/2012:  John Chen receives lifetime award for heat transfer work

9/20/2012:  Greek groups growing stronger, according to recent report

9/20/2012:  African business owners imagine President Obama

9/18/2012:  Want Innovation? Diversify Thinking.

9/17/2012:  Occupy Advice

9/17/2012:  A veteran’s entrepreneurial dreams take wing

9/14/2012:  Toward a more compelling sense of history

9/12/2012:  A future that offers many options

9/12/2012:  Lehigh ranked with nation’s top research universities

9/11/2012:  CBE appoints its first associate dean for global initiatives

9/7/2012:  Consent for Circumcision

9/6/2012:  A program evolves to meet changing needs

9/4/2012:  Energy, new ideas and a warm welcome

9/4/2012:  Lehigh joins a national effort to promote students’ health


8/30/2012:  A competitive edge in global diversity

8/29/2012:  A new school year brings a host of ways to reconnect

8/27/2012:  Political Conventions – What are They Good for?

8/24/2012:  Can Technology Be Moral?

8/24/2012:  The Sesquicentennial Class arrives!

8/24/2012:  A renaissance for American manufacturing

8/23/2012:  College of Education expands its national footprint

8/22/2012:  College of Education Sees 35 Percent Increase in Research Funding

8/15/2012:  "You build yourself into what you do"

8/14/2012:  Mayuresh Kothare lectures in China and Singapore

8/13/2012:  The Romney-Ryan Ticket

8/13/2012:  Students from Lehigh and Indonesia explore each other’s worlds

8/13/2012:  From Indonesia to the U.S., students live across two cultures

8/10/2012:  Wall Street Journal Opinions 'Not Grounded in Facts'

8/7/2012:  Grad student, three alums win prestigious national fellowships

8/6/2012:  The Shooting at Oak Creek Gurdwara


7/30/2012:  GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS 2012

7/30/2012:  GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS 2012

7/27/2012:  Researchers seek to optimize fuel production from algae

7/26/2012:  Bridging the generations in San Francisco

7/25/2012:  M.B.A. students gain international insights

7/24/2012:  Sudden CEO Deaths Rock the Stock Market, Now More Than Ever

7/20/2012:  Obesity: Impacts on Public Health and Society

7/17/2012:  Centennial School’s George testifies before Congress

7/17/2012:  Lehigh Researcher Presents Study On Greener Chemistry

7/12/2012:  China partnership provides valuable experience to Lehigh students

7/12/2012:  Lehigh M.B.A. student attends Telfer Canadian Leadership Program

7/10/2012:  Biophysicists model the behavior of a protein critical to cell motion

7/9/2012:  A more accurate and noninvasive look at cancerous tumors

7/3/2012:  Brad Eric Scheler ’74 is elected chairman of the Board of Trustees


6/28/2012:  Lehigh experts weigh in on Supreme Court's ruling on health law

6/28/2012:  The Affordable Care Act Decision

6/28/2012:  David A. Griffith is appointed department chair of marketing

6/26/2012:  From 55 countries to one Global Village

6/26/2012:  Managing the tradeoffs between privacy and performance

6/20/2012:  Alum wins award for research related to water contamination

6/19/2012:  Helping seismologists see the complete picture

6/18/2012:  Research casts new light on CEO succession

6/15/2012:  Making an impact

6/15/2012:  Gast honored for accomplishments in Title IX era

6/13/2012:  Student films examine complex social issues

6/12/2012:  When the Former CEO Stays On As Board Chair

6/8/2012:  Going the distance

6/7/2012:  ERC boosts power-plant efficiencies and renewable fuels

6/4/2012:  Obesity Counseling in America

6/4/2012:  A missed opportunity to reduce adolescent obesity?

6/4/2012:  Great South Side Sale sets record

6/4/2012:  Charting a course for the future of nanotechnology


5/29/2012:  Israel E. Wachs receives a top international research prize

5/25/2012:  NIH Grant Supports First Study on How ADHD Affects College Students

5/24/2012:  Standing among the nation’s elite

5/23/2012:  Reliving Lehigh memories--and making new ones

5/22/2012:  Commencement address by His Excellency Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabian Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources

5/21/2012:  Al-Naimi ’62 to Class of 2012: ‘Go make a difference’

5/21/2012:  Engineering solutions in healthcare delivery

5/21/2012:  Doctoral candidates cap their academic success

5/21/2012:  The personal satisfaction in 'giving back to the planet'

5/19/2012:  A Cell’s First Steps: Building A Model To Explain How Cells Grow

5/18/2012:  Building a model to explain how cells grow

5/18/2012:  The Facebook IPO

5/16/2012:  Extracting fuels and chemicals from plant life

5/16/2012:  "Greece Is Doomed. Italy Is Next."

5/15/2012:  Katharine McPhee to headline Gala2012

5/15/2012:  Frangopol, former Ph.D. student win prestigious civil engineering award

5/11/2012:  Black Student Organizations celebrate accomplishments

5/11/2012:  Bach where it belongs

5/10/2012:  Celebrating our students

5/9/2012:  Reunion registration extended through Friday

5/9/2012:  Educational research group honors Zirkel

5/9/2012:  A show of power by electrical and computer engineers

5/9/2012:  Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Al-Naimi to speak at commencement

5/7/2012:  ISE alumni honored for stellar careers

5/7/2012:  A comprehensive antidote to a challenging global oil picture

5/4/2012:  Faculty and staff honored at Appreciation Dinner

5/3/2012:  Secret Service and The Culture of Washington

5/3/2012:  Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll '76 Presents Upbeat Outlook on Economy

5/2/2012:  Citizens United and the Presidential Election

5/1/2012:  The diverse world of student research unfolds at STEPS




4/30/2012:  Planned Parenthood president upbeat in campus visit

4/27/2012:  Students honored for contributions to campus culture

4/26/2012:  A Radical Approach to Greener Chemistry

4/25/2012:  There’s nothing like Lehigh in the spring!

4/24/2012:  From New York City, the Class of 2026 descends on Lehigh

4/24/2012:  Engineering students hear from a successful alumna

4/20/2012:  Virginia M. Rometty, Hillary Rosen & The Masters

4/20/2012:  The many and varied impacts of Marcellus Shale development

4/20/2012:  Campus events highlights: April 20-29

4/20/2012:  Celebrating Earth Day

4/20/2012:  Keys to success in the global marketplace

4/19/2012:  Undergraduate research symposium spotlights engineering excellence

4/18/2012:  Real-estate team tops rivals from Cornell, USC and the Wharton School

4/17/2012:  President Gast discusses innovation with Corning's CEO

4/17/2012:  Imam discusses evolution of ‘American Islamic identity’

4/16/2012:  Larry Bacow to receive honorary degree at commencement

4/13/2012:  Awards recognize student and faculty innovators

4/13/2012:  Tales from a whistleblower

4/13/2012:  Campus events highlights: April 13-22

4/12/2012:  Global Union celebrates its 15th birthday

4/11/2012:  Police department names its ninth annual officer of the year

4/10/2012:  4:15 p.m. Crisis Test

4/10/2012:  CBE maintains its dual accreditation

4/10/2012:  Toward a modular defense against hackers

4/9/2012:  Bioethicist calls for change in political discourse over science

4/6/2012:  A role for value-driven engineering in improving medical devices

4/6/2012:  A bestselling author draws energy from teaching

4/5/2012:  Live From The Mali Coup

4/5/2012:  Campus events highlights: April 6-15

4/5/2012:  Governors for President

4/4/2012:  Sixty middle-school girls try their hand at engineering

4/3/2012:  Undergraduate students earn academic accolades

4/2/2012:  Town hall features a discussion of academic freedom


3/30/2012:  Campus events highlights: March 30 to April 8

3/29/2012:  An architect draws inspiration from sun and from shadow

3/28/2012:  Beyond the hype over international educational rankings

3/27/2012:  A renowned mentor enjoys his first homecoming

3/27/2012:  MBA candidates study corporate social responsibility in England

3/26/2012:  Passion in action

3/23/2012:  Watts named finalist for Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award

3/23/2012:  'Institutional Racism is Killing Young Black People'

3/22/2012:  Campus events highlights: March 23 to April 1

3/21/2012:  Lehigh establishes scholarships for women in math, science, engineering

3/21/2012:  CBE continues to rank among top undergraduate business schools

3/20/2012:  A Supreme Case for Survivor Benefits

3/17/2012:  Mountain Hawks stun Duke in NCAA Tourney

3/16/2012:  Finding fame in the world of haute cuisine

3/16/2012:  Turow: Capital punishment system in U.S. ‘like a roulette wheel’

3/16/2012:  Campus events highlights: March 16-25

3/15/2012:  Did You Know?

3/13/2012:  Education and engineering colleges again among nation’s best

3/12/2012:  Author Scott Turow to deliver rescheduled Tresolini Lecture

3/12/2012:  Russian scientists conclude “productive” visit here

3/11/2012:  Mountain Hawks will face Duke in NCAA Tourney Friday

3/9/2012:  Gary DeLeo is elected a fellow of AAAS

3/9/2012:  Campus events highlights: March 9-18

3/8/2012:  Men's basketball team punches ticket for NCAA Tourney

3/7/2012:  The Role of Science Diplomacy

3/7/2012:  Students chosen to attend global gathering in China

3/7/2012:  Super Tuesday and the Next U.S. President

3/6/2012:  Global Security or Invasion of Privacy?

3/2/2012:  Pulitzer-winning author recounts African-American mass migration

3/1/2012:  Manhattan real estate mogul shares insights with students


2/29/2012:  Adolescent war refugees teach ‘an amazing and unforgettable lesson on humanity’

2/27/2012:  Graduate program launched in technical entrepreneurship

2/24/2012:  The Problem With “The Help”: Controversy at the Oscars

2/24/2012:  In memoriam: Theodore L. Diamond ’37, ’85H

2/24/2012:  Campus events highlights: Feb. 24 to March 4

2/23/2012:  Drinking in Snakes: Resolving a Biomechanical Puzzle

2/23/2012:  Lehigh announces tuition increase for upcoming academic year

2/21/2012:  Do you have passion for Lehigh?

2/21/2012:  Lehigh professor researches pivotal Malcolm X speech

2/17/2012:  Coping With Cuts In PA Education

2/16/2012:  Campus events highlights: Feb. 17-26

2/15/2012:  Milano links diverse faculty to diverse workforce

2/14/2012:  Jesse Jackson spends whirlwind day at Lehigh

2/13/2012:  McHugh named fellow of top chemical engineering society

2/13/2012:  Fellowships help faculty change direction

2/10/2012:  Memorial service celebrates Pearsall’s joyous life

2/9/2012:  Holland: Increasing healthy food options makes economic sense

2/9/2012:  Campus events highlights: Feb. 10-19

2/6/2012:  Redefining Autism

2/6/2012:  The Rev. Jesse Jackson to discuss leadership, co-education

2/6/2012:  Chemical engineering society recognizes Prof. Luyben

2/3/2012:  Lehigh senior remembered by family, campus friends

2/2/2012:  Campus events highlights: Feb. 3-12

2/1/2012:  Students with portfolio


1/31/2012:  Taxing the Rich

1/30/2012:  In memoriam: Deborah Pearsall, 1990-2012

1/27/2012:  PwC global recruiter shares keys to rewarding career

1/26/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 27 to Feb. 5

1/26/2012:  Have you resolved to reconnect in 2012?

1/25/2012:  School psychology program recognized for research

1/24/2012:  A major step toward the wiser use of energy

1/23/2012:  Antigua and the UN expand an engineering student’s horizons

1/20/2012:  Shabazz challenges students to stand up to injustice

1/20/2012:  Steering committee named for 150th celebration

1/19/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 20-29

1/18/2012:  Hands-on learning, mentoring keys to ‘diversifying science’

1/17/2012:  The Controversy Over SOPA

1/17/2012:  Awards nomination period coming to a close

1/16/2012:  Lehigh reflects on King’s legacy

1/16/2012:  Silicon Valley program ‘a life-changing experience’

1/16/2012:  History is on Romney's Side

1/13/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 13-22

1/11/2012:  Crossing disciplines, Kothare wins kudos

1/10/2012:  Martin Luther King tribute features daughter of Malcolm X

1/9/2012:  SILICON VALLEY 2012

1/9/2012:  SILICON VALLEY 2012

1/4/2012:  Test

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