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2/6/2012:  Redefining Autism

2/6/2012:  The Rev. Jesse Jackson to discuss leadership, co-education

2/6/2012:  Chemical engineering society recognizes Prof. Luyben

2/3/2012:  Lehigh senior remembered by family, campus friends

2/2/2012:  Campus events highlights: Feb. 3-12

2/1/2012:  Students with portfolio


1/31/2012:  Taxing the Rich

1/30/2012:  In memoriam: Deborah Pearsall, 1990-2012

1/27/2012:  PwC global recruiter shares keys to rewarding career

1/26/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 27 to Feb. 5

1/26/2012:  Have you resolved to reconnect in 2012?

1/25/2012:  School psychology program recognized for research

1/24/2012:  A major step toward the wiser use of energy

1/23/2012:  Antigua and the UN expand an engineering student’s horizons

1/20/2012:  Shabazz challenges students to stand up to injustice

1/20/2012:  Steering committee named for 150th celebration

1/19/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 20-29

1/18/2012:  Hands-on learning, mentoring keys to ‘diversifying science’

1/17/2012:  The Controversy Over SOPA

1/17/2012:  Awards nomination period coming to a close

1/16/2012:  Lehigh reflects on King’s legacy

1/16/2012:  Silicon Valley program ‘a life-changing experience’

1/16/2012:  History is on Romney's Side

1/13/2012:  Campus events highlights: Jan. 13-22

1/11/2012:  Crossing disciplines, Kothare wins kudos

1/10/2012:  Martin Luther King tribute features daughter of Malcolm X



12/31/2011:  A Fulbright student seeks a greater voice

12/29/2011:  Michalerya elected president of national economic development group

12/29/2011:  From trash to treasure

12/21/2011:  Reaching the future leaders of South Africa

12/20/2011:  LUPD helps bring Santa to South Bethlehem

12/20/2011:  Buying the Professor a BMW

12/20/2011:  To the moon with a hop

12/19/2011:  Infrequent Death Sentences Cannot Be Sustained Constitutionally

12/16/2011:  Seed funding announced for new cluster proposals

12/15/2011:  Student documentary examines local food availability

12/14/2011:  Gast shares expertise at celebration of women in science

12/14/2011:  A time to reflect, a time to look ahead

12/13/2011:  SenGupta receives Fulbright award

12/13/2011:  Medication Improves Performance in College Students with ADHD

12/13/2011:  Graduate students shine at catalysis conference

12/13/2011:  New vehicle helps thriving Lehigh EMS

12/9/2011:  Gast joins public, private leaders in bold plan to spur manufacturing

12/9/2011:  Vespers brings joyous celebration to community

12/8/2011:  Morning After Pill Decision is Shortsighted

12/7/2011:  Maria Chrin ’87 spells out the L-E-H-I-G-H way

12/6/2011:  'Lost Jewel of Civil Rights Movement'

12/5/2011:  Family history inspires student to work for justice

12/5/2011:  Campus events highlights: Dec. 2 to 11


11/30/2011:  Lehigh trounces Lafayette—on and off the field

11/28/2011:  Bringing the Principles of Our Equitable Community to life

11/23/2011:  Campus events highlights: Nov. 25 to Dec. 4

11/23/2011:  McNair Scholar brings academic diversity

11/23/2011:  Student entrepreneurs win more start-up space

11/22/2011:  Last-Minute Advice for Deficit 'Super Committee'

11/22/2011:  Health Advisory Update Tuesday, Nov. 22 3:30 p.m.

11/22/2011:  Shaping the future of metal processing

11/21/2011:  Health Advisory Update Monday, Nov. 21 4:45 p.m.

11/21/2011:  Health Advisory Update Monday, Nov. 21 11:25 a.m.

11/20/2011:  Health Advisory Update Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011 6:40 p.m.

11/20/2011:  Health Advisory Update 11/20 2:15 p.m.

11/19/2011:  Health Advisory 11/19 11:38 p.m.

11/18/2011:  Rescuing the Penn State Brand

11/18/2011:  Health Advisory Update (11/18 at 10:20 a.m.)

11/18/2011:  Campus events highlights: Nov. 18-27

11/17/2011:  Health Advisory

11/17/2011:  Rougher times await the euro, says alumnus

11/16/2011:  Joining a global celebration of entrepreneurship

11/16/2011:  Eco-Reps want campus to go green

11/11/2011:  Lehigh treats its military veterans to lunch

11/11/2011:  Spirit Week 2011 revives enduring traditions

11/11/2011:  Will Presidential Candidates Appeal to Latino Voters?

11/11/2011:  Part-time MBA program jumps 20 spots in ranking

11/10/2011:  Campus events highlights: Nov. 11-20

11/9/2011:  Lehigh 2011: A space odyssey

11/9/2011:  China collaborations already bearing fruit

11/9/2011:  Inside the Indonesia pilot program

11/9/2011:  A new approach to international experiences for students

11/9/2011:  Nominations for staff, faculty and teaching assistant awards now open

11/9/2011:  Town Hall Lecture Series kicks off with terrorism talk

11/8/2011:  Falling Bankruptcies Not Evidence of Economic Strength

11/7/2011:  The Human Side of Business

11/7/2011:  Traffic Control in the World of Molecules

11/7/2011:  Uncertainty Brings Clarity to Education Reform

11/7/2011:  Draft sustainability plan review period extended

11/4/2011:  Campus events highlights: Nov. 4-13

11/3/2011:  Architectural firm shares planning concepts with university community

11/2/2011:  Team effort helps Lehigh weather unprecedented storm

11/2/2011:  Storm updates: A chronology

11/2/2011:  Academic schedule changes due to lost class days

11/2/2011:  Is Democracy Awakening or Dying?

11/2/2011:  Family Weekend will go on as planned

11/1/2011:  What Will Fix The U.S. Economy?


10/29/2011:  Imam Feisal, Scott Turow lectures canceled

10/28/2011:  Take the Challenge: Beat Lafayette

10/28/2011:  The quest for the tiny carbon nanotube

10/28/2011:  Focus on the Greek Economy

10/28/2011:  Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams to deliver Baccalaureate address

10/28/2011:  Campus events highlights: Oct. 28 to Nov. 6

10/27/2011:  Call for nominations issued for 2013 commencement participants

10/26/2011:  Beginning a dialogue on diversity

10/25/2011:  The molecular force is with this team

10/21/2011:  Lehigh lauds leaders in Founder’s Day celebration

10/21/2011:  Engineer consulted on "mind-boggling" construction in China

10/21/2011:  Campus events highlights: Oct. 21-30

10/20/2011:  Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Al-Naimi will deliver 2012 address

10/20/2011:  Founder’s Day puts focus on students, leadership

10/20/2011:  Lehigh students help school in Uganda

10/19/2011:  Shining light on the elusive carbon nanotube

10/17/2011:  GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS 2011

10/17/2011:  GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS 2011

10/17/2011:  New theatre professor sets the stage

10/17/2011:  Author Scott Turow to deliver Tresolini Lecture

10/13/2011:  Campus events highlights: Oct. 14-23

10/11/2011:  In the News: Gast on anthrax probe

10/7/2011:  Annual MBA Day celebrates entrepreneurship

10/7/2011:  Campus events highlights: Oct. 7-16

10/6/2011:  Opinion: A Steve Note

10/6/2011:  Steve Jobs and The Art of Delight

10/5/2011:  Renowned educator: Shared first year experience key to student success

10/5/2011:  Physics grad student meets with Nobel Prize winners

10/4/2011:  Noticing the small things through poetry


9/30/2011:  Lehigh to host expert on first year experience

9/30/2011:  Campus events highlights: Sept. 30 to Oct. 9

9/29/2011:  National campus safety issues are focus of summit

9/29/2011:  Partnerships make Greenway a reality

9/29/2011:  Bringing Lehigh to you

9/28/2011:  Greek accreditation reports available online

9/27/2011:  Lehigh to host national summit on campus safety

9/26/2011:  Ceramics researchers shed light on metal embrittlement

9/26/2011:  The world of trade comes to Iacocca Hall

9/23/2011:  In the News: Rajan Menon on Libya's uncertain future

9/23/2011:  In the News: Henri Barkey on the rise of Turkey

9/23/2011:  Panelists discuss 9/11 and its aftermath on its tenth anniversary

9/23/2011:  Campus events highlights: Sept. 23 to Oct. 2

9/22/2011:  4:35 p.m. TEST

9/22/2011:  DOE boosts engineers' efforts to cut industrial energy use

9/21/2011:  Student Affairs realigns

9/19/2011:  Wall Street alumni connect with students

9/19/2011:  Competing with clarity and integrity

9/16/2011:  Lee Iacocca '45, ‘a great son of Lehigh,’ comes home

9/16/2011:  Campus events highlights: Sept. 16-25

9/15/2011:  Status: Operating conditions are normal

9/15/2011:  Expert in corporate governance named to endowed CBE chair

9/14/2011:  Shariah law widely misunderstood, Islamic expert says

9/13/2011:  Alumnae give students advice on mentoring

9/13/2011:  Remembering—and learning from—9/11

9/13/2011:  Lehigh ranked among nation’s top research universities



9/9/2011:  Campus events highlights: Sept. 9-18

9/8/2011:  Lehigh celebrates 40 years of undergraduate women

9/8/2011:  Lehigh marks 10th anniversary of 9/11

9/7/2011:  Lehigh faculty members reflect on the impact of 9/11

9/6/2011:  Lehigh goes green, earns gold

9/6/2011:  This student has big IDEAS

9/2/2011:  Funding available for faculty cluster development

9/2/2011:  New employees are urged to mingle

9/2/2011:  A chemical engineer joins a select group

9/2/2011:  Campus events highlights: Sept. 2-11

9/1/2011:  Alum’s generosity boosts research in the humanities and social sciences


8/31/2011:  Ben Franklin incubator listed with nation’s top 10

8/30/2011:  Bringing hope to the slums of Rio

8/30/2011:  In memoriam: Geraldo Vasconcellos

8/30/2011:  Community Expo inspires dance fever

8/29/2011:  The first day of the rest of your life

8/26/2011:  Hurricane Irene prompts schedule changes at Lehigh

8/26/2011:  Rain, and helping hands, greet arriving students

8/25/2011:  Does the shuffle of CEOs portend stagnation for Apple?

8/24/2011:  An uncommon, but not unexpected seismic event

8/17/2011:  Frangopol cited for global impact on engineering

8/16/2011:  A time to be involved, a time to remember

8/15/2011:  "One candle at a time"

8/12/2011:  Corporate finance expert named to Bolton-Perella Chair in Finance

8/11/2011:  Taking inspiration from spilled milk

8/11/2011:  In the News: Professors urge action to reduce greenhouse gases

8/4/2011:  Lehigh investment strategy earns accolade


7/29/2011:  A hot bath for gold nanoparticles

7/29/2011:  Lehigh alumnus named DuPont Fellow

7/27/2011:  Sendoff is a Rocky Mountain high



7/21/2011:  Lehigh grads rank among top earners

7/21/2011:  "Play ball!"—and salute 52 flags

7/20/2011:  New porous material could aid in carbon capture

7/19/2011:  Lehigh economics wizards calculate cost to attend Hogwarts

7/18/2011:  Media consult journalism professor on phone hacking scandal

7/18/2011:  RCEAS names new director for energy institute

7/14/2011:  Trip with a purpose

7/7/2011:  STEPS building wins international green design award

7/6/2011:  Lehigh alum Lee Iacocca creates international internship program


6/30/2011:  Global Village creates international network of young leaders

6/29/2011:  Lehigh to join with leading schools to address high-risk drinking

6/28/2011:  Daniel Webster, Meet Ed Kneedler '67

6/28/2011:  Best Friends Forever

6/28/2011:  Best Friends Forever: Bonus Coverage

6/28/2011:  Thanks for your generosity

6/28/2011:  Bethlehem to Broadway

6/28/2011:  Yuengling: The Sixth Generation

6/23/2011:  A hidden marketplace of ideas

6/20/2011:  Gast travels to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

6/20/2011:  Civil engineering professor blogs from site of Tohoku Earthquake

6/20/2011:  Lehigh students join U.S.-Indonesia partnership

6/17/2011:  Bringing hope to Zambian villages

6/16/2011:  IPD students cultivate a garden—and a community

6/15/2011:  South Side Sale bigger and better

6/13/2011:  A design project on two wheels

6/8/2011:  Great South Side Sale benefits community

6/6/2011:  Davis-coached math team three-peats in national championship



6/2/2011:  A doctoral degree, 19 years in the making

6/1/2011:  Fulbright Grants fund research abroad


5/26/2011:  A Reunion to remember

5/25/2011:  Lehigh takes lead in atomic-scale interphase research

5/24/2011:  Commencement Address by Ellen Kullman, Chair of the Board and CEO, DuPont

5/23/2011:  Kullman to Class of 2011: Lifelong learning, collaboration keys to success

5/23/2011:  Doctoral candidates celebrate with mentors, families and friends

5/23/2011:  A call to live justly

5/18/2011:  Lehigh names new dean for College of Arts and Sciences

5/16/2011:  DuPont CEO to speak at 143rd commencement

5/13/2011:  Dale Kochard recognized as exceptional community leader



5/12/2011:  A unique introduction to business

5/9/2011:  Lehigh hosts campus-wide meeting on new planning efforts

5/9/2011:  Rossin Fellows: Carrying on a formidable legacy

5/6/2011:  Professor receives patent for DNA sequencing

5/6/2011:  ISE honors Groover, Young

5/6/2011:  Celebrating graduate students across campus

5/5/2011:  Student Life Awards honor contributions of stellar students

5/4/2011:  Hundreds gather to honor distinguished colleagues

5/4/2011:  ISE's Schantz Lecture: "One man’s idiosyncratic view of his profession"

5/3/2011:  Lehigh Engineering Update - May 2011

5/2/2011:  Breaking News: Experts on effects of bin Laden’s death

5/2/2011:  Lehigh ADVANCE shows progress


4/28/2011:  Symposium examines China's growing influence

4/27/2011:  A new appreciation for grain boundaries

4/27/2011:  Weak economy takes toll on some at-risk kids

4/27/2011:  Should we let kids be kids?

4/26/2011:  Scientists engineer a surface to trap a rainbow

4/25/2011:  Bestselling author Gilbert reflects on success

4/25/2011:  Reunion/Commencement is right around the corner

4/22/2011:  Readers ace a test on energy issues

4/22/2011:  Inorganic molecules achieve self-recognition

4/22/2011:  Campus events highlights, April 22 to May 1

4/21/2011:  First two cluster faculty proposals selected

4/21/2011:  Playing pool with atoms

4/20/2011:  Students set record for blood donations

4/20/2011:  Art students give local storefronts a face-lift

4/19/2011:  Torres named 2010 Officer of the Year

4/18/2011:  The changing dynamics of the Middle East

4/18/2011:  Hongping Zhao makes a 'Case' for Lehigh doctoral studies excellence

4/18/2011:  At 82, he thrives in a young person's arena

4/15/2011:  Libyan rebels speak live with Lehigh students

4/15/2011:  Campus events highlights, April 15 through April 24

4/14/2011:  Fighting cancer, one step at a time

4/13/2011:  Microenterprise Expo gives local businesses a chance to compete

4/12/2011:  Henry Odi named vice provost for academic diversity

4/11/2011:  Summit engages alumni in grand challenges

4/8/2011:  International conference focuses on Irish economy

4/8/2011:  Campus events highlights, April 8 through April 17

4/7/2011:  Finding value in valuation

4/7/2011:  Popular Mechanics covers ATLSS role in a stronger, safer Verrazano Narrows Bridge

4/5/2011:  Lehigh embarks on new campus planning process

4/5/2011:  Lehigh Engineering Update - April 2011

4/4/2011:  2011 honorary degree recipients announced

4/1/2011:  Campus events highlights, April 1 through April 10


3/31/2011:  Formula SAE Unveiling and Department Open House

3/30/2011:  Reasons aplenty to come back to Lehigh

3/30/2011:  STEPS dedication mirrors Lehigh’s mission

3/30/2011:  Academic Symposium celebrates ‘exchange of ideas’

3/29/2011:  Hard work pays off for undergraduate engineering researchers

3/28/2011:  An engineer-filmmaker returns to his alma mater

3/28/2011:  Zoellner Arts Center to host Academic Symposium

3/25/2011:  In memoriam: Hans J. Baer '47 '97H

3/25/2011:  Fitness center renovations have campus pumped up

3/25/2011:  Campus events highlights, March 25 to April 3

3/24/2011:  Students blog from the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women conference



3/24/2011:  Gaining a competitive edge in the job search

3/23/2011:  Coming together to protect watersheds



3/22/2011:  Juniors and seniors cited for outstanding achievement

3/21/2011:  Master plans and grand challenges discussed at Town Hall

3/21/2011:  Master plans and grand challenges discussed at Town Hall

3/21/2011:  A former president pens a "love letter to my country"

3/18/2011:  Campus events highlights, March 18-27

3/17/2011:  A consensus takes shape on environmental research

3/16/2011:  In the News: Engineer and economist discuss Japan’s tsunami

3/15/2011:  Education and engineering colleges again among nation's best

3/14/2011:  Research symposium to identify "The People's Choice"

3/14/2011:  Undergrad Research Symposium: Who will be 'The People's Choice?'

3/11/2011:  Breaking News: Experts on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

3/11/2011:  Film project gives students insight into Afghanistan

3/11/2011:  Campus events highlights, March 17-20



3/10/2011:  Federal official calls for mobilization around energy issues

3/9/2011:  Rick Blum honored by IEEE’s Signal Processing Society



3/8/2011:  Gast travels to Azerbaijan as U.S. science envoy

3/7/2011:  Fellowships help faculty change direction

3/4/2011:  CBE maintains ranking among top undergraduate business schools

3/4/2011:  Campus events highlights: March 4-13

3/3/2011:  Lehigh names first Presidential Endowed Chair in Health

3/2/2011:  Lehigh Engineering Update - March 2011

3/2/2011:  "We want to breathe freedom"

3/2/2011:  Accounting students hear from industry insider

3/1/2011:  On the Record: New generation of Middle Eastern youth lead uprising

3/1/2011:  In the News: Gast on science's uncertainties

3/1/2011:  Tuition, fees for 2011-12 approved


2/28/2011:  Lehigh’s renowned microscopy labs expand their focus

2/25/2011:  Campus events highlights, Feb. 25 – March 6

2/24/2011:  Spring is right around the corner

2/23/2011:  Back to the future with greater precision

2/23/2011:  Gaining a broader perspective with a year in England

2/21/2011:  In the News: Professor 'crowdsources' teaching philosophy

2/21/2011:  CHOICES & CANstruction: Engaging kids in the power of engineering and science

2/18/2011:  Campus events highlights, Feb. 18-27

2/18/2011:  DuPont CEO to deliver commencement address

2/17/2011:  Saving lives, preserving infrastructure

2/17/2011:  Rick Vinci featured on third NOVA production

2/15/2011:  Anthrax panel led by Gast releases report

2/14/2011:  MOCA: Campus group forms bonds of brotherhood

2/11/2011:  Pakzad research featured in The Economist

2/11/2011:  Scholar provides inside look at Egyptian uprising

2/10/2011:  Campus events highlights, Feb. 11-20

2/10/2011:  2011 FRK Series to explore cutting-edge tech for resilient buildings and cities

2/9/2011:  Last week to submit nominations for University Awards

2/9/2011:  NSF supports engineering professor's work in network coding

2/8/2011:  Getting the business with Six Sigma

2/4/2011:  Campus events highlights, Feb. 4-13

2/3/2011:  The coal hard truth

2/2/2011:  UPDATE: Lehigh University is closed today

2/1/2011:  Lehigh's ERC receives international citation for coal "breakthrough"

2/1/2011:  Lehigh Engineering Update - January/February 2011


1/29/2011:  MLK convocation honors exemplary service

1/29/2011:  South Side inspires student photos

1/28/2011:  Temporary change of address for LUAA

1/28/2011:  Campus events highlights, Jan. 28 – Feb. 6

1/28/2011:  Study: Audits lax for small banks and companies



1/27/2011:  Lehigh University will open at 10 a.m. today

1/26/2011:  Lehigh cancels late classes today

1/26/2011:  King keynoter: Racism affects all

1/25/2011:  Paying it forward

1/25/2011:  Advancing sustainability

1/25/2011:  Engineering faculty recognized for computational work

1/24/2011:  On the Record: Wiseman predicts education trends

1/24/2011:  On the Record: Steffen on Roe vs. Wade

1/21/2011:  Campus events highlights, January 21-30

1/19/2011:  On the Record: Gunter on China

1/18/2011:  Classes canceled after 6 p.m.

1/18/2011:  Scientific American focuses on 'plugged in' Lehigh entrepreneurs

1/17/2011:  On the Record: Palin uses video to reach followers, not public

1/17/2011:  Education student commutes to UN to arrange briefings

1/17/2011:  Morgan to speak on political rhetoric and role of media

1/14/2011:  Writer Tim Wise to deliver MLK keynote address

1/13/2011:  On the Record: What does Facebook have to hide?

1/13/2011:  A greener path for the production of a vital chemical

1/13/2011:  A breakthrough for terahertz semiconductor lasers

1/12/2011:  Lehigh University has delayed opening

1/11/2011:  The diverse claims of poverty, then and now

1/10/2011:  Lehigh earns CASE accolades

1/7/2011:  On the Record: Bambara says autism researcher overstepped bounds

1/6/2011:  NSF grant takes geologists to Mongolia

1/5/2011:  Simple logic, greener data protection

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