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News Archive 2010


2/4/2011:  Campus events highlights, Feb. 4-13

2/3/2011:  The coal hard truth

2/2/2011:  UPDATE: Lehigh University is closed today

2/1/2011:  Lehigh's ERC receives international citation for coal "breakthrough"


1/28/2011:  MLK convocation honors exemplary service

1/28/2011:  Temporary change of address for LUAA

1/28/2011:  Study: Audits lax for small banks and companies

1/28/2011:  South Side inspires student photos

1/28/2011:  Campus events highlights, Jan. 28 – Feb. 6

1/27/2011:  Lehigh University will open at 10 a.m. today

1/26/2011:  Lehigh cancels late classes today

1/26/2011:  King keynoter: Racism affects all

1/25/2011:  Paying it forward

1/25/2011:  Advancing sustainability

1/25/2011:  Engineering faculty recognized for computational work

1/24/2011:  On the Record: Wiseman predicts education trends

1/24/2011:  On the Record: Steffen on Roe vs. Wade

1/21/2011:  Campus events highlights, January 21-30

1/19/2011:  On the Record: Gunter on China

1/18/2011:  Classes canceled after 6 p.m.

1/17/2011:  On the Record: Palin uses video to reach followers, not public

1/17/2011:  Education student commutes to UN to arrange briefings

1/17/2011:  Morgan to speak on political rhetoric and role of media

1/14/2011:  Writer Tim Wise to deliver MLK keynote address

1/13/2011:  On the Record: What does Facebook have to hide?

1/13/2011:  A greener path for the production of a vital chemical

1/13/2011:  A breakthrough for terahertz semiconductor lasers

1/12/2011:  Lehigh University has delayed opening

1/11/2011:  The diverse claims of poverty, then and now

1/10/2011:  Lehigh earns CASE accolades

1/7/2011:  On the Record: Bambara says autism researcher overstepped bounds

1/6/2011:  NSF grant takes geologists to Mongolia

1/5/2011:  Simple logic, greener data protection


12/29/2010:  Water purification made simpler

12/29/2010:  Our world, our lab

12/29/2010:  Bioengineers take flight

12/28/2010:  Behind the curtain

12/27/2010:  Iacocca: Driven to succeed

12/21/2010:  From Leuven to Lehigh, finding a second home

12/21/2010:  How human activities affect the carbon cycle

12/17/2010:  New sorority to debut at Lehigh

12/16/2010:  Stocking stuffers for book lovers

12/15/2010:  Students propose a new line of defense for police

12/15/2010:  Holidays are ‘a great time to give back’

12/14/2010:  Season’s greetings from South Mountain!

12/14/2010:  Stanford's Stephen Boyd gives 2010 Spencer C. Schantz Lecture

12/13/2010:  Smartphones may lead to more health-conscious future

12/10/2010:  Researcher: NASA’s ET hype does disservice to science

12/9/2010:  Called to help in Haiti

12/7/2010:  What’s in a tip? Surprising answers from those who serve you

12/7/2010:  On the Record: Jill Brown on why corporations get branded as ‘evil’

12/7/2010:  Connecting to our industrial heritage

12/3/2010:  In the News: Zirkel takes on ‘self-plagiarism’

12/3/2010:  Attention Lehigh Entrepreneurs: Annual Eureka! Venture Competition Series is gearing up

12/3/2010:  Campus event highlights, December 3 – 12

12/3/2010:  Choral Arts offers ‘traditional holiday present to Lehigh Valley’

12/2/2010:  Learning from the landfill

12/1/2010:  Lehigh and Delaware renew gridiron rivalry in NCAA tourney

12/1/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - December 2010


11/24/2010:  Barely out of high school and already getting the business

11/24/2010:  Campus events highlights, November 24 to December 5

11/22/2010:  The causes, effects and feedbacks of global climate change

11/19/2010:  Lehigh renews partnership with key Chinese university



11/19/2010:  Campus events highlights, November 19 – 28

11/17/2010:  Gay rights pioneer recalls an "extraordinary trajectory"

11/16/2010:  Training psychologists to connect healthcare and schools

11/15/2010:  Thankful for Lehigh

11/15/2010:  Another way to beat Lafayette

11/15/2010:  A "serial inventor" aims to alter the art of shipbuilding

11/12/2010:  4:40 p.m. TEST

11/12/2010:  4:00 p.m. TEST

11/12/2010:  Spirit Week 2010 blends new and old traditions

11/12/2010:  Campus events highlights, November 12 – 21

11/11/2010:  Olson elected to APSA Council

11/11/2010:  A gift from an alumnus gives wings to global dreams

11/11/2010:  ROTC Steel Battalion lives up to its name

11/10/2010:  High-speed boating gets a 21st-century facelift

11/9/2010:  Unveiling a revolutionary leap for shipbuilding

11/9/2010:  Emergency communications test set for Friday, Nov. 12

11/9/2010:  In the news: Simplify the tax code and reap the benefits

11/8/2010:  Building a better catalyst

11/5/2010:  Lehigh auditions a new deck for a landmark bridge

11/5/2010:  The composting bucket stops at Sigma Phi Epsilon

11/5/2010:  Campus events highlights, November 5-14

11/4/2010:  Waters recounts tale of how perseverance led to justice

11/4/2010:  Schantz Lecture to explore embedded optimization in smart systems

11/3/2010:  Lehigh Board of Trustees reappoints President Alice P. Gast

11/1/2010:  WFMZ-TV covers Lehigh alumnus leadership in Chilean mine rescue

11/1/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - November 2010

11/1/2010:  Iceland struggles with an economic 'hangover'


10/29/2010:  Catch a red flag and join the conversation

10/29/2010:  Campus event highlights, October 29 to November 7

10/28/2010:  Engineering undergrads are tops again in art of microscopy

10/27/2010:  Conviction drove her to go to law school to free her brother

10/26/2010:  MBA Day connects students and alumni

10/26/2010:  Keep Lafayette under our thumb!

10/26/2010:  New research center studies welding issues in energy industry

10/26/2010:  LU Press fortifies its reputation for 18th-century scholarship

10/22/2010:  Founder’s Day ceremony honors Lehigh leaders

10/22/2010:  Campus event highlights, October 22-31

10/21/2010:  Theatre alumnus returns to Broadway in Lombardi

10/21/2010:  Bill Maloney '80 to give talk on the Chilean mine rescue

10/21/2010:  In the news: Researchers say obesity is taking a larger bite out of U.S. medical costs

10/19/2010:  Lehigh hosts prominent health economics conference

10/19/2010:  Polygamy is holding its own as Mali modernizes

10/19/2010:  Founder’s Week events celebrate Lehigh’s past, present and future

10/18/2010:  In the news: Extensive coverage of Chilean miner rescue is "disconcerting" when media companies are cutting budgets

10/15/2010:  Feeling a bond, engineering alumnus helps free Chilean miners

10/15/2010:  STEPS building selected as March of Dimes Project of the Year

10/15/2010:  Campus event highlights, October 15-24

10/14/2010:  Town Hall meeting builds on the ‘why’

10/13/2010:  Lehigh receives $2.6 million to increase female faculty

10/12/2010:  Translating jargon before the wells run dry

10/12/2010:  Global refugees tell their stories at campus forum

10/12/2010:  Reducing health costs through lower food prices

10/8/2010:  Are we too plugged in?

10/8/2010:  The enduring importance of basic financial theory

10/8/2010:  World's largest engineering society returns to its roots

10/8/2010:  Campus event highlights, October 8-17

10/6/2010:  ACS cites Arup SenGupta for his arsenic-removal system

10/5/2010:  U.S. News - Lehigh nanoparticles to reduce power plant emissions

10/5/2010:  Nominations period opens for university awards

10/4/2010:  Center for Optical Technologies celebrates another milestone

10/4/2010:  Beyond the numbers: Accounting students develop "soft skills"

10/4/2010:  A beacon of hope emerges in war-torn West Africa

10/1/2010:  A low-cost catalyst prepares to take on power-plant emissions

10/1/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - October 2010

10/1/2010:  Campus event highlights, October 1-10


9/30/2010:  Oil-dependent U.S. should pursue energy efficiencies and lifestyle changes

9/30/2010:  Lehigh graduate programs stand out in NRC study

9/30/2010:  Lehigh and Tau Beta Pi - Where excellence in engineering was born

9/29/2010:  "Free and smart," a Rwandan lives to help others

9/28/2010:  Lehigh selected for new U.S.-Indonesia partnership

9/28/2010:  Paley ’83 sees glass half full for graduates

9/27/2010:  You can come home again

9/27/2010:  JPMorgan exec relishes 'big adventure'

9/27/2010:  The evolution of my education

9/27/2010:  Advancing Lehigh's global initiative

9/24/2010:  Campus event highlights, Sept. 24-Oct. 3

9/22/2010:  CBE students acquire another real-world analytical tool

9/21/2010:  Lehigh ranked among nation’s top entrepreneurial programs

9/20/2010:  Gast named to prestigious State Department post

9/20/2010:  Connecting with the larger community

9/17/2010:  Greek Week returns with a new purpose

9/17/2010:  Campus events highlights, September 17-26

9/16/2010:  Amid herbs and squash, a sense of community sprouts

9/14/2010:  When aid hurts more than it helps

9/14/2010:  Aquarium technologists catch a strong wave

9/14/2010:  An internship program gets the business

9/13/2010:  Students break new ground with community trails project

9/10/2010:  Lennon, Munley named to deputy provost posts

9/10/2010:  Campus event highlights, September 10-19

9/10/2010:  Lehigh launches a community school partnership

9/9/2010:  Gaining an international perspective on her major field

9/9/2010:  Workshop to assess nano's role in energy's future



9/8/2010:  Lehigh ESC students showcase industry-driven research

9/8/2010:  Economist to examine "destructive aid dependency in Africa"

9/7/2010:  Lehigh unveils an environmental showcase

9/2/2010:  Expo links students and community

9/2/2010:  In the News: Barkey analyzes Turkey’s silent crisis

9/2/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - September 2010


8/30/2010:  Keeping you connected

8/30/2010:  Class of 2014 embarks on Lehigh journey

8/30/2010:  New auto-sharing plan lets members rent by the hour

8/27/2010:  Federal grant bridges a connectivity gap between campuses

8/27/2010:  Brightening the future of America’s energy industry

8/26/2010:  Welcoming the Class of 2014

8/25/2010:  Continuous optimization expert joins ISE faculty

8/25/2010:  A successful business fashioned by hand

8/25/2010:  In the News: Morgan laments inflamed tone of political discourse

8/23/2010:  In the News: Gunter warns that popular vote bill would increase fraud

8/18/2010:  Lehigh and China: The Untold Story

8/18/2010:  Engineering affordable medicine

8/18/2010:  Radio Days

8/18/2010:  The Art of Design

8/17/2010:  When multiple identities intersect

8/17/2010:  Coffee, conversation and a book signing

8/17/2010:  Lehigh ranks among nation’s best research universities

8/12/2010:  Federal nuclear waste panel overlooks public mistrust, experts say



8/10/2010:  An educational innovation makes national waves

8/6/2010:  Zoellner single tickets on sale Aug. 11

8/6/2010:  Faculty committee tackles student life issues

8/6/2010:  Lehigh assembles the world’s bridge experts

8/4/2010:  The path to punditry

8/4/2010:  In Africa, building an economy from the ground up


7/30/2010:  'Noted Muppet authority' takes center stage

7/29/2010:  At twiddish.com, diners can dish it out

7/26/2010:  Send 'em off in style

7/23/2010:  Philadelphia Eagles set to land at Lehigh

7/23/2010:  M.B.A. students receive boost through endowed fellowship

7/23/2010:  Popularity over performance dictates success, according to research

7/21/2010:  In the News: Pinaire questions Supreme Court confirmation process in op-ed

7/20/2010:  Global Village hosts Oscar-winner Dreyfuss

7/19/2010:  In the News: Gunter op-ed questions stimulus effectiveness

7/16/2010:  Forty years at the cutting edge

7/16/2010:  In the News: Zirkel examines teacher tenure

7/13/2010:  Community policing pays early dividends

7/9/2010:  Study finds Lehigh degree ranks among most valuable

7/9/2010:  Hard work, and fortune, lead singers to a life at sea

7/9/2010:  Greek life at Lehigh makes the grade

7/8/2010:  Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranks Lehigh among the most valuable degrees in U.S.

7/7/2010:  Major mechanics journal honors Prof. Rockwell

7/7/2010:  Meeting consumers’ HD demands with a faster algorithm

7/7/2010:  Prof. Littau cited for research into online communities

7/2/2010:  President Gast weighs in on disaster in Gulf

7/2/2010:  Lehigh kicks off its largest Global Village ever

7/1/2010:  Students help Nestle and Kraft go green locally

7/1/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - July/Aug 2010


6/29/2010:  Sifting through archives, a student discovers a letter written by Thomas Jefferson

6/25/2010:  School psychology program produces another national winner

6/25/2010:  Fulbright awards take professors to China and Ghana

6/23/2010:  Countdown to the New Year

6/21/2010:  Researchers seek new roles for two common materials

6/21/2010:  LUPD cited as a model university police agency

6/17/2010:  Gast urges students in Canada to open their hearts to challenges that need their help

6/17/2010:  Tracking the “evolution” of nanoparticles as they decontaminate groundwater

6/15/2010:  CBE launches new investment banking certification program

6/14/2010:  Mohamed El-Aasser discusses globalization initiative

6/14/2010:  Bethlehem Farmers’ Market returns June 17 to Campus Square

6/11/2010:  Don Davis’ teenage math stars repeat as national champs

6/9/2010:  National media seek Henri Barkey’s opinion on flotilla raid

6/8/2010:  Heated Pennsylvania Senate primary election draws commentary from Profs. Pinaire and Davis

6/8/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - June 2010

6/7/2010:  Powering our future

6/7/2010:  At Lehigh, C.O.A.C.H. means caring

6/7/2010:  In Africa, a point-of-care battle against AIDS

6/3/2010:  Alan Snyder named new vice president and associate provost for research and graduate studies

6/3/2010:  Great South Side Sale features 20-plus tons of bargains

6/2/2010:  Are charitable hospitals providing charitable care?

6/1/2010:  Following in the footsteps of a renowned researcher


5/28/2010:  Howard Hughes Medical Institute funds Lehigh bioscience education program

5/28/2010:  Young journalists increase athletes' air time

5/27/2010:  The three Rs: Reunion, Reconnect, and Reminisce

5/24/2010:  A call to cultivate civility and other virtues

5/24/2010:  Elie Wiesel exhorts the Class of 2010 not to succumb to indifference

5/24/2010:  Doctoral hooding ceremony celebrates 'future leaders'

5/21/2010:  The space age comes to a local middle school

5/17/2010:  Opinions and Deliberations: America's Children, Supersized

5/17/2010:  Lehigh teams with Caring for Cambodia


5/14/2010:  Elie Wiesel to give commencement address on May 24

5/14/2010:  Elie Wiesel to deliver commencement address on May 24

5/14/2010:  America's supersized children

5/14/2010:  Put yourself on the map

5/14/2010:  Making a difference in South Africa

5/13/2010:  Calling in Lehigh’s ‘International A-Team’

5/13/2010:  Students excel in catalysis research presentations

5/13/2010:  CBE seniors rank accounting and economics programs with nation’s best

5/12/2010:  Martin Harmer earns a lifetime achievement award

5/11/2010:  Two myths undermine the fight against global corruption

5/10/2010:  An uncommon influence for a research paper

5/10/2010:  Student scholars recognized at honors convocation

5/6/2010:  Lehigh University receives $10 million gift to reward innovation

5/6/2010:  Faculty and staff members commended for excellence on the job

5/5/2010:  Lehigh prepares a giant yard sale for the community

5/5/2010:  Expanding the understanding of Islamic civilization

5/5/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - May 2010

5/5/2010:  NBC Philadelphia interviews ISE alum Autumn Bayles on the greening of TastyKake

5/5/2010:  Student scholars recognized at honors convocation

5/5/2010:  Elie Wiesel: "A man with ghosts in his eyes"

5/3/2010:  Lehigh University's first energy systems engineering students to graduate


4/30/2010:  Suarez named Patriot League Scholar-Athlete of the Year

4/30/2010:  Iacocca '45, Torgersen '53 honored by ISE

4/30/2010:  Recognizing students who have truly made their mark

4/30/2010:  New community garden blooms on Goodman Campus

4/29/2010:  Women’s Center shines spotlight on critical issue

4/29/2010:  What does a rocket scientist really do?

4/29/2010:  The professor who changed my life III

4/29/2010:  The crossover of optimization

4/28/2010:  Live from Lehigh, it’s Commencement!

4/27/2010:  Lehigh goes three-for-three on NSF research instrumentation grants

4/27/2010:  Controversial doctor engages in ‘difficult dialogue’ with students

4/26/2010:  Campus event highlights, April 23-May 2

4/23/2010:  Microfinance and Africa: Renowned experts share views

4/23/2010:  Unparalleled undergraduate researchers

4/23/2010:  Author urges preservation of cultures, languages

4/23/2010:  Frangopol earns ASCE top honor for contributions to 'life-cycle engineering'

4/22/2010:  Earth Day celebration highlights steps to 'greener' campus

4/21/2010:  COE brings urban school leaders together

4/20/2010:  Lehigh marks 40th anniversary of Earth Day

4/20/2010:  Students provide free tax preparation for area families

4/20/2010:  Council for Equity and Community announces vacancies

4/20/2010:  Rossin Fellows lead positive change by example

4/20/2010:  International Bazaar offers a taste of different cultures

4/19/2010:  "Microfinance in Africa" conference to be held April 19-20

4/16/2010:  ISE alumnus named 'CEO Champion of the Year' by national workforce development organization

4/16/2010:  Biden hails Ben Franklin TechVentures success

4/16/2010:  Afghani ambassador traces history of conflict

4/15/2010:  Campus event highlights, April 16-25

4/15/2010:  Studying the aftermath of an earthquake

4/15/2010:  Lehigh accounting majors ahead of the curve

4/15/2010:  Who’s your favorite engineering researcher? Stop by to vote!

4/15/2010:  U.S. News & World Report ranks education and engineering colleges among America’s best

4/12/2010:  Glass helps damaged bone regenerate

4/9/2010:  "Beat It for Charity"—a week of philanthropy and fun

4/9/2010:  A new hub of activity and information

4/9/2010:  Campus event highlights, April 9-18

4/9/2010:  Alice Gast featured in international leadership journal

4/7/2010:  An artistic rendering of Women’s History Month

4/6/2010:  Environmental engineering student wins national award for research paper

4/5/2010:  'Can-do' students fight hunger and inspire local kids

4/2/2010:  "Green" grants available for Lehigh students

4/2/2010:  Boeing Fellow to give 2010 ISE Distinguished Lecture Series

4/1/2010:  Campus event highlights, April 2-11

4/1/2010:  The real world starts on campus for student designers

4/1/2010:  Who's your favorite engineering student researcher? Stop by to vote!

4/1/2010:  Lehigh biotech research highlighted by Pennsylvania's premier bio industry consortium

4/1/2010:  Students organize a leadership development conference


3/31/2010:  A yacht designed to magnify the wind

3/31/2010:  The professor who changed my life II

3/31/2010:  Engineering majors dominate the list of top-paid graduates for 2010

3/30/2010:  Call for nominations issued for 2011 Commencement

3/30/2010:  A perspective into Saudi Arabian education

3/30/2010:  CHOICES: Promoting interest in science, math, and engineering among middle school girls

3/30/2010:  Express-Times video blogs Lehigh's "CANstruction" community outreach

3/29/2010:  New entrepreneurs network at Rauch

3/29/2010:  The power of the Lehigh network


3/26/2010:  2010 honorary degree recipients announced

3/26/2010:  A Spring Fling for area kids

3/26/2010:  Campus event highlights, March 26 to April 4

3/24/2010:  Demystifying the world of the nanometer

3/24/2010:  A can-do spirit goes on display

3/23/2010:  These grains can be solid, liquid or dust

3/22/2010:  NanoDays: Sparking kids' interest in the infinitesimal

3/22/2010:  NanoDays: Sparking kids' interest in the infinitesimal

3/22/2010:  Documentary film series explores America’s food industry

3/19/2010:  Cpl. Connell named Lehigh police officer of the year

3/19/2010:  Campus event highlights, March 19-28

3/19/2010:  Sisters reach the summit of NYC commercial real estate

3/18/2010:  Management students impressed by Singapore's competitive drive


3/17/2010:  March Madness: Men prepare for number one Kansas; women take on Iowa State Sunday

3/16/2010:  Table Games: What's in the cards for nearby colleges?

3/12/2010:  Lehigh forms a Community Partnership Advisory Group

3/12/2010:  Campus event highlights, March 12-21

3/10/2010:  New guest-speakers seminar is a hit for finance majors

3/9/2010:  Alumni-inventors compete on national entrepreneurial stage

3/9/2010:  Moore, Landskron secure highly competitive ARPA-E grant

3/5/2010:  Barkey: Turkey, U.S., Armenia play politics with word 'genocide'

3/5/2010:  "An education that extends well beyond the classroom"

3/2/2010:  Lehigh establishes a new Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

3/2/2010:  Lehigh wins third straight national award for community service

3/1/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - March 2010

3/1/2010:  In Afghanistan: Clearing, holding and laying a new foundation


2/28/2010:  Campus event highlights, Feb. 26 to March 7

2/26/2010:  Lehigh University is open Friday, Feb. 26

2/25/2010:  Pulitzer Prize winner rejects the notion of a “post-racial” America

2/25/2010:  Do the math

2/25/2010:  The professor who changed my life

2/24/2010:  "Break the Silence" receives a national award

2/23/2010:  Hillel Society captures prestigious prize

2/23/2010:  ISE department to honor alumni Lee Iacocca '45 and Paul Torgersen '53

2/23/2010:  A seismic shift in news reporting

2/19/2010:  Lehigh is a key partner in $99.6-million federal broadband grant

2/19/2010:  Three Greek life staff members receive national acclaim

2/19/2010:  Lehigh exceeds $500 million campaign goal

2/19/2010:  Campus event highlights, Feb. 19-28

2/18/2010:  Lecture series to focus on post-racial America

2/16/2010:  Gast shares educational expertise at prestigious international forums

2/12/2010:  Campus event highlights: Feb. 12-21

2/12/2010:  Opinions & Deliberations: To Haiti's Aid

2/12/2010:  A ground-level view of healthcare in South Bethlehem

2/12/2010:  Faculty, students weigh in on aid to Haiti

2/12/2010:  In the wake of a deadly earthquake, a "lofty goal"

2/10/2010:  Lehigh University closed Wednesday, Feb. 10

2/9/2010:  "Lehigh is poised for tremendous opportunity"

2/9/2010:  Council for Equity and Community adds new members

2/9/2010:  "Resilient, gracious, thankful and full of faith"

2/5/2010:  Campus event highlights: Feb. 5-14

2/2/2010:  Ghana service trip offers student chance to combat maternal mortality


1/29/2010:  Mohamed S. El-Aasser: Enhancing Lehigh's international footprint

1/29/2010:  A lecture series for grad students on professional development

1/29/2010:  Campus event highlights, Jan. 29 to Feb. 7

1/28/2010:  Life on the cutting edge

1/28/2010:  Random acts of kindness?

1/28/2010:  Around the world in 80 years

1/27/2010:  Field Camp

1/27/2010:  "A revolutionary motivated by faith and love"

1/27/2010:  The Insurgent

1/27/2010:  Closing the loop

1/27/2010:  Expelling ADHD

1/26/2010:  Advice to CEOs: Watch the recovery, not the recession

1/26/2010:  A focus on the medical promise of adult stem cells

1/26/2010:  Building the bench

1/26/2010:  "An intimate international learning experience"

1/22/2010:  Rejuvenating an aging workforce

1/22/2010:  Campus event highlights, Jan. 22 to Jan. 31

1/21/2010:  Incentives aplenty for employees to buy a South Side home

1/21/2010:  Convocation honors the service-minded

1/19/2010:  Lehigh announces community policing partnership with City of Bethlehem

1/19/2010:  January 19, 2010: Update from the Lehigh University Health and Wellness Center

1/18/2010:  Lehigh celebrates King's legacy

1/15/2010:  Nominations are open until Feb. 17 for university awards

1/15/2010:  Campus event highlights, Jan. 15 to Jan. 24

1/15/2010:  Message from President Gast on tragic events in Haiti

1/13/2010:  Love Lehigh? There's an app for that

1/11/2010:  Software reveals the inner workings of the human genome

1/6/2010:  A marquee player and student

1/4/2010:  Lehigh Engineering Update - January 2010

1/4/2010:  Taking a deeper look at lunar soil, with X-ray vision

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