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News Archive 2006


12/21/2006:  Spring 2007 Fazlur Rahman Khan Lecture Series

12/18/2006:  El-Aasser recognized by American Chemical Society

12/18/2006:  Seasons greetings from South Mountain

12/11/2006:  Lehigh’s project management program earns elite status

12/8/2006:  Research targets improved treatments for lung disease

12/8/2006:  Chaudhury elected Fellow of American Physical Society

12/6/2006:  Alumni gift names Lehigh’s new arrival court

12/6/2006:  Women’s Center celebrates successes

12/5/2006:  Lule to lead new globalization initiative

12/5/2006:  President Gast’s inauguration set for April

12/4/2006:  Call for nominations goes out for commencement speaker

12/1/2006:  Course will explore "the dizzying complexity of today`s India"

12/1/2006:  Nobel Peace Laureate to speak on conservation and human rights

12/1/2006:  Lehigh marks AIDS Awareness Day with “day without art”


11/28/2006:  Christmas Vespers brighten holidays Dec. 10

11/28/2006:  Barkey receives prestigious appointment

11/21/2006:  Lehigh pride is alive and well

11/17/2006:  Margaret Cho speaks tonight at Lehigh

11/16/2006:  Materials World Network grant funds ferroelectric research

11/16/2006:  Zeitler named Iacocca Professor

11/16/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: November 16, 2006

11/15/2006:  Logistics research center announces new associate director

11/14/2006:  In Memoriam: Philip Rauch '33

11/10/2006:  NIH grant backs genome sequencing research

11/9/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: November 9, 2007

11/9/2006:  Student director takes center stage

11/8/2006:  Stanley Fendryk '76: A different kind of Lehigh reunion

11/8/2006:  Nicole Witt '90: The joy of adopting your work

11/8/2006:  Passing on the legacy of 1956

11/7/2006:  Ten minutes with Ken Burns

11/7/2006:  Growing stronger through struggles

11/7/2006:  Celebrating Native American culture and traditions

11/7/2006:  Wealth and the American Dream

11/7/2006:  New Approaches for Behavioral Problems

11/7/2006:  Students show their range

11/6/2006:  Unfinished Business

11/6/2006:  The ultimate Lehigh tailgate

11/6/2006:  A perfect fit

11/3/2006:  Olympia Dukakis stars as Rose

11/3/2006:  Getting Philadelphia children “ready to learn”

11/2/2006:  Students honor those lost on 9/11

11/2/2006:  Renowned chemist compares, contrasts Franklin and Faraday


10/31/2006:  Dead Man Walking author to speak Nov. 1

10/26/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: October 29, 2006

10/26/2006:  Lehigh’s microscopy prowess recognized from Chicago to Japan

10/26/2006:  Latino advocate to speak at Coxe Hall

10/25/2006:  Making the next five years even better

10/24/2006:  Flu, pneumonia shots available Nov. 1-2

10/24/2006:  Living large in the nano world

10/23/2006:  Gast draws on Packer’s vision to meet today’s challenges

10/20/2006:  Exploring new horizons

10/20/2006:  Gunter: Oil not the answer for Iraq

10/19/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: October 19, 2006

10/16/2006:  Greek houses vie for Iron Chef title

10/16/2006:  Phil Kent ’76 to discuss “Diversity and the Bottom Line”

10/13/2006:  Philip Roth Society founder to speak at Lehigh

10/13/2006:  Lehigh receives $2.25 million for Center for Urban Leadership

10/9/2006:  TV clips spark conversations on race

10/6/2006:  Watkins examines NASA’s “glide path to irrelevance”

10/6/2006:  Bolle receives IEEE leadership award

10/6/2006:  McHugh receives award for paper on polymers

10/4/2006:  Lehigh receives $100,000 Hearst grant

10/4/2006:  Pa. voters on e-voting: Trust, but verify

10/3/2006:  New York Philharmonic headlines sold-out Gala2006

10/3/2006:  Collaboration is par for the course

10/3/2006:  Predicting the future is topic of Feigl Lecture

10/2/2006:  Lehigh University to survey public attitudes on e-voting


9/26/2006:  Students to explore race-based comedy

9/25/2006:  Lehigh garners Sloan award for fostering a flexible workplace

9/25/2006:  Studying the rebirth of Bethlehem Steel

9/19/2006:  History professor to deliver Harvard talk on the “optics of combat”

9/19/2006:  Author Peter Balakian discusses Armenian Genocide

9/18/2006:  So many ways to celebrate Lehigh

9/18/2006:  Lehigh University develops survey to promote campus diversity

9/13/2006:  Lehigh to host "Say Word!" hip hop theatre festival

9/8/2006:  Brian Davison captures 2006 NSF CAREER Award

9/7/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: September 7, 2006

9/5/2006:  Renowned bioethicist calls selling human organs dehumanizing


8/31/2006:  Developing composites for lighter, stronger ships

8/31/2006:  Undergraduate Research Symposium Highlights Depth of Lehigh Student Endeavors

8/31/2006:  Dan Frangopol Appointed to Khan Chair

8/30/2006:  Global Union to connect Lehigh students with war in Iraq

8/29/2006:  Convocation Address by Lehigh President Alice P. Gast

8/29/2006:  Fall in love with Lehigh again

8/29/2006:  Gast advises Class of 2010: “Find out what you love to do and do it”

8/28/2006:  Lehigh artists get down to “Some Serious Business” on former Bethlehem Steel site

8/28/2006:  Two Lehigh architecture alums move into national spotlight

8/25/2006:  Sharing the heavy lifting

8/24/2006:  Creating international synergy

8/24/2006:  Mr. Gupta goes to Washington

8/22/2006:  A career comes full circle

8/22/2006:  ArtsLehigh builds on first-year success

8/18/2006:  Lehigh again named as one of nation’s top universities

8/3/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: August 3, 2006

8/3/2006:  Gast praises “devotion and dedication” of Lehigh family

8/2/2006:  Challenge grant will fund visiting professor from Israel


7/26/2006:  Traister named new associate dean in CAS

7/26/2006:  Only the best: Part II

7/24/2006:  Gearing up for the new school year

7/13/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: July 13, 2006

7/6/2006:  Remembering Bill Gottlieb '38

7/6/2006:  Clicker classes come to Lehigh

7/5/2006:  Tony Caciolo and Lewis Chip Shupe IV '89: A foundation of friendship

7/5/2006:  U.S. Army Lt. Col. Theodore J. Choma, M.D., '85: Searching for faster ways to heal spinal injuries

7/5/2006:  Judy F. Marks '84: Making her mark in the business world

7/3/2006:  An entrepreneurial spirit

7/3/2006:  Insisting on excellence

7/3/2006:  Transforming Lehigh

7/3/2006:  Knowing what matters

7/3/2006:  It's a global life

7/3/2006:  Nothing but net

7/3/2006:  Only the best

7/3/2006:  Solving the puzzle


6/28/2006:  The antivirus king

6/28/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: June 28, 2006

6/28/2006:  Recipe for success

6/27/2006:  Out-of-this-world fun with technology

6/27/2006:  Hit TV show spotlights Beedle recording

6/26/2006:  Caught in the draft

6/26/2006:  Ten minutes with Daniel Ellsberg

6/23/2006:  All their bases covered

6/23/2006:  Master of the mismatch

6/20/2006:  Web spams worst enemy

6/16/2006:  Only the best

6/16/2006:  Readers respond to intelligent design

6/16/2006:  Reunion graduates to new format

6/15/2006:  Community Fellows gather to celebrate their impact

6/15/2006:  Dimas, Wang continue exciting research in semiconductor photonics

6/9/2006:  Zoellner hosts free Princeton Singers concert on June 30

6/9/2006:  Campbell Social Science Research Prizes awarded

6/8/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: June 8, 2006

6/6/2006:  Simens '06 says her Lehigh experience was the best

6/5/2006:  Harvey Stenger named Dean of Engineering at SUNY-Buffalo

6/2/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: June 2, 2006

6/2/2006:  Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant to fund bioscience education

6/1/2006:  Chan named department chair of materials science and engineering


5/30/2006:  Changes on South Mountain

5/30/2006:  Setton joins exclusive book club

5/26/2006:  Discounts available for Outlawz games

5/24/2006:  Burns: “Do something that will last and be beautiful”

5/23/2006:  Full text of Ken Burns speech

5/23/2006:  Lehighs Microscopy School, June 5-16, 2006

5/22/2006:  Staff award winners announced

5/22/2006:  Lehighs Class of 2010 scores high in academics, diversity

5/18/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: May 18, 2006

5/18/2006:  Cancelled: Sally Ride visit and lecture

5/17/2006:  Lehigh receives $5 million gift to support endowed scholarships

5/17/2006:  Perfectly blending art, architecture and engineering

5/16/2006:  Alice Gast: “I greatly admire Lehigh’s dedication to the whole student”

5/16/2006:  From telecomm to bone scaffolds, a new role for glass

5/16/2006:  Students examine rare Bronze and Iron Age artifacts

5/16/2006:  MIT’s Alice Gast named Lehigh president

5/15/2006:  Shenk ’08 earns coveted spot in REU program

5/15/2006:  Fisher receives top honor from AISC

5/9/2006:  What others are saying

5/7/2006:  Philharmonic Orchestra embarks on tour of South Africa

5/5/2006:  Farrington, three others to receive honorary degrees

5/4/2006:  Students, faculty and staff members honored for leadership, community service

5/4/2006:  Tracing the history of Lehigh sports

5/4/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: May 4, 2006

5/4/2006:  Lehigh community “Moves-Out”

5/4/2006:  Liu captures prestigious National Science Foundation award

5/3/2006:  Sociology grad students present findings of community services survey

5/2/2006:  Lehigh’s first bio conference inspires participants to keep eyes on the Prize

5/2/2006:  Harmer receives prestigious international research award


4/28/2006:  CBE captures 18th spot in BusinessWeek survey

4/27/2006:  Humanities Consortium convenes at Lehigh

4/27/2006:  Spong to deliver Baccalaureate address

4/26/2006:  New Web resource places faculty experts a click away

4/25/2006:  Vosloo to discuss South Africa’s economic revitalization

4/24/2006:  Flinchbaugh '94 addressed outstanding students at Honors Convocation

4/23/2006:  Filmmaker Ken Burns to speak at commencement

4/21/2006:  Affairington is fast approaching

4/20/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: April 20, 2006

4/18/2006:  A novel approach to Schubert concert

4/18/2006:  Changes lead to new and improved Lehigh

4/14/2006:  Lehigh to host public forum on e-voting

4/14/2006:  Zhang Hongtu’s work returns to Lehigh

4/13/2006:  Leading critic of intelligent design to speak

4/11/2006:  Fowler family gift helps Linderman renovation

4/10/2006:  Lehigh remembers John Karakash

4/7/2006:  Sexual Assault Awareness Month events aim to educate students

4/7/2006:  GMs Preston Crabill '76: “When you’re through changing, you’re through”

4/6/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: April 6, 2006

4/5/2006:  LGBTQA events hope to educate, break down barriers

4/4/2006:  Victor Davis Hanson to speak at Lehigh

4/4/2006:  Jean Farrington honored by YWCA

4/4/2006:  Ochs captures prestigious Olympus Innovation Award

4/3/2006:  Panel discussed the odds of electing a female U.S. president in 2008

4/3/2006:  Community Fellows program celebrates five years of progress

4/3/2006:  Lehigh hosts global education workshop


3/31/2006:  Lehighs education, engineering graduate programs rank in Top 50

3/30/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: March 30, 2006

3/30/2006:  Undergraduate profile: Brian Gerard '07

3/30/2006:  ArtsFest links arts, learning and life

3/29/2006:  Earl ’80 leads rapidly growing Christian Alumni group

3/29/2006:  Remember your reunion

3/29/2006:  Graduate students recognized for polymer research excellence

3/28/2006:  Lehigh Ph.D. candidate Leonidas Bleris to join Harvard genomics institute

3/27/2006:  Alastair McAulay recognized for technical publication

3/27/2006:  Malseed ’97 returns to Lehigh to discuss Google

3/24/2006:  Lehigh, PricewaterhouseCoopers announce new scholars program

3/23/2006:  Knoll to discuss life on Earth and Mars

3/23/2006:  Lehigh to host womens storytelling conference

3/23/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: March 23, 2006

3/22/2006:  Lecture by Surgery Junkies author cancelled

3/21/2006:  Plantinga to deliver inaugural Connell Lecture

3/16/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: March 16, 2006

3/15/2006:  Brechts The Good Woman of Setzuan debuts in late March

3/14/2006:  Nanotechnology at Lehigh: It’s a small world, after all

3/14/2006:  Google book co-author Malseed ’97 returns for lecture

3/14/2006:  Sir Roger Penrose to deliver Pitcher Lecture

3/13/2006:  Yunfeng Zhang: Lehighs 2006 NSF CAREER Award Recipients, Part II

3/10/2006:  Lehigh students get a taste of summer in New York City

3/9/2006:  Kristen Jellison: Lehighs 2006 NSF CAREER Award Recipients, Part I

3/8/2006:  Gift supports new Holocaust Studies chair

3/3/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: March 2, 2006

3/3/2006:  In the News: Brown and White on Engineering Adjunct Professor Terry Hart

3/1/2006:  Hip hop course builds “performance muscle”

3/1/2006:  Lehigh partnership opens door to U.N. internships


2/28/2006:  Lehigh receives Berman papers

2/23/2006:  Jazz opera to make U.S. premiere at Zoellner

2/22/2006:  Faculty panel tackles Danish cartoon controversy

2/17/2006:  Message from Mohamed El-Aasser and Margaret Plympton – January 12, 2006

2/17/2006:  African dancer and drummer will perform and teach

2/16/2006:  Digital scholarship expert will speak on Civil War

2/16/2006:  Making the connection

2/16/2006:  Koch elected to National Academy of Engineering

2/15/2006:  Alumni gift will warm hearts of future students

2/15/2006:  Awards nominations open

2/14/2006:  Work of iconic American artist on exhibit at Zoellner

2/13/2006:  Shine Forever: The Campaign for Lehigh

2/13/2006:  Lehigh takes its MBA to the Web

2/13/2006:  Student Life

2/13/2006:  Farrington receives Community Partner Award

2/10/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: February 10, 2006

2/9/2006:  Office of Student Leadership experiences astronomical growth

2/9/2006:  Lehigh’s STEM program brings Martian landscape to an Allentown middle school

2/8/2006:  World famous organist Finney to perform at Lehigh

2/8/2006:  White chosen to help lead prominent education association

2/7/2006:  Presidential Search Update -- Feb. 8, 2006

2/7/2006:  Coal ignites opportunity for mechanical engineering undergraduates

2/6/2006:  Lamberton debuts to rave reviews


1/31/2006:  Prof. John Chen: Energizing ChemE

1/27/2006:  The last word: Discovering what really matters

1/26/2006:  A seat at the U.N.

1/26/2006:  Provoking a new world view

1/26/2006:  New year brings new ways to stay active

1/26/2006:  A seat at the U.N.

1/25/2006:  Finding faith, hope and courage in Katrina’s wake

1/25/2006:  A sunny retirement

1/25/2006:  Sharpton: “Make things better around you”

1/25/2006:  Remembering Samuel H. Missimer '50

1/25/2006:  SPOTLIGHT: Edwin F. Ted Scheetz '54

1/25/2006:  In the winners circle

1/25/2006:  Supplying the demand for procurement advice

1/25/2006:  SPOTLIGHT: Anne Tierney '03, M.S. '04

1/25/2006:  Ten minutes with Mohamed El-Aasser

1/24/2006:  Students taste success with diner opening

1/24/2006:  Our new central park

1/24/2006:  Lehigh to host bio conference

1/23/2006:  Whether Green Bay or Asa, he's a real Packer fan

1/23/2006:  Making a run at history

1/23/2006:  The Fab Four

1/20/2006:  Intelligent design meets scientific test

1/20/2006:  Awards recognize entrepreneurship and innovation

1/20/2006:  Of passion and politics

1/20/2006:  Finding the divine in the everyday

1/20/2006:  Keep science and religion separate

1/20/2006:  Engineering 5 Goes Intergalactic

1/20/2006:  The courage of faith

1/20/2006:  Gift will boost student entrepreneurship

1/20/2006:  ID is not flip side of evolution

1/19/2006:  Faculty, Alumni, and Students in the Spotlight- Part II

1/17/2006:  Lehigh celebrates King’s legacy

1/16/2006:  Jesse Nawrocki '95: Making surgery safer

1/16/2006:  Sharpton to give Martin Luther King Day speech

1/16/2006:  Lehigh’s Innovation Boot Camp

1/16/2006:  Lehigh enters into “Conversations on Race”

1/16/2006:  Lehigh Tradition of Excellence Award honors Fritz Lab technicians

1/16/2006:  Faculty Grants and Awards—Fall 2005

1/14/2006:  Morgan to lecture on intersection of feminism and hip hop

1/12/2006:  Selected Media Coverage: January 12, 2006

1/9/2006:  “Brilliant and strange” artist mined inspiration in coal region

1/9/2006:  Lehigh’s College of Education lands two in top 20

1/8/2006:  White to help set the PACE for excellence

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