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News Archive 2005


12/15/2005:  A truly enlightening experience

12/15/2005:  A world of opportunities

12/15/2005:  Class of 2010 shaping up to be one of the finest ever

12/14/2005:  Fred Kanter ’66: Cruisin’ in the auto industry

12/14/2005:  Raposa named new associate dean of CAS undergraduate programs

12/13/2005:  Lehigh's Choir and Glee Club set to make Lincoln Center debut

12/13/2005:  Happy Holidays

12/12/2005:  In memoriam: Ronald Rivlin

12/9/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: December 8, 2005

12/8/2005:  In the News: Brown and White on IPD Student Entrepreneurs

12/6/2005:  Dr. Martin Harmer on the Power of an Engineering Education from Lehigh

12/6/2005:  In the News: Lehigh helps Industrial Engineer foretell the future of engineering

12/6/2005:  Lehigh Students and Faculty Collaborate to Provide Healthier H2O to Honduran Village

12/5/2005:  Mental conditioning essential for peak performance

12/5/2005:  Bioethicist addresses stem cell research controversy

12/1/2005:  Students hear firsthand reports on tsunami’s aftermath


11/30/2005:  In Memoriam: Ann L. Siegel

11/22/2005:  Burdick: The truth about invasive species

11/18/2005:  Presidential Search Update—Nov. 11, 2005

11/18/2005:  Open forums on presidential search set for campus community

11/16/2005:  Honoring Asa’s 200th birthday

11/16/2005:  Mercuri: “Poor engineering” leads to “high-tech disenfranchisement”

11/15/2005:  Falling for Lehigh all over again

11/14/2005:  Gift honors “Boss” Cutler

11/11/2005:  Lehigh cleans up at GSA awards ceremony

11/11/2005:  Faculty, students aid efforts to help South Asia earthquake victims

11/11/2005:  A win-win situation

11/10/2005:  Publishing in the digital age

11/10/2005:  Health official discusses bird flu risk

11/9/2005:  Raising awareness—and money—for South Asia earthquake victims

11/8/2005:  BethWorks Now!

11/7/2005:  Joint Multicultural Program launches

11/6/2005:  Celebrate Lehigh - The Young Alumni Reunion 2005

11/6/2005:  Alumni Spotlight: Drew Durian, ’02

11/6/2005:  Upcoming Lehigh Career Services Networking Events

11/3/2005:  Student political organizations sponsor abortion debate

11/2/2005:  Stavola, Gunton receive endowed chairs in physics

11/1/2005:  Bartoli: Integrating Optics and ECE

11/1/2005:  Wide-ranging lectures set for November

11/1/2005:  Lehighs Nelson Tansu: building an optics revolution, one atom at a time

11/1/2005:  Lehigh presidential search committee is formed

11/1/2005:  Morning Call covers Smith Family Laboratory

11/1/2005:  Avian flu pandemic is topic of International Week keynote address


10/31/2005:  In memoriam: Raymond J. Emrich, professor emeritus of physics

10/26/2005:  1918 flu pandemic may offer lessons for today

10/21/2005:  A big announcement, and big shoes to fill

10/21/2005:  Students sit in with jazz legend Corea

10/21/2005:  Linderman rotunda will honor Butz family gift

10/19/2005:  Patty Hoffman Brahe '95: Invitations from the heart

10/19/2005:  Maxwell G. Lay '64G: Taking Lehigh down under

10/19/2005:  Marc Falato '87: Out of the bank and onto Broadway

10/19/2005:  Rayland Van Blake '98: Quenching a thirst for fame

10/19/2005:  Nancy Fantuzzi '89 and fellow Rogers Rescuers: Lehigh folks become doggie foster parents

10/19/2005:  Keith von der Heydt '71: Oceanography causes alum to put his career on ice

10/17/2005:  Hallowed ground

10/17/2005:  Unearthing ancient Chinese messages

10/17/2005:  Meet our new faculty, part I

10/17/2005:  A tradition spanning many towns and generations

10/17/2005:  Morgan Volkart: Turning fear into potential

10/16/2005:  Celebrating the “Year of Languages”

10/14/2005:  Tradition of Scholarship

10/14/2005:  Gladiator of the gridiron

10/14/2005:  If you want to help

10/14/2005:  The Professors Tale

10/14/2005:  Staying in the game

10/14/2005:  The ties that bind

10/14/2005:  Students meet with Iranian ambassador

10/13/2005:  Ten minutes with Maya Angelou

10/13/2005:  Making Shakespeare shine with The Simpsons

10/13/2005:  Exposing the plight of Latin women

10/13/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: October 13, 2005

10/12/2005:  Optics colloquium set for Thursday

10/11/2005:  Hesselbein: Leaders need “a moral compass”

10/11/2005:  Leading intelligent design critic to speak Wednesday

10/10/2005:  Computer Science and Business program leads the way

10/7/2005:  Chairman Tanenbaum: “His legacy will be one others aspire to emulate”

10/7/2005:  President Farrington’s remarks: “The lights … are shining brightly”

10/7/2005:  Farrington on State of the University: “Strong and consistent progress”

10/7/2005:  Farrington stepping down as president

10/5/2005:  Pazzaglia: Rebuilding New Orleans below sea level “seems almost criminal”

10/3/2005:  Sexual violence peer hotline launches

10/1/2005:  Kimberly Zubris: Outstanding Chemical Engineering undergraduate

10/1/2005:  Lehigh alumnus Robert J. Connor gives first Dexter memorial lecture

10/1/2005:  Message from the Dean (October 2005)

10/1/2005:  Viral Tug-of-War to Open Distinguished Lecture Series

10/1/2005:  AICUP recognizing Lehigh research excellence

10/1/2005:  Kwame Atsina: A young man at the intersection of engineering and biomedical research


9/30/2005:  Russian singers returning to Lehigh

9/30/2005:  Enriching student life

9/29/2005:  How are we doing?

9/29/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: September 29, 2005

9/28/2005:  Bernadette Peters headlines Gala2005

9/28/2005:  Bobby Seale: “Our struggle was about getting to the future”

9/23/2005:  Photo exhibit offers environmental view of Katrina

9/22/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: September 22, 2005

9/22/2005:  Poet calls for “a new kind of nation” in Katrina’s wake

9/22/2005:  Former Black Panther leader to speak

9/21/2005:  Program helps prepare students for rigors of college

9/21/2005:  Roots of terrorism explored in lecture

9/21/2005:  Kritz research seeks to convert nuclear fusion promise to reality

9/20/2005:  Renowned poet to host creative fundraiser for Katrina victims

9/20/2005:  A unique approach to waste management

9/20/2005:  Greek accreditation results released

9/16/2005:  Message from Mohamed El-Aasser and Margaret Plympton--September 16, 2005

9/15/2005:  Intelligent design sparks intellectual discussion

9/15/2005:  In Memoriam: Gerry Tarzia '82

9/9/2005:  Katrina forum offers faculty perspectives on disaster

9/9/2005:  Salerni composition debuts tonight

9/8/2005:  Documentary film Divan to be shown Wednesday

9/8/2005:  Best-selling author McBride to speak Tuesday

9/7/2005:  President’s Message--September 2, 2005

9/6/2005:  Feigl Lecture starts with Big Bang

9/6/2005:  Lehigh reaches out to Hurricane Katrina victims

9/1/2005:  Message from the Dean (September 2005)

9/1/2005:  Optimizing a world of uncertainty

9/1/2005:  Energy researchers make strong showing at international coal conference

9/1/2005:  Hartman named ISE chair

9/1/2005:  Quantum leap for Quantum Dots

9/1/2005:  Entrepreneurship alive and well at Lehigh

9/1/2005:  Laser focused on the future of Engineering

9/1/2005:  Multidisciplinary student orchestrates engineering and musical interests

9/1/2005:  COT scientist wins poster prize

9/1/2005:  Kothare gives invited talk in Germany

9/1/2005:  Solving the large-scale problem of large-scale problem solving


8/31/2005:  Renovations and improvements are transforming Lehigh campus

8/30/2005:  Volunteers take the stress out of move-in

8/30/2005:  Parent donations fund Center for Academic Success

8/26/2005:  A moving experience for the whole Lehigh family

8/19/2005:  Lehigh again named as one of nation’s top universities

8/18/2005:  An award for purifying India’s water

8/18/2005:  Lennon to become associate dean in 2006

8/18/2005:  Works by prolific artist and former Lehigh professor on display at Banana Factory

8/18/2005:  Creating value from industrial waste

8/17/2005:  Making music with Religion and Cash

8/12/2005:  Losing a friend

8/12/2005:  Adam Hoch ’03: Blazing a new trail to publishing success

8/5/2005:  Hobo subculture, chromosomes win doctoral dissertation awards

8/1/2005:  Second summer CHOICES camp draws 21 girls

8/1/2005:  Camp creates materials witnesses

8/1/2005:  Luna Xu 07: Volunteer Demonstrates Lehighs Heart

8/1/2005:  Message from the Dean (August 2005)

8/1/2005:  Prof. Wachs receives prestigious award from Philadelphia Catalysis Club


7/28/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: July 28, 2005

7/28/2005:  Students earn mini-wings and 15 minutes of fame

7/27/2005:  Young Alumni Newsmaker: Joe Evans

7/27/2005:  Campus Enhancements

7/22/2005:  Double majors lend luster to student research

7/21/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: July 21, 2005

7/15/2005:  Bartoli to chair electrical and computer engineering department

7/15/2005:  Grad student spends vacation helping people in Ghana

7/13/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: July 13, 2005

7/11/2005:  In memoriam: John A. Stoops Sr.

7/7/2005:  Two Etras are better than one

7/6/2005:  CBE course wins national award for innovation

7/5/2005:  NASA, Lehigh to share research and lab facilities

7/1/2005:  George Tamaro '61 M.S. wins Fritz Medal

7/1/2005:  A double play in ASM fellowships

7/1/2005:  RCEAS appoints new marketing director

7/1/2005:  Lehigh leads at catalysis conference

7/1/2005:  Mike Bevan '94 studies colloidal interactions

7/1/2005:  Prof. Rotkin co-edits book on nanotubes

7/1/2005:  Prof. Ghadiali receives more grants to study lung mechanics


6/30/2005:  Lehigh launches new online MBA

6/29/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: June 29, 2005

6/24/2005:  Life among the stars

6/24/2005:  Has jumper, will travel

6/24/2005:  A culture at the crossroads

6/24/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: June 24, 2005

6/23/2005:  The Columbia Disaster: What went wrong?

6/23/2005:  Making a difference

6/22/2005:  Major General James Milnor Roberts Jr. '40: A life of service

6/22/2005:  DePalo lights up Lehigh

6/22/2005:  Adding links to the Lehigh chain

6/22/2005:  Sean Denham '94: The bachelor life

6/22/2005:  Troyan chooses sports over torts

6/22/2005:  Ten minutes with Silagh White

6/22/2005:  Fish of a fin swim together

6/22/2005:  Joe Morgenstern '53: Pulitzer winner is essayist at heart

6/22/2005:  Mickey Yardis '77: Running a lifelong passion

6/22/2005:  Press and prejudice

6/22/2005:  Remembering Helen Chro

6/22/2005:  Gay Balliet '91, '94G: The things you can learn from a pig

6/21/2005:  Davis leads regional math students to national title

6/20/2005:  Kishore recognized as one of nation’s top young engineers

6/19/2005:  Conference explores connection between language and the mind

6/17/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: June 17, 2005

6/15/2005:  Staff award winners announced

6/15/2005:  Local Lehigh alumnus to endow scholarship

6/13/2005:  A Reunion to remember

6/8/2005:  Making the ‘Case’ for counterterrorism

6/8/2005:  Laser researcher reaches the pinnacle of his profession

6/7/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: June 7, 2005

6/6/2005:  Spotlight: Rayland Van Blake '98: Quenching a thirst for fame

6/6/2005:  Moran named chief of staff

6/5/2005:  Three Rs for a cleaner world

6/5/2005:  Donation of computer processors will benefit student, faculty researchers

6/5/2005:  Pessiki to succeed SenGupta as CEE chair

6/5/2005:  RCEAS media exposure on the rise

6/5/2005:  Lehigh in top 5 for Nano

6/5/2005:  Expo 2005 puts a face on engineering

6/5/2005:  Bioengineering student, a young father, takes aim at the middle ear infection

6/5/2005:  Seventeenth-century Islamic brassmakers were outpaced European peers, new Ph.D. finds

6/5/2005:  Message from the Dean (June 2005)

6/3/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: June 3, 2005

6/2/2005:  New Rossin Fellows a diverse lot

6/2/2005:  JPMorgan Chase donates computer processors to Lehigh

6/2/2005:  Cassimeris receives prestigious award for research on cell mitosis


5/31/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 31, 2005

5/27/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 27, 2005

5/26/2005:  Zoellner enjoys seventh consecutive record-breaking year

5/24/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 24, 2005

5/23/2005:  Angelou tells graduates to “take time out”

5/23/2005:  College of Business and Economics student’s career takes off at Boeing

5/22/2005:  Hoben Teaching Fellowship announced

5/20/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 20, 2005

5/19/2005:  Professor Henri Barkey testifies on Capitol Hill

5/19/2005:  Nanotech expert to discuss integration of biological systems with technology

5/17/2005:  Grad students survey Lehigh Valley residents on BethWorks

5/17/2005:  Campbell Social Science Research Prizes awarded

5/16/2005:  Fostering a “creative campus”

5/16/2005:  Moses named deputy provost for academic programs

5/15/2005:  "Words of the World" coming to Lehigh

5/13/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 13, 2005

5/11/2005:  Four prestigious scholarships go to Lehigh

5/11/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: May 11, 2005

5/11/2005:  New international travel site enhances security

5/11/2005:  Undergraduate researchers “amazing and outstanding”

5/11/2005:  Franchini addresses outstanding students at Honors Convocation

5/11/2005:  Students, faculty and staff members honored for leadership, community service

5/10/2005:  Lehigh’s AMOD program gets recognition from the AMA

5/10/2005:  Harvard Divinity dean to deliver Baccalaureate address

5/10/2005:  Beidler tells the world, “Why I Teach”

5/10/2005:  Three female faculty members honored

5/9/2005:  Farrington offers Broughal partnership options

5/6/2005:  The Big Dig of Bethlehem!

5/5/2005:  One-man improv band rocks in Detroit

5/5/2005:  Undergraduate researchers

5/5/2005:  In memoriam: Curtis Clump

5/5/2005:  Four professors and a graduate student in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, have been chosen to receive awards at the annual faculty dinner on May 3.

5/5/2005:  ME grad student invited to Australia

5/5/2005:  Message from the Dean (May 2005)

5/5/2005:  New book aims to excite kids about nanotechnology

5/5/2005:  Professors, grad student win recognition

5/5/2005:  RCEAS announces Ingenuity, teaching awards

5/5/2005:  New alloy verified for safer disposal of spent nuclear energy fuel

5/4/2005:  Lehigh faculty honored

5/4/2005:  Lehigh to partake in “Fashions from the Red Carpet”

5/3/2005:  Danka gets more than a ride for his cab fare

5/3/2005:  Jugglers The Passing Zone to perform for Dream Come True Benefit

5/3/2005:  Jamie Flinchbaugh has a passion for business--and learning

5/3/2005:  Grammy Award-winning Branford Marsalis coming to Zoellner

5/2/2005:  Passion for children’s literature inspires teaching book

5/2/2005:  College Board president calls for higher standards


4/29/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 29, 2005

4/28/2005:  Rev. Billy to bring “stop shopping” gospel to Lehigh today

4/27/2005:  In memoriam: Curtis Clump, professor of chemical engineering

4/27/2005:  Students see Alzheimer’s patients as inspiring, complex individuals

4/26/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 26, 2005

4/25/2005:  Lehigh to offer rare performance of historic military music

4/22/2005:  Students attend private briefing at U.N.

4/22/2005:  German photo editor to speak at Zoellner gallery

4/21/2005:  Female astronaut challenges students to explore Mars

4/21/2005:  New book gets kids excited about nanotechnology

4/21/2005:  Two Lehigh seniors present award-winning research at U.N.

4/18/2005:  Sashi Tharoor defends U.N. as being indispensable to the global community

4/15/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 15, 2005

4/13/2005:  Gandhi grandson to speak on “Nonviolence in the Age of Terrorism”

4/13/2005:  Presidential scholar selected for prestigious Carnegie Fellowship

4/13/2005:  A celebration of poetry at Jazzmans

4/13/2005:  College Board president will outline vision for educational excellence

4/13/2005:  Rep. Jackson: Voting system is “separate and unequal”

4/13/2005:  New alloy may hold key to safer disposal of spent nuclear fuel

4/11/2005:  ‘The Passion’ comes to life April 30

4/11/2005:  "On Her Majesty’s Service" to march into Zoellner

4/11/2005:  Cohen Lecture will examine role of United Nations

4/11/2005:  Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to speak on electoral reform

4/10/2005:  Markers will celebrate history of student housing

4/10/2005:  Religion scholar offers historical perspective on Islam

4/8/2005:  ‘Epitome’ of yearbooks continues winning streak

4/8/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 8, 2005

4/6/2005:  The gift of wisdom

4/6/2005:  Recognition and continuity policy for Greek chapters created

4/5/2005:  Strengthening Greek life update

4/5/2005:  Researchers achieve greater, more reliable laser power

4/5/2005:  Lehigh campus to become more beautiful and celebrated

4/5/2005:  Prof. Wachs wins award named for catalyst of Allied air victory

4/5/2005:  Message from the Dean (April 2005)

4/5/2005:  Ten minutes with Michael Dick and Megan Hamilton

4/5/2005:  Students collect coins for kids

4/5/2005:  Dean Wu elected Fellow of IIE

4/5/2005:  A rush to success

4/5/2005:  Grad students transform ASM handbook

4/5/2005:  Branford Marsalis replaces Rollins

4/5/2005:  EPI students win poster awards

4/5/2005:  Lehigh ranks among nation’s top 10 ChE producers

4/5/2005:  Arup K. SenGupta, the P.C. Rossin Professor and Chair of the department of civil and environmental engineering

4/5/2005:  Engineering goggles to protect a wrestlers eyes

4/5/2005:  Center stage for undergraduate research

4/5/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 5, 2005

4/5/2005:  "Lehigh-NASA symposium" set for April 12, 14

4/5/2005:  ERC scientists garner two patents

4/1/2005:  Making tax time less taxing for the community

4/1/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: April 1, 2005

4/1/2005:  Lehigh celebrates its many voices

4/1/2005:  “How to look at art without feeling inferior”


3/30/2005:  ArtsLehigh director named

3/29/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 29, 2005

3/29/2005:  Celebrating hobo culture

3/27/2005:  Horowitz assails liberal bias on college campuses

3/23/2005:  Scholar to discuss vanished Jews of Poland

3/22/2005:  The Century Project returns to campus

3/22/2005:  Global microfinance symposium set for Wednesday

3/18/2005:  Angelou to speak at commencement

3/18/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 18, 2005

3/18/2005:  Materials students investigate Columbia explosion

3/17/2005:  Planning for a brighter future

3/16/2005:  Horowitz to discuss bias in academia

3/16/2005:  Lehigh students to discuss nationally published works

3/16/2005:  In Memoriam: Henry J. Shotmeyer, Sr.

3/16/2005:  Filmmaker will discuss documentary on baseball great Hank Greenberg

3/15/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 15, 2005

3/11/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 11, 2005

3/10/2005:  Lehigh pride

3/10/2005:  In the flow of financial information

3/9/2005:  For Frey, the fundamental things apply

3/8/2005:  Truly, a class act

3/8/2005:  Ph.D. added in Learning Sciences and Technology

3/8/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 8, 2005

3/5/2005:  A master gives an encouraging audience to Lehighs student researchers

3/5/2005:  Ghadiali to use Francis fellowship to study the mechanics of the lung

3/5/2005:  Snow can't dull girls interest in engineering

3/5/2005:  New ERC technology curbs mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers

3/5/2005:  Revolutions come and go, but the basics endure

3/5/2005:  Message from the Dean (March 2005)

3/5/2005:  $2-million earthquake engineering research grant from NSF to help ATLSS develop self-centering steel frame systems

3/5/2005:  Researchers earn patents and top awards from NSF, AWS, ASME and Dupont

3/5/2005:  Lehigh research attracts first KIZ technology transfer grant

3/5/2005:  Media invade as students analyze Columbia shuttle debris

3/4/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 4, 2005

3/1/2005:  Lehigh research spurs first technology transfer grant

3/1/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: March 1, 2005

3/1/2005:  Work of pop art icon on exhibit at Zoellner

3/1/2005:  Girls discover CHOICES for careers in engineering

3/1/2005:  Real-life Coach Carter leads by example


2/28/2005:  Skys the limit for engineering student

2/27/2005:  State grant gives history class wheels

2/25/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: February 25, 2005

2/24/2005:  Kodo Drummers to go to the true source of rhythm

2/24/2005:  In Memoriam: Dorothy Louise Stabler

2/22/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: February 22, 2005

2/18/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: February 18, 2005

2/15/2005:  Alumni Newsmaker: Phil Brennan '94

2/15/2005:  Contribution helps Lehigh keep PACE with cutting edge technology

2/15/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: February 15, 2005

2/15/2005:  Phi Kappa Theta Sets Itself Apart

2/15/2005:  Campus Building Update

2/14/2005:  Campus enhancements to begin in spring

2/11/2005:  Iraqi ambassador thanks U.S., remains optimistic

2/11/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: February 11, 2005

2/10/2005:  Concert spotlights works of Jazz Composer Contest winner

2/10/2005:  Prague Symphony to perform

2/10/2005:  Chamber music concert set

2/9/2005:  Nobel winner says risk is key to progress

2/8/2005:  Alum gives Lehigh a ringing endorsement

2/8/2005:  Linderman: "A place where humanities can flourish"

2/7/2005:  Iraqi ambassador to the UN to speak at Lehigh

2/4/2005:  Nobel winner to map out route to the Prize

2/3/2005:  Crickets mating behavior sheds light on biodiversity

2/2/2005:  Jazzman’s Readers series announced

2/1/2005:  Alumnus wins best paper award for article on wastewater treatment

2/1/2005:  Artists and activists protest violence against women

2/1/2005:  CEEs Prof. Lu receives lifetime honor at conference on earthquake engineering

2/1/2005:  J. Gregory Palmer '04: All Pa. politics, all the time

2/1/2005:  Prof. Davison and Ph.D. candidate win best paper award from CMG

2/1/2005:  Gregg Amore '69, '72G: Thats amore!

2/1/2005:  For fuel economy, grease is the word

2/1/2005:  Prof. Kothare and Ph.D. students present papers at AIChE conference

2/1/2005:  Nobel chemistry laureate Alan Heeger to give talk and hold master class for student researchers

2/1/2005:  Les Whitten '50: A novel approach to life

2/1/2005:  Prof. Chan is named Fellow of American Ceramic Society

2/1/2005:  Materials science students prepare to analyze debris recovered from the shuttle Columbia

2/1/2005:  Message from the Dean (February 2005)

2/1/2005:  Award-winning ME student sets her sights future of space program

2/1/2005:  Geoffrey Ciani '98: Living a filmmakers dream


1/30/2005:  First novel a “labor of love” for political science professor

1/28/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 28, 2005

1/27/2005:  Raising dollars to save lives

1/25/2005:  Classical Savion postponed at Zoellner

1/25/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 25, 2005

1/21/2005:  Law and world order

1/21/2005:  Unveiling the secrets of the heart

1/21/2005:  Choral arts remix

1/21/2005:  Remembering the Boss

1/21/2005:  Meltzer probes how the earth works

1/21/2005:  Like father, like sons

1/21/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 21, 2005

1/21/2005:  Ten minutes with Joe Sterrett

1/21/2005:  Coach links lacrosse team to glory days

1/20/2005:  Author: Dr. King “gave us the courage to move on”

1/20/2005:  WorldCom whistle-blower shares inside story with MBA students

1/19/2005:  Lehigh musicians take Zoellner stage

1/18/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 18, 2005

1/18/2005:  Leight years to be honored Saturday

1/18/2005:  Star exhibit earns recognition for two grad students

1/18/2005:  Hartman named interim chair of industrial and systems engineering

1/18/2005:  Jewish communities in China are focus of upcoming talk

1/14/2005:  Lehigh observes Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/14/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 14, 2005

1/13/2005:  Strengthening the ties that bind

1/11/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 11, 2005

1/11/2005:  Zirkel earns Panhellenic award

1/11/2005:  Asa comes home

1/11/2005:  Making the most of the genes we’ve got

1/10/2005:  Sisters saga inspires student to save lives

1/10/2005:  MOMIX to bring lizards and tumbleweed to Zoellner

1/10/2005:  Two students help set up new Optical Technologies lab

1/7/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 7, 2005

1/5/2005:  Keeping your New Year’s resolutions

1/4/2005:  Selected Media Coverage: January 4, 2005

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