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4/15/2014:  ‘We Will Be Boston Strong’

4/14/2014:  Bridging the gap between D.C. and the academy

4/14/2014:  An early career boost for a teacher-scholar

4/11/2014:  Provost updates campus on diversity and inclusion initiatives

4/11/2014:  Connecting with a target audience

4/9/2014:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Daniel Yergin to speak at Lehigh

4/9/2014:  Complete Coverage: The 2014 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

4/8/2014:  Complexity: An intersection of force fields

4/8/2014:  Engineers prepare for annual undergraduate research symposium

4/7/2014:  Grillin' With Gast

4/7/2014:  Shave For The Brave

4/7/2014:  Convocation honors scholarly achievement

4/4/2014:  Lehigh achieves notable progress in hiring women in STEM fields

4/4/2014:  The cooperative effects of tension and elasticity

4/3/2014:  New Malcolm X Book Explores Oxford Union Speech

4/3/2014:  CBE Hosts CEO-in-Residence for conversations on corporate diversity


3/31/2014:  Honorary degree recipients named

3/31/2014:  Looking back in time to see how it all began

3/27/2014:  Conversations about identity highlight discussion series

3/27/2014:  The role of wrath in modern social movements

3/26/2014:  Structural engineer measures impact of tsunami debris

3/25/2014:  New Governor's School Announced for Lehigh University

3/21/2014:  Kudos for a groundbreaking summer program

3/21/2014:  "The kids at Lehigh really inspire me"

3/21/2014:  Lehigh to host LGBTQIA Intercollegiate Conference

3/20/2014:  Rackley wins NFL's 2013 Ed Block Courage Award

3/18/2014:  Dean of College of Engineering Dr. S. David Wu Named Next Provost for George Mason University

3/17/2014:  Lehigh to host presidential search town halls

3/17/2014:  Irish emigration: Historical lessons well learned

3/14/2014:  A renowned journalist returns to his roots

3/12/2014:  "An utterly unique understanding of Kant"

3/11/2014:  Students, faculty and staff discuss diversity and campus climate during the February meeting of Lehigh’s Board of Trustees

3/11/2014:  New Alzheimer’s test raises questions

3/4/2014:  The Value of “Real Estate” at Lehigh University Is on the Rise...


2/28/2014:  Keeping pace with the data explosion

2/28/2014:  Seeking to expand Black History Month

2/28/2014:  Lehigh announces tuition increase for upcoming academic year

2/25/2014:  "All you have to do here is ask"

2/25/2014:  A holistic collaboration with communities

2/21/2014:  Lehigh Snow Days, By the Numbers

2/21/2014:  “Celebrating Diversity” networking event provided guidance and encouragement to future job-seekers

2/19/2014:  Alumna is chosen as a 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholar

2/19/2014:  Angela Davis and Nas to headline rescheduled MLK talk

2/18/2014:  Jeetain Mittal named 2014 Sloan Research Fellow

2/18/2014:  From Inside The Igloo

2/18/2014:  "Are we alone in the universe?"

2/14/2014:  Presidential search – message from Brad Eric Scheler, chair of the Board of Trustees

2/14/2014:  Greek community adopts Chapter Event Policy

2/13/2014:  McCollum puts Lehigh on the map

2/11/2014:  Harnessing sensor power to monitor structures

2/10/2014:  Fine-tuning a rainbow of colors at the nanoscale


1/31/2014:  Kenner Lecturer encourages dialogue on race

1/31/2014:  A biomedical researcher and a modern-day Renaissance woman

1/31/2014:  Engineered for stealth and silence

1/30/2014:  Luce Foundation grant broadens research opportunities for women engineers

1/28/2014:  Crossing the threshold for laser cooling

1/28/2014:  Evolution or revolution?—Keeping tabs on MOOCs

1/22/2014:  #LehighMLK: Gordon Moskowitz on recognizing inherent bias

1/17/2014:  Lehigh plays host to multicultural leadership conference

1/17/2014:  "BaerMusik" receives its world premiere here

1/16/2014:  The impossible possibilities of justice

1/14/2014:  #LehighMLK: Lloyd Steffen on the war on drugs

1/14/2014:  New graduate program cited for talent development

1/9/2014:  Seniors embark on "the interdisciplinary study of mind"

1/6/2014:  In memoriam: John C. Chen, former dean of engineering

1/3/2014:  Lehigh President Alice Gast to Step Down in July 2014; Will Become President of Imperial College London


12/24/2013:  Statement on ASA Boycott of Israel

12/18/2013:  Georgette Chapman Phillips (The Wharton School) Tapped as Dean of College of Business and Economics

12/18/2013:  A Campus-Wide Forum on the Future of Online Learning

12/17/2013:  Honoring the spirit of giving

12/16/2013:  Angela Davis and Lupe Fiasco to headline MLK Jr. celebration

12/13/2013:  New vice president of finance and administration named

12/13/2013:  When images alone can’t tell the whole story

12/12/2013:  MLK Award Nominations Open

12/11/2013:  Lori Kennedy ’93G named director of career services

12/9/2013:  The beneficial limits to the power of memory retrieval

12/6/2013:  Remembering Mandela

12/6/2013:  Washington Post’s executive editor to speak at 2014 commencement

12/5/2013:  Dan Frangopol named honorary professor by two Chinese universities

12/4/2013:  Live at Carnegie Hall!


11/27/2013:  These skateboards offer a sustainable ride

11/25/2013:  Federal auditor cites golf legend as epitome of integrity

11/21/2013:  Discussing the vast possibilities of Mountaintop

11/19/2013:  Going Solar

11/19/2013:  Lehigh students raise over $39,000 at dance marathon

11/19/2013:  Nominate a faculty or staff member for a Lehigh University Award

11/15/2013:  Tickets available for Lehigh-Lafayette at Yankee Stadium

11/13/2013:  Community commemorates Veteran’s Day with ceremony, luncheon

11/12/2013:  Is there a way forward for Syria?

11/11/2013:  Student-produced film wins top prize at annual festival

11/7/2013:  Part-time MBA program garners high rankings nationally and regionally

11/7/2013:  University community rallies for unity

11/6/2013:  Lehigh to mark Veteran’s Day with public ceremony

11/4/2013:  Alum’s generosity to expand global engagement at Lehigh

11/1/2013:  Photo Gallery: Ghosts, Ghouls and Gast!


10/30/2013:  The far-reaching implications of Syria’s civil war

10/29/2013:  From bacteriophages to drug-resistant bacteria

10/25/2013:  Undergraduates engage community in discussion on campus inclusion

10/25/2013:  Gaby Abdelnour ’77, ‘79G on the Importance of ‘Integrity’

10/25/2013:  Wall Street Council lends a hand to student job-seekers

10/24/2013:  English professor receives top award for emerging writers

10/23/2013:  Experts decry ‘Generational Theft’ at panel discussion

10/23/2013:  Infinitesimal in size, infinite in potential

10/23/2013:  Greek system continues to grow stronger

10/22/2013:  Investment in College of Business and Economics faculty starts at the top

10/18/2013:  Research team pursuing greener production of methanol

10/18/2013:  'We're Like Brothers'

10/17/2013:  Will Millennials foot the bill for Washington’s paralysis?

10/17/2013:  Faculty, community explore the Trayvon Martin story

10/17/2013:  Trish Boyles named new LGBTQIA director

10/16/2013:  From Plato to Kant, a feast for the mind

10/15/2013:  MLK planners aim for year-long attention on social justice

10/11/2013:  A “wonderfully long life, so very well-lived” celebrated

10/11/2013:  Founder’s Day 2013: A Vision for Taking Lehigh Forward

10/10/2013:  Solar power when the sun goes down

10/10/2013:  The Marshal of Grand Vision

10/9/2013:  Steven Sametz receives another prestigious commission

10/8/2013:  Jennifer Jensen named deputy provost for academic affairs

10/7/2013:  Journalist Seymour Hersh discusses national security

10/2/2013:  Probing the vast potential of glass

10/1/2013:  Zeitler named fellow of American Geophysical Union


9/30/2013:  Real Housewives star shares marketing advice

9/27/2013:  Former Denny’s CEO discusses importance of diversity training

9/26/2013:  Helping others see, she sharpens her own vision

9/26/2013:  Indonesia’s U.S. ambassador cites a "new cultural confidence"

9/25/2013:  Lehigh joins national initiative on hazing prevention

9/24/2013:  Student documentary highlights academic pioneers

9/23/2013:  How Should We Celebrate Our 150th Anniversary?

9/23/2013:  Two dozen scholars join the faculty

9/19/2013:  A ticket to international travel, courtesy of Arthur Tauck '53

9/17/2013:  Volunteering in a crisis

9/12/2013:  Trestle project links Lehigh with community groups

9/11/2013:  Breaking into the world of sabermetrics

9/10/2013:  Lehigh ranked among nation's top research universities

9/5/2013:  Students encouraged to explore the city beyond Lehigh


8/30/2013:  A "vibrant and graceful young woman"

8/30/2013:  Investigative journalist to deliver Tresolini Lecture

8/29/2013:  Rethinking surface tension

8/28/2013:  Reflecting on 'The Dream' at 50

8/26/2013:  Researchers advance the art of drug testing

8/22/2013:  At Move-In Day, a ‘Special and Exciting Journey’ Begins

8/21/2013:  The campaign for Jewish life

8/13/2013:  Physics students take on a summer challenge

8/12/2013:  Students devote their summer to the zebrafish fin

8/8/2013:  New book asks if Iraq is its own worst enemy


7/25/2013:  Extrusion for greener aluminum production

7/24/2013:  Chemical engineer wins top award from international society

7/23/2013:  A worldly traveler sharpens his global edge

7/22/2013:  First woman department chair in Lehigh history dies at 91

7/19/2013:  Teenagers form strong bonds at annual Materials Camp

7/11/2013:  No limit to lifelong learning

7/9/2013:  Exploring space with Marsha Ivins

7/8/2013:  Learning to teach English in China

7/3/2013:  New Community Health Cluster selected from seven proposals

7/2/2013:  Native Planting Project takes root in South Side Bethlehem


6/28/2013:  C.J. McCollum drafted 10th by the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers

6/28/2013:  Training intelligent systems to think on their own

6/27/2013:  A dynamic fix for large-scale uncertainty

6/19/2013:  A detective's dynastic coup

6/13/2013:  South Side Sale tally tops $16,000

6/12/2013:  Perception of mental illness differs across cultures

6/10/2013:  Technically Proficient, Entrepreneurially Minded

6/9/2013:  William L. Clayton ’51 dies at the age of 83

6/7/2013:  A second chance in West Texas

6/4/2013:  Planet discovery highlights growing importance of low-power telescopes


5/31/2013:  Inventions reveal the breadth of Lehigh engineering

5/29/2013:  Lehigh's entrepreneurs make an impression

5/28/2013:  Lehigh's 94th ROTC commissioning is a family affair

5/28/2013:  Upcoming South Side Sale to funnel goods and profits back into the neighborhood

5/24/2013:  In China, women's volleyball team enjoys an 'outstanding cultural experience'

5/23/2013:  Patenting the human genome

5/22/2013:  Compassion in the wake of tragedy

5/21/2013:  Challenges are creating opportunities, David Wu tells international conference

5/21/2013:  Doctoral candidates welcomed into “community of scholars”

5/21/2013:  ISE department honors 11 students, a professor and an alumnus

5/20/2013:  Bill Nye exhorts graduates to embrace "the joy of discovery"

5/16/2013:  Commencement to receive a digital boost

5/16/2013:  An "inspirational steward," Ron Yoshida bids farewell

5/15/2013:  LUPD ceremony honors officers and everyday heroes

5/15/2013:  Lehigh After Dark concludes a successful inaugural year

5/13/2013:  Videos: Looking back on the last four years

5/10/2013:  Operations researchers win major national recognition

5/6/2013:  A collaboration culminates in a car race

5/3/2013:  Students share advice, experiences with New York teens

5/1/2013:  Staff and faculty honored for leadership and service


4/30/2013:  Business ethics on a global stage

4/29/2013:  Students join battle against human trafficking

4/29/2013:  Geospeedometry in an ancient subducting slab

4/29/2013:  Students honored for leadership and positive impact

4/26/2013:  Researchers explore nutrition, resource politics

4/26/2013:  The cool potential of a Eureka moment

4/26/2013:  Broughal wins federal recognition as a Green Ribbon School

4/22/2013:  Campus marks Earth Day with a one-year progress report

4/17/2013:  A celebration of harmony

4/15/2013:  Honorary Degree recipients named

4/15/2013:  It takes a village

4/11/2013:  Academic Transitions program helps students succeed

4/9/2013:  Video: Spring Fling 2013

4/8/2013:  Undergraduate scholars honored in April convocation

4/5/2013:  Bill Nye "The Science Guy" to deliver commencement address

4/4/2013:  Students to light up South Side

4/3/2013:  Lehigh introduces social media grid for symposium coverage

4/1/2013:  A Nobel laureate explores a timeless question

4/1/2013:  Lehigh women encourage peers to innovate

4/1/2013:  Islamic tiling as art

4/1/2013:  CBE expands international offerings for graduate students


3/28/2013:  New York Times editor shares how “Snow Fall” snowballed

3/28/2013:  Tom Hyclak named interim dean of the CBE

3/26/2013:  Learning about the global side of business

3/25/2013:  LUPD appoints Stuart J. Bedics to new assistant chief post

3/22/2013:  Students, faculty and staff gather to discuss Campus Master Plan

3/20/2013:  In memoriam: William C. Hittinger '44, '73H

3/13/2013:  A meeting with the UN Secretary-General

3/13/2013:  Paul Brown named next president of Monmouth University

3/6/2013:  Three recent alumni finish with the elite on national accounting test

3/6/2013:  National Medal of Science recipient discusses math and inclusion

3/5/2013:  Central Asia poised for a larger world role, U.S. diplomat says


2/28/2013:  Physics professor looks to the stars for inspiration

2/26/2013:  Engineering professor wins major international award in fluid dynamics

2/26/2013:  A visit with one of the founders of the Internet

2/25/2013:  Anglican Enlightenment and 17th-century religious politics

2/25/2013:  Alumna serves up a feast of football analytics

2/21/2013:  Lehigh sets tuition rate for upcoming academic year

2/20/2013:  Ian Birky receives lifetime achievement award

2/20/2013:  Forty-six chromosomes at a bargain

2/20/2013:  From Spain's Basque Country to Sufi Muslims in America

2/14/2013:  Madeleine Albright advocates moderation in foreign relations

2/11/2013:  Noam Chomsky discusses prospects for Middle East peace

2/6/2013:  Beloved Lehigh Valley icon dies

2/4/2013:  Engineering professor elected to Optical Society of America


1/31/2013:  The Lehigh University Annual Report

1/30/2013:  Lehigh enhances free mobile app to track buses, provide real-time campus updates

1/30/2013:  Peterson discusses media and scholarship

1/25/2013:  MLK speaker urges students to learn their heritage

1/25/2013:  The conflicting aspirations of Mali’s Tuareg tribesmen

1/25/2013:  Students meet entrepreneurs on both coasts

1/24/2013:  Athletes in business college forge path to success

1/23/2013:  Lehigh LGBTQIA students to learn about creating change

1/23/2013:  Reflections on the life of the Rev. Martin Luther King

1/16/2013:  University chaplain pens new book on moral theory

1/16/2013:  Lehigh receives Luce grant for Indonesian exchange

1/9/2013:  ATLSS innovation boosts bridge-building efficiency

1/9/2013:  "Dirty work" turns garbage into gold

1/3/2013:  The eye of the tigers

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