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Lehigh enhances free mobile app to track buses, provide real-time campus updates
The enhanced "LehighU Live" mobile app allows users to access real-time tracking of bus services.
Members of the Lehigh community can stay current on news, alerts and even the location of all Lehigh Transportation buses with the recently updated mobile app created through a collaborative effort between Library and Technology Services and Lehigh’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

“LehighU Live” is the official mobile application developed by Lehigh University to provide essential information about what’s happening on campus. It’s the convenient mobile source for news, events and student information. It is available on iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, or on Google Play for all Android smartphones and tablets.

Among the most useful tools to students is the new "buses" feature, which allows students to find the closest shuttle bus--day or night--with up-to-the-minute schedules and real-time tracking along maps for the Athletics, Mountaintop, Saucon Village and TRACS bus routes.

“This is a service our students are really finding helpful,” says Mark Ironside, executive director of the university’s Business Services, which oversees Lehigh Transportation Services. “We hope that the ability to access real time bus tracking via our mobile app provides a valuable service to the campus community."

The mobile app allows users to find contact information on members of the Lehigh community, browse a location-aware map of campus venues, get sports scores, reserve fitness equipment at the fitness center, access top headlines and breaking news from the university, consult the academic calendar, or browse hundreds of events on campus and beyond.

Users can also watch university and sports videos on YouTube, browse feeds of posts to Facebook and Twitter, access personalized student information, look for bargains on the community’s “sale board,” and have quick, easy access to emergency updates (including tap-to-call emergency phone numbers).

More information about major features of this app and links for direct download from Apple or Google can be found at www.lehigh.edu/lehighulive.
Updates to the interactive campus map 
Additionally, safety and accessibility information has been added to the university’s interactive campus map that is based on the popular Google Maps framework. The Lehigh version is overlaid with customized markers, photography and detailed information about each office, facility or venue, including the hours of operation and phone number.

New features include the location of the blue light emergency phones that provide quick and direct access to the Lehigh University Police Department, as well as accessible parking and building entrances for those who use wheelchairs.

"Maps and travel information continues to be among the most sought after information on Lehigh's website by visiting prospective students and their families," according to Steve Oblas, executive director of Internet Services for Communications and Public Affairs, whose team develops and manages the university's web site. "At the same time, the campus map helps new students, faculty, and staff find their way to, and around, our three campuses.

The campus map can be found at www.lehigh.edu/campusmap or by entering "campus map" into the search engine.