Be Prepared


Be Prepared

Emergencies, disasters or accidents can happen at any time or without warning.  Potential emergencies at Lehigh University, both natural and man-made, may require that community members be prepared to evacuate from university buildings.

Students, faculty and staff should become familiar with university buildings and be familiar with the following guidelines:

  • Know at least two building exits other than the elevators.
  • Know the location and operation of the building fire alarm system.
  • Know emergency phone numbers.
  • Know the building monitor in your area/building, along with your primary rally site and alternate site.
  • Participate in all fire drills and take them seriously.
  • Begin to evacuate at the first sign of smoke, fire alarm or an evacuation notice.

For Individuals with Disabilities

Identify your needs in advance to the classroom instructor, the building monitor, department chair or other department official so you can receive assistance in the event of an evacuation or other emergency.