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Helpful Tips

  • Green Your Residence: Take shorter, cooler showers.
  • Moving into your shared living space can be stressful for everyone. If possible, try contacting your roommate prior to moving into your room.
  • Green Your Residence: Put your computer to sleep or turn it off when away for long periods of time and overnight.
  • Green Your Residence: Turn your light off when you are not in your room.
  • Laundry Hints: Share laundry detergent with groups of friends or your hallway. You’ll save money and meet people!
  • Green Your Residence: Start a recycling bin in your room and empty it into the building recycling bins.
  • Laundry Hints: Bring a laundry bag or basket to store your dirty clothes until wash day.
  • Laundry Hints: You can use your GoldPLUS Card, which cuts down on the need to carry cash or coins to operate washers and dryers.
  • Never lend your room key or ID card to other people.
  • Green Your Residence: Turn off water when brushing and shaving.
  • Roommate conflicts may arise. We encourage you to keep the line of communication open and work out any conflicts together to come to a resolution.
  • Laundry Hints: You’ll need to bring detergent, as soap and other supplies, like fabric softener, are not available in the laundry rooms.
  • Report lost or stolen keys or ID cards immediately.

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