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Second-Year Undergraduate Students

All second-year undergraduate students are required to reside in University housing, but can select from a number of on-campus residence options. You may continue to live in traditional residence hall housing or choose from a Greek house, apartment-style living, or a suite shared with friends. You may also select from a number of Live Lehigh communities that reflect your personal interests.

The Residence Hall Housing Selection Process takes place between January and April to distribute on-campus housing for Second-Year Undergraduate Students.
Most residence hall rooms for second-year students are singles and doubles, with a limited number of triples available to second-year students. All residence hall rooms are equipped with a telephone line, cable and direct Internet access. Lounges, kitchens and study rooms give you ample room to work and relax.

If you plan to commute to Lehigh, you will need to petition the Office of Residential Services for exemption from the residency requirement.

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