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Live.Learn.Serve. is a residential living community for Lehigh students who are interested in making a difference in the local community through service and civic engagement. The program offers students a great opportunity to meet other students with similar interests while living on a coed floor in a traditional first-year residence hall.

Students who choose to live in Live.Learn.Serve. will participate in an array of service events, such as trips to local soup kitchens, daycare centers, and assisted living homes, as well as bigger service programs located on Lehigh’s campus and run through the Community Service Office.

The vision of the Lehigh University Live.Learn.Serve. program is to foster a collaborative living and learning environment within our residence halls. We envision a dynamic curriculum of programs and events, focused on developing community awareness and building students’ capacity for servant and social change based leadership through education, community outreach, and direct service initiatives. Supported by a strong and diverse network of Lehigh faculty and staff, student participants will develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and their community, and will serve as dedicated volunteers and advocates for change within South Bethlehem and beyond. Our community will serve as a model and benchmark for the growth and development of other living and learning themed communities at Lehigh.

After the first-year, students are able to sign up for the upper class Live.Learn.Serve. experience. Currently, the first-year location is Dravo House and upper class location in Warren Square A house.
Live. Learn. Serve


Lehigh University • 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA • (610) 758-3000