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The Engineering House

The Engineering House was established with the intention of uniting a community of students with a passion or appreciation for Engineering. Whether you are an Engineering student or a student of any major that is interested in learning about the principles and future of Engineering, the Engineering House welcomes you. As a close knit community sharing similar interests we plan to apply knowledge we have obtained from our studies to hands-on engineering projects in which we work as a team to exercise and expand upon our engineering skills. Possible project ideas include catapults, model rockets, Lego castles, and anything else of engineering relevance that the community expresses an interest in. Under the guidance of our faculty adviser, Professor Hart, we have also chosen to acquire a long term theme of Engineering Solutions. With his help, we will be conducting extended research, symposiums, and leading discussions on topics such as engineering solutions to global warming and other environmental issues. Finally, another key component of the Engineering House will be professionalism. As college students we aspire to graduate in be successful in whichever workforce we enter. The Engineering House will help its members develop a sense of professionalism by organizing mock interviews and having Engineer Alumni discuss what expectations we should have of the corporate world as well as what traits an employer will seek in us. We hope to share with, engage in, and unite the Lehigh community as well as have fun and learn about Engineering.

During 2013-2014, the Engineering Community Live Lehigh group will be housed in Warren Square A.
Lehigh University • 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA • (610) 758-3000