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Commitment and Engagement

As Lehigh community members—students, faculty, staff, and administrators—we are committed to creating and contributing to a rich educational experience and an environment in which we all learn, work, and live together while transcending racial, cultural, and other boundaries. Students flourish in an academic environment where they can learn from their life experiences as well as from the diverse backgrounds and opinions of those around them. It is with that understanding that every member of our community has a personal responsibility to acknowledge and practice our guiding principles.

It is essential that we work collaboratively and collectively on sustainable change. With the support and encouragement of the Board of Trustees, Interim President Kevin Clayton, and Provost Pat Farrell, we have begun developing an Action Plan for Diversity & Inclusion for our campus community. This effort is being led by the Council for Equity and Community in collaboration with the Vice Provost for Academic Diversity.

This is a grassroots effort and one that we know requires commitment and responsibility from all of us to foster and maintain across campus. Take a moment to submit ideas and offer solutions or volunteer to get involved with one of the many related organizations on campus. We can all take the lead in making sure that diversity and inclusiveness are part of the Lehigh fabric.

"Lehigh has a promising path ahead of us—a path on which diversity, inclusion and engagement are both milestone markers and measures of success. We each have a leadership role to play. It is up to every one of us—the university community, alumni and our Board of Trustees—to take the initiative and contribute what we can to make Lehigh an equitable and innovative community of learners.”
—Henry Odi, Vice Provost for Academic Diversity

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