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A Grassroots Effort

The most important question we can ask of every individual here at Lehigh is, simply:

Can you see yourself involved in this pursuit?

In a sense, building a campus culture that is extraordinarily inclusive requires us to redefine what we mean by “leadership.” If we are to succeed in this effort—if we are able to make diversity a defining strength of Lehigh University—then we need to understand that every one of us has a role to play. It is a true grassroots effort.

That is why we are challenging every member of our campus community to assume a leadership role in steering the conversation and putting actions to words. We encourage everyone—faculty, staff and students—to begin to think differently about what “diversity” and “inclusion” mean. It’s a conversation that begins in the hallways and around the watercooler, not just in workshops and seminars.

So what is it you want to see in Lehigh? How do want others to see us? And equally important, how will you actively bring about this change?

We welcome your ideas on how best to build an equitable community that we can all be proud of. We still have much work to do and are aggressively working on a number of sustainable programs and curricula that support diversity and inclusion across the university. Some of these may surprise you. Some may be common sense. But their success depends on you.

Use the form below to submit an idea, to offer a solution or to volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: Messages sent via this form are not monitored 24-hours per day. Those in need of immediate help with issues related to diversity and inclusion are encouraged to consult Diversity and Inclusion resources.

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Office of Academic Diversity

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