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Council for Equity and Community (CEC)

Who We Are

The creation of the Council for Equity and Community (CEC) was the initiative by President Gast to give increased attention and focus to issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lehigh and the means to address them in a systematic and coordinated manner. The 2008 inception of the CEC was a tangible and broad-based initiative that has been critical in shaping the dialog on diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lehigh. As CEC enters its sixth year, the university stands willing to strengthen the role and mission of CEC as well as make further advances in creating a more diverse and inclusive community.

Three key developments demonstrate Lehigh University’s commitment to the diversity effort and provide the beginnings of the infrastructure to promote and support diversity and inclusion on our campus: (1) the appointment of the new Vice Provost for Academic Diversity (VPAD), (2) the restructuring of the CEC, and (3) the Board of Trustee Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion charge to develop a diversity and inclusion action plan.

In our university community, the undercurrent for any work revolving around diversity and inclusion has been that no one office or individual is solely responsible for this work. Rather, as students, staff and faculty, we are all active participants in this endeavor and thus contribute to and benefit from this community of respect. CEC plays an important coordinating role to make this a reality.

The Role of the CEC

The CEC’s mission is to work as a broad-based university-wide body to formulate policies and initiatives on diversity and inclusion, coordinate related activities across the Lehigh community, propose implementation mechanisms and measurements for progress at the university and unit levels, and promote Lehigh’s achievements in these arenas. The CEC works in collaboration with the VPAD in implementing, through broad institutional engagement, and supporting these strategies and initiatives to advance our mission as we further the realization of the Principles of Our Equitable Community in an intentional and purposeful way.

Funding Opportunities for Student Groups

The CEC is again providing limited funding in support of programs that promote an inclusive community of campus diversity. To be considered for funding for the spring 2014 semester, please complete the CEC Request for Program Support form (PDF) and return it via email to no later than Friday, March 14.

CEC Membership

The CEC membership is a cross-section of students, faculty, staff and administrators:

Lori McClaind, Assistant Dean, Academic Transitions, Tri-Chair
Joe Sterrett, Dean of Athletics, Tri-Chair
Jennifer Swann, Professor, Biological Sciences, Tri-Chair

Sharon Basso, Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students, Dean of Students Rep
Stu Bedics, Assistant Chief, University Police, University Police Rep
Trish Boyles, Director, LGBTQIA Services
Clara Buie, Assistant Director, English as a Second Language - International Affairs
Celia Cameron, Assistant VP, Advancement Communications, Advancement Rep
Toni Lee Febbo, Director, Human Resources Services, HR Rep
Linda Harbrecht, Director, University Communications
Heather Hosfeld, Deputy General Counsel, General Counsel’s Office Rep
Kathleen Hutnik, Director, Graduate Student Life, Research and Graduate Studies Rep
Rita Jones, Director, Women’s Center, Women’s Center Rep
Jacob Kazakia, Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics, RCEAS Rep
Dale Kochard, Assistant VP, Community & Regional Affairs, Community Relations Rep
Chris Liang, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology, COE Rep
Marci Levine Morefield, Project Manager, NSF ADVANCE Grant
Tyrone Russell, Director, Multicultural Affairs, Multicultural Affairs/Programming Rep
Angela Scott, Director, Academic Diversity and Outreach
Lloyd Steffen, Professor, Religion Studies and Chaplain, Chaplain’s Office Rep
Leon Washington, Dean, Admissions and Financial Aid, Admissions Rep
Tim Wilkinson, Assistant Dean and Director, Greek Affairs, IFC/Panhellenic Rep



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