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Juliana Sheff ‘14

Chappaqua, NY
Major: Undecided

It’s tempting to identify Lehigh students just by their majors, but often, what they do outside the classroom is just as interesting as what they do inside it.

Take Juliana Sheff ’14, for example. Sheff, from Chappaqua, N.Y., is an undeclared major in the College of Business and Economics. She’s thinking about studying either accounting or supply chain management, with a goal of working in the fashion industry after graduation.

“The CBE has been a really great fit for me,” says Sheff.

“I like subjects like psychology and English, but I also like the fundamentals of business. I like being creative but thinking with logic.

“Accounting is very math-based. It’s systematic, and it’s also visual. And supply chain management is a really up-and-coming major. It’s interesting to see how things can go from raw materials to finished goods, especially in fashion.”

Sheff’s favorite class so far was Business 1, which uses a case study of Nike to introduce incoming students in the CBE to the various aspects of business, such as accounting, management, finance and marketing.

The class culminates in a competition to start and run a business. Sheff’s team developed a company called PerfectFit that makes customized and personalized gloves that form to the dimensions of people’s hands, and they made it to the competition finals.

But Sheff is more than just a business student. When she’s not studying for class, she’s active in her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and in the Association of Student Alumni, a group that boosts Lehigh pride.

She also sings in The Echoes, Lehigh’s female a capella group. She performed in a similar group in high school and wanted to continue that experience in college. The group has two concerts a semester and sings at events for campus groups. They also go on tour during Pacing Break to perform with groups at different colleges.

All this makes Sheff’s Lehigh experience exactly what she hoped to get out of college.

“I like the whole essence of Lehigh,” she says. “It fits everything I want in a school—challenging academics, Greek life, school spirit, a capella. Lehigh is about dedicated students who balance studies with social life.”

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