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Educational Partnerships

As an academic institution, Lehigh strives to learn from and collaborate with the local community. One of the most vital investments Lehigh can make in the community is offering educational opportunities that will enrich and deepen the lives of children and their families for generations to come.

Community School

Faculty members in Lehigh’s College of Education are putting theory to practice in their own backyard. Lehigh has partnered with the Bethlehem Area School District and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley to create a University Assisted Community School at Broughal Middle School on the South Side.

The College of Education and its Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL) manages and measures the after-school programs that focus on improving academic preparation of the students. The program is also dedicated to improving the quality of parent education and mentoring for students as they progress through their middle school years.

As a community school, Broughal benefits from a model that is designed specifically to the needs of the students. Academic support and enrichment programs, coordinated tutoring, the creation of special interest groups, coordinated health and wellness, and enhanced parent education have all been hallmarks of a community school environment.

Broughal students and teachers work with Lehigh students and faculty on many community revitalization projects, such as improving air quality in the neighborhood and increasing access to high quality, affordable fruit and vegetables.

George White, Director, CDUEL

Homework Help

The South Bethlehem Neighborhood Center provided a safe, educational environment for South Bethlehem school children to receive help through after-school homework clubs. When the economic climate forced the center to refocus its resources in March 2009, Lehigh stepped in to make sure the neighborhood children still received the academic experience they deserve.

Lehigh’s Community Service Office (CSO) has always been an active partner in the homework clubs, providing a safe space, assistance with homework, educational activities, and training for site leaders and tutors four days a week. Today, the entire program is running out of the CSO, working with three homework clubs, as well as Fountain Hill Elementary School and the Regional Academic Standards Academy.

Community Service Office

Educational Outreach

Lehigh student-athletes are making a difference on and off the field through the Community Outreach by Athletes who Care about Helping (C.O.A.C.H.) program. Amid a hectic schedule of classes, practices and games, student-athletes are dedicating time to local students to inspire them to succeed in school and in life.

Each week, 50 different Lehigh students participate in the Reading Rocks program at Donegan Elementary School to read, play games and forge friendships.

The program also helps middle and high school student-athletes and their peers make informed choices regarding their education, drug and alcohol issues, and other factors that may affect reaching their full potential. Lehigh student-athletes act as “coaches” for local school students by making presentations to students and student-athletes and offering educational-themed sports clinics, group outings to Lehigh athletic events and facilities, and other special projects.

For more information on C.O.A.C.H., visit

Lehigh Student

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